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How can I use the Law of Giving property in order to manifest a girlfriend/wife?

So I've been doing the Law of Giving for about a year now where I will give someone money or gifts, and then watch it come back multiplied. On a side note, I do not like to use the word "law of", and I'm only using it for now so people can understand what I'm talking about. I just refer everything to energy whether its attraction, creation, or whatever, because it's less confusing.

So anyway, how can I apply the money property to manifesting a girlfriend/wife faster? I just got done reading The Science to Getting Rich, and it looks to me like the book's techniques can be applied to other things than money. I'm just trying to figure out what I would have to "give" the universe to get the girl to manifest. I've noticed they always manifest whenever my vibration hits a peak point, meaning an extremely high level where your radar is going crazy. The problem with that technique is that is requires a lot of focus, because I tend to typically lose the signal due to not enough emotion being vibrated. My best guess would be just to give people love during social situations, and being patient.

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Dear Diary,

Alright, there's good news here. I've decided what my goals are going to be for 2019, and it is to move into a house, get some pet cats, collect more money, and obtain the wife. That's what I have for this year, and I am working on it right away. I'm not going to worry about the money, because I dropped $3,000 into my magic box, so it has to come in one way or another. I am very hyped up for this year, because not only will I be meeting my new wife, but I have friends to accompany me on the adventure. So, here's some more signs that have showed up...

- Mom talked about us getting a house. Guy at the bank gave me some numbers to call.

- I added the Pop Punk genre to my Spotify account, and have been listening to it.

- Officially obtained friends who are now texting me and we're hanging out on the weekends. This was a GIANT leap in my quest for the girlfriend, friends, and family, because last I had friends was back in 2004. One down, two to go.

Some thoughts came into my head today about the "what now" feeling once I meet this new girl. It's not going to happen, because we'll be doing a ton of stuff along with my friends. I just got done reading the superconscious book, and it sounds to me that the difference between spoken and unspoken thoughts is that spoken thoughts are thoughts where the person is aware, and unspoken thoughts are thoughts that have been stored in the person's memory bank. When something is in a person's unspoken thoughts, it is something that is "running in the background", kind of like auto-pilot. Something deep rooted into the unspoken becomes a belief, and this affects the superconscious system in the universe. I may be slightly off, but this is my understanding as of now. Because the Abe book said "changing your beliefs requires focus and practice", I may be spot on with my conclusion above.

Now, even though I've taken pictures of Razor/Rachael off my desktop, I still think about her during the day. Some people saw this thread and they think I have mental issues, but I don't think I have issues just because I desire a woman that looks like a character from a video game series or a real life singer. There are many cases of people in the world that sought partners that looked like fictional characters, and I don't even look at it as a form of selfishness since it's a form of attraction. I could literally say any person has "mental issues" based on what they're doing. If you look at the punk genre for example, they talk about drugs, suicide, going crazy, and so forth. And then look at gamers where their sense of humor doesn't make sense to a person who doesn't play games. See, we are all different, and we live in a very abundant universe. I want to embrace everyone and get everyone to like me regardless of what or who they are. This is why I don't discriminate anymore, and I will openly take interest in any person regardless of their race, sexual orientation, beliefs, or whatever. This is how you become the popular guy, and I owe London Guy a million thanks for his help in the past.

There's something else that I need to bring up that has been bothering me. Lately, I've been seeing signs of a "small butterfly" appear in several places, and dream interpretation isn't really giving anything. Based on my discernment, the first thing that came in my mind was the sign of "going backwards" than forwards. Before this story started, I was seeing really giant sized butterflies, but now these small ones don't seem good at all. The problem with this story I've created is that negative energy from the past has been flowing into me. One night, I woke up with the "fuck women" mentality again, and I really am starting to think London Guy was right when I should have dropped the whole time travel BS, because it feels like history is trying to repeat with this story. Well, no shit, that was in the movie's title. I am really really concerned with the way this story is unfolding. Even London Guy took off, and he didn't do anything wrong. You have to really be careful with what you ask the universe for!!

