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Hello everyone, I'm not particularly new to LOA and i know there's really no sense putting a label on it because it's just a force in the universe that is ever present regardless of our understanding of it. I know many people want to use this to "manifest" a relationship or job etc without really doing anything to make it happen. Religions have their own explanations and some say it's completely wishful thinking. I for some reason have a strong feeling that it is very real. I have tried to manifest things in the past but it more or less never really came threw for me. I've done the "parking space" technique that actually seems to work pretty well at college lol =). I've come to see using the loa as more of a daily practice to have happiness and prosperity in general in life instead of getting "things". But there is one thing i've been struggling with they say all you need to do is focus on a specific version of reality and choose that to be yours, but say i want a $80,000 car or to be a very wealthy designer. At this point i do not have the skills to be a professional designer nor any means to legitimately purchase a 80k$ car.  For things like that isn't it more about setting goals such as that and taking small daily steps that are in line with that intention which brings you on the quickest and most harmonious path to outcome? But the main point of this thread is before anything else in my life i want to just be happy and content with myself. For some reason i have been unable to do meditations affirmations etc that i know would make me happy. I guess i am wondering if anyone has any specific exercise that work to raise self esteem. I am very negative and even tho i don't want to constantly judging others and myself. I've become quite a loner. I have trouble getting creative for my projects and i am very often late for class and fail to go sometimes and often have trouble getting motivated to get up. Even with all i know, i basically hate my life and am running out of options and am not willing to keep living like this anymore. I thank you for any help you can give.




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Hi Daniel!

Obviously you must have read 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne. Try reading her new book 'The Power'. To me it answers all the questions that The Secret didn't. It is very clear and simple. It's the key to making the Law of Attraction work in all areas of your life, especially your emotional state. Give it a read. It can only help. It'll make you feel good.



You simply cannot hate your life and expect the changes you want to see in your life.  The two thought constantly contradict each other and YES with that constant contradiction, the only thing you're actually drawing to you is STRUGGLE.


Do you see how one aspect can affect each and every other aspect?


Meditation doesn't work for me either, what does work for me is a dose of abraham everyday.  I just go to youtube and type in abraham and a questions and listen for at least 10 minutes to any of the hits that pop up and ALWAYS receive something useful from the clips.


This isn't something you want to try and expect instant results Daniel, it's a way of life and if YOU commit to yourself - then all those other things that weigh you down - they won't weight you down anymore.


It starts with LOVE!


You can do this, you're really a smart cookie and you have so much to offer not only the world - but YOURSELF too!




Thanks Awesome =), that was Awesome.

The Sedona method of letting go may help and is very easy to use, if you google it you will find the details, i can also recommend a book called "Learned Optimism". Hypnotherapy can also help or CBT or a mixture of both works well.  I know depression can be difficult to tackle but its not impossible. It can be hard work and you have to challange your thoughts but it can be beat. If i find myself slipping back into old ways of thinking i re watch "The secret" film or "what the bleep" film just to "top up" this lifts me high enough to start using the Secret techniques again. Best bet is to find something that works for you and if you focus on that wish then maybe the universe will lead you to it, i wish you the greatest success.


Ditto the Abraham reference below and really if you don't get out of bed (been there) and you have a laptop, just plop it into bed with you and youtube abraham-hicks. If it's a desktop PC, just turn up the volume.

Watch any one of the abe-hicks videos you want.  You can even click on any Abraham-Hicks playlist and let em roll. Shelp yourself to the kitchen for glasses of water periodically and every so often, maybe every 15 minutes take 3 deep breaths.  In through your mouth for a count of 3 and exhale through your nose for a count of 5.  Or anyway that feels comfortable to you. 

And if you end up only taking one deep breath every hour, that's ok too.


Abraham says and you can say out loud to yourself as often as you like, "You never get it done and you always get it right."  and my other favorite, "There's nothing serious here."


Been where you are. 

I know that some people may disgree with me or think I am being negative but I am afraid there aint any easy way to get out of depression. It requires EFFORT. Depression is basically a big old heap of negative thoughts and feelings that have been repeated so many times and often enough to become habit of thought. So its kinda like your habit of thinking is to be demotivated, feeling low in self esteem, lost, confused, sad, etc etc etc. So what you have to do is make effort to retrain your brain and plant good thoughts and good beliefs in there until all the bad ones have been conquered and replaced with good ones :)

There are loads of steps you can take, but like I said, its gunna require effort, so you can either carry on with your miserable reality OR you can make a choice to CHANGE this thought pattern and get happy!

