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How can I use the Law of Giving property in order to manifest a girlfriend/wife?

So I've been doing the Law of Giving for about a year now where I will give someone money or gifts, and then watch it come back multiplied. On a side note, I do not like to use the word "law of", and I'm only using it for now so people can understand what I'm talking about. I just refer everything to energy whether its attraction, creation, or whatever, because it's less confusing.

So anyway, how can I apply the money property to manifesting a girlfriend/wife faster? I just got done reading The Science to Getting Rich, and it looks to me like the book's techniques can be applied to other things than money. I'm just trying to figure out what I would have to "give" the universe to get the girl to manifest. I've noticed they always manifest whenever my vibration hits a peak point, meaning an extremely high level where your radar is going crazy. The problem with that technique is that is requires a lot of focus, because I tend to typically lose the signal due to not enough emotion being vibrated. My best guess would be just to give people love during social situations, and being patient.

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Give acceptance, appreciation and validation to yourself and others.

When you do that, you allow the relationship you want.

Yeah, you're right. I'm sure by showing love to the people around me, the girl would manifest faster. It does make sense, because when you meet more people and give more love, it opens more doors.

Brian has already given you some great advice which I'm going to add to.

Firstly get a bit of paper and write two lists.  1) what is it that you are desiring in this relationship that you want.  You see wife/girlfriend, whilst seeming defined, often differ person to person.  So you want to get clear on what that means for you and what you are actually looking for to enable you to recognise it when it shows up.  We live in an abundant universe and on this planet alone there are many different varieties of women out there, so till your clear on what you desire to show up, you are going to be attracting women, but they may not be the exact thing you are looking for.  2) write down another list of what you don't want.  This sounds strange, but just like the first list, till you work out exactly what you don't want, you won't be able to recognise it when it does show up till you are clear about it  Now at first glance everyone thinks they know this already but its not still you start writing it on paper you realise often that you are unclear as to what you desire/don't desire.  Then its as you say, about being that vibration that attracts that kind of person you are after. 

The Science of Getting Rich is a great book, and its often misunderstood that its just about money.  It is filled with examples with abundance (but that's not always about money per se) and you are 100 per cent right that it can be applied to anything you desire.

Good luck with the creation of it.

I thought writing about what you didn't want was a bad thing. I've tried the list technique before, and it doesn't work unless I am vibrating on it.

Well it’s something you only do once so you are really aware of what doesn’t work for you! Most people believe they know what they desire yet we live in an abundant universe. With the lists - it helps you to vibrate at the level of frequency. Now you say you did the list and it didn’t work - think back to that point in time and see if you were clear on what you didn’t want? For me it worked and I got married last year and did both these things - so it’s also possible you have other blocks too maybe!

Apologies I just reread your message and see you actually said:

It doesn't work unless I am vibrating on it.

So my question to you would be why not do the list and just vibrate on it instead?  Whats stopping you from doing so if you know that works?  

Because I end up losing interest. For example, I tried manifesting a girl from a story I was getting into, and I ended up losing the signal due to lack of emotional output. For example, let's say I do the scripting technique to manifest a woman, and I start seeing signs taking place based on me living inside the story. The story (or script) ends if I lose emotional interest.

Okay so then do you really desire a wife or girlfriend?  You see if you end up losing interest, it may be because you don't really have the deep desire.  If you did then you would be fully committed to doing anything to create changes, and as you realise, you simply aren't. 

Now scripting isn't the only technique, there are a variety out there.  The "List" isn't part of scripting - far from it.  Its a law of attraction technique you will find in many books, and even the "not desires" is something you will find.  The fact you are so resistant to it and aren't even willing to try it also makes me wonder if you aren't yet ready or committed to that goal?

No, I do really desire a girlfriend. My issue is that whenever I do the scripting and list thing (actually, I have done it before), I can't seem to get a vibration high enough in order for her to manifest. I've seen it go from mild to medium, but I can't seem to get it high enough to where my radar starts flashing. I'll be doing the story or list thing, and then I'm like "yawn, boring", and then it's over. I just seem to keep losing the signal for some reason. All the women I manifested in the past treated me like crap, which also could be another issue.

If I can just somehow feel and visualize her.......

This great video by Abraham Hicks can give you clarity about manifesting:


Magical Big Blessings*****

Okay so maybe the scripting and list thing (which although you say you have done, you didn't do the list of what you didn't desire so you haven't done it completely) are not the right tools for you with this task, but there are many others out there.  So what else have you done before using the LOA.  So for example vision boards, affirmations, meditation are all equally good tools as is the focus wheel etc.  If you are yawning or finding it boring then its just not the right tool for you in this situation and you can explore many others if you are serious about this goal 

When I was setting about creating my partner, I went over every tool I had.  So even those that I didn't fully get - I did.  That's how serious I was about achieving my goal.  So for example, I did the Focus Wheel (which originally I found a really difficult task to do) but I made certain I did it for my partner.  I look back now and think "wow where did I get all that energy from" but the thing is that I was consciously choosing to create it and willing to do whatever was necessary to create that in my life.  So from that perspective, can you see why I was asking if you were serious about that goal?  Your actions and the fact you are finding some of the things that you have done before that worked boring is a bit of an indicator, but there are hundreds (if not thousands) of tools and sure you can visualise and feel her too.  Why not start there?

What the problem is, is that I have ran into a lot of extremely bad situations with women in the past, which is why it is hard for me to have that desire as of now. For the past 4 years, all women I met either rejected me or treated me like crap. After doing some more studying into spirituality, I did however find out what the issue was. I was suffering from something called a chronic thought pattern, and I was constantly vibrating on it. For example, I spent many years thinking women were whores, no good, gold diggers, and the list goes on. Due to these extreme thoughts and having strong negative emotions with it, I attracted nothing but trouble for years.

The good news is that my mind is nearly fully healed, because I've noticed those evil spirits stopped following me, and a lot of decent women have been coming up and talking to me. My inner self said that "I could manifest her at any time", it's just that from being burnt countless times over the past 4 years, it's sometimes hard for me to reach that vibrational peak. Deep down inside I desire a woman, it's just that my signal is not aligned with the desire based on spending years harboring all those hateful feelings. This is why those techniques tend to get boring, and fizzle out during the processes.


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