Because I'm half way through the story, I feel that editing or deleting it is going to conflict with Razor's role, and it might even wipe her existence out. What I could do is modify things a little where it will not cause a huge impact. For example....if that dark energy tries to return again, I can reject it. However....I just realized something....that dark energy has something to do with the scene before the ending..... Shit.....

Okay so you are mixing books and you will likely get yourself more confused.  Remember Abe doesn’t actually believe in subconscious.  The “spoken” and “unspoken” was a term I used to help you better understand some principles, but it isn’t an “official” term by any standard and you are already creating a story with the “spoken” and “unspoken” that you need to be aware of.  These are not terms you will find in other LOA books, as they are simply terms I was using, and to some degree they are a limitation in and of themselves too so please drop these terms from your consciousness because you are creating a fabrication that doesn't really exist.  Go back to sources you trust like Torah or Abe or even Subconscious book but don't try to mix and match from them at this stage in time because you don't have sufficient experience to be able to effectively use them or discernment for whats happening here which is why you are a bi tall over the place  

Now thoughts don’t automatically become beliefs.  Again, that’s a wrong conclusion you are reaching here.  Its all about focus.  That is really the key of Abe’s teachings, in that what you focus on you get more of.  Which is why when you constantly focus on the pasts you create the same past scenarios again and again.  Even to some degree, Abe says a belief is just a reinforced thought that you repeat. 

What Abe says in the book about changing beliefs requires focus and practice is a little out of context here, because they also acknowledge that you can change your whole life in an instant if you are in the flow of the universe.  Again, its like the tip of the iceberg here, but you are trying to form conclusions here and in essence that’s where you are going to confuse yourself and your orders.

Now your goal of everyone liking you is unrealistic.  As you say we live in an abundant universe and some people actually love to dislike (jn the same way that some people are happy being unhappy).  Your job isn’t to be liked by everyone, but rather to like yourself enough so that when others show up they mirror that back to you and it becomes enjoyment and fun (and effortless). 

Regarding butterflies, well its your story and it only has the meaning you give it.  The problem isn’t your story but rather your focus.  Your focus is on the past so you are creating well the past again.  If you were instead to get really clear on what you desired, you could spend time focusing on that and would magnetise that to you instead.  Plus its fun to get into the sensations and feelings and emotions of the desire too. 

Editing or deleting a story is only going to conflict if you create it as such.  The universe is always changing (as are we).  We just rarely recognize it and realise it.  You created the whole adversary scenario, it wasn’t based on fact at all, yet you have spent time focusing on it and creating with it and you have a whole scenario going on as a result.  Likewise dark isn’t less than light, its equally as important as light.  You actually need darkness to be able to see the light.  Dark energy isn;’t to be feared, but more to be aware of.  It has only as much power as you give it I am afraid.  Nothing more and nothing less. 

London Guy,

Thanks for your help, I appreciate it. Alright, so you think I'm better off using conscious and subconscious for now? I guess that will be OK since spoken and unspoken was a little confusing, but based on my experience, it sounds to me like the subconscious is stuff that runs in the background, meaning auto-pilot.

Yeah, you're spot on with this one. A belief is a reinforced thought, and I really think a belief can be changed right away with enough focus.

Are you sure we cannot be liked by everyone? I've seen a lot of people in life that don't have a single enemy.

The thing that is starting to bother me is this dark energy that has been coming into my body, and I'm thinking that's been happening due to putting "to prevent history from repeating" in the movie title. I have however, noticed I can modify these scenes. I can see why you said to be careful with asking the universe for certain things, and I also think I probably ask without thinking at times.

"Editing or deleting a story is only going to conflict if you create it as such. The universe is always changing (as are we). We just rarely recognize it and realise it. You created the whole adversary scenario, it wasn’t based on fact at all, yet you have spent time focusing on it and creating with it and you have a whole scenario going on as a result. Likewise dark isn’t less than light, its equally as important as light. You actually need darkness to be able to see the light. Dark energy isn;’t to be feared, but more to be aware of. It has only as much power as you give it I am afraid. Nothing more and nothing less."

I think I may be a little bit confused with how scripting works. I think scripting is more of as the universe has to move your body rather than you trying to throw scenes or events out into the open. Things were already beginning to feel cheesy with the scenes with the adversary. Those scenes actually made me facepalm myself where I was like "dude, seriously?" But aside from jokes, that guy really has appeared during events in my life that involved women rejecting me or vice versa. In all honesty, this story makes me feel like shit, because it goes against everything I was trained not to do. It's like going to the Dark Side, becoming a Jedi, and then returning to the Dark Side. That's why I've been repelling that energy a lot in some scenes. What I could do is modify this story where I don't have to go through that mess, and in fact, that's already been happening. I don't even think it will change the ending (dark energy is actually not specifically in the script, because I just checked), and the most important thing is to obtain the girl at the end. Sometimes I feel like I make the creation process a lot harder than how it works.

One more thing I wanted to ask. One day last year you said something about you didn't want to give me the exact definition of a belief, because it would confuse me. I am just wondering....what is that exact definition? I won't apply it if you think it will confuse me, I'm just curious as to see what it is.

PS: Don't take that adversary scene personal. Although this movie script is a romance, it also combines comedy. I think I need to focus more on doing the processes to speed up the manifestation process. I only added those adversary scenes to advance the story, but that probably just made things unnecessary. I did not force those dark energy scenes, which made things extremely creepy.

Well to some degree defining anything, creates limitations around it, and my definition of a belief is not going to help you really.  You need to reach your own personal definition of what a belief is


I didn’t take the adversary scene personal.  Its your creation – nothing to do with me at all.

Well use terms you know already.  If you know subconscious and conscious and have experience with those then use those.  If not, use whatever you know best.  Spoken and unspoke is confusing to you because it was a new concept but it was what I used at the time to better illustrate the spoken thoughts and your conflicting subconscious thoughts being different and out of alignment.  The subconscious has a lot of material out there and you can read some really different and confusing opinions about it so stick to what you know and learn from one source (i.e. your subconscious book for now) and put it into practice. 

Its not so much what I’m sure about, but what you believe and what is actually obtainable.  For those you have seen who you believe do not have a single enemy – you cannot know this for certain.  Even very holy people like Mother Teresa, or even Jesus wasn’t liked by everyone – so look at your thinking here and identify if its true or a false belief. 

I think you are getting muddled with scripting.  Abe doesn’t actually say to involve your body, but many other great teachers do, and I think they are right.  You see when you use your body (or perhaps involve is a better term) you are using physical reality to your advantage to create too, and it’s a follow up to the thoughts/beliefs you have. 

Even to some degree, dark energy isn’t necessary bad energy.  There is a whole idea that people are “Lightworkers” and they fight the dark and evilness of the world but they are in essence just energy at the basic level and so its really down to how people use that energy.  If you repel energy of any sort, you are in essence blocking the universe from gifting to you (and you won’t just repel dark energy but all energy too).  However when you are aware of dark energy, you can utilize it and transmute it (or just turn it over to God or the Earth and allow them to do it for you?).  The creation process is only as hard as you make it!

Dear Diary,

I have suspected this dark energy is coming from the adversary in the spiritual realm. Based on the signs I am seeing, I do not want to take any chances, and have decided to shut the door on any dark energy of the past. This energy is very creepy, and I think that too much exposure could be harmful to my relationships with friends, co-workers, and so forth. My destiny here is to stop the adversary from causing history to repeat, not to allow it to happen. So in the name of the most high, I seal all forms of dark energy forever.

"This rod destroys evil that is known to split people up and is very powerful when wielded by two people."

Good, now he cannot cast anymore dark energy from the spiritual realm. I should have used this 13 years ago, but now that I have the wisdom and knowledge, I am able to wield it. Boy, I bet he's pissed now! I have to make sure I focus on feeling good, and not to have any negative thoughts of the past.

Other good news....Rachel's presence showed very high frequencies today! It is very possible she