People say its easy to choose to be happy. I disagree especially since being depressed myself, when you are in such a state of depression it is most definately not easy to just go 'ding!' and flick a switch that turns on happiness lol but what you CAN do is get there bit by bit :D I mean, give yourself 3 months. 3 months is nothing. Its 12 weeks. I believe in 12 weeks you can go a LONG LONG way. You can completely transform yourself and with effort you can knock out habits that didnt serve you. Imagine this for second, you in 12 weeks, completely full of confidence, having fun and enjoying life again. That is a possible reality for you. If you just commit to it becoming a reality.

Ok, things you can do :)

1) Visualisation - I know you said you had trouble meditating (Trust me you aint the only one! lol I find it so hard to meditate I simply can not relax enough to get into it and end up getting so frustrated! lol) BUT, I KNOWWWWW you can visualise. You do it all the time without even realising it. At first, you might feel like your visualisations arent clear enough, dont feel powerful enough etc, but in time, YOU WILL GET BETTER!!! Remember, I said it requires effort. Make the effort, to dedicate 5 minutes a day to visualising a confident, happy version of you, basically you at your best. See yourself doing things you enjoy, with people who you really connect with and have fun with, see yourself as confident, powerful, loved by others, doing activities you really love :) So, dedicate 5 minutes a day to this, set a timer and when that timer goes off stop. If you didnt feel it went as well as it could of, dont worry, try harder tomorrow, you will get better with practise. Just make sure you keep at it ;)


2) Affirmations - I know you also said you have trouble with affirmations, but again, you must PERSIST! :D There is a technique I learned recently from this site. Everyday, you write your affirmation down 15 times. You do this for 90 days straight. (and apparantly it works better if you take 2 or 3 days off every month.) I have tried this before and it worked. I am sure it will work for you too if you persist. Try it! :) Its only 15 times cant hurt ;) Write, I am a happy confident person, or whatever you choose , I love myself fully and I am happy. Something along those lines.


3) This one is pretty difficult and it requires discipline, but I believe you can do it! You will have heard this before I am sure but try to do it as much as possible. Whenever you catch yourself thinking thoughts that arent in line with what you want eg 'God Im so stupid' 'I cant do it' 'Im a failure' 'I am so lonely' anything at all that makes you feel bad replace it with a positive thought or affirmation in your mind. You see, you got into the habit of thinking unhappy thoughts, you can damn well get into the habit of thinking good feeling thoughts aswel!!!!!! But it aint gunna happen overnight. Same as, you did not just wake up one morning feeling depressed. These things snowball unless we take concious control. You have the power to take concious control.


4) Understand and believe that anything in this world is possible. Google for inspirational stories. Do anything that helps you believe anything is possible. Once you start to believe that thats when you start to feel a flicker of hope. And that flicker of hope can grow into a belief if you let it. LET IT!


5) If you like I can send you a copy of something that I have. Its a confidence hypnosis cd by Paul Mckenna (famous hypnotist/author in the uk). On one track he talks you through techniques you can do and on the second track its a guided hypnosis, butas I said with the visualisation, dont worry if you dont feel like you're going deep enough at first, it is working at some level each time you listen, just stay at it :) I am using this at the moment and I am finding it really helpful so far ;) im on my third day. The techniques he talks you through on the first track had an instant effect on my mood and made me feel powerful instantly. I think you would benefit from it. I know you are saying you are depressed and confidence isnt the issue, but I really think this would help you. I have read lots of positive reviews of people going after the life they want after using it and doing well for themselves. It teaches you to go after what you want. Thats my info I hope I helped! Just message me if you want the paul mckenna tracks I can send them 2 u ;)


Hello Daniel. I am pleased that u shared ur problem with us. U seem to undertnd that getting out of depression is somethng u need to do before loa starts workin for u profoundly. Pleez do read the reply i posted for Mellisa's discussion i have mentioned below(both of u have basicallynthe same problem) The discussion is titled :
Could I Please Get Some Positivity and Love My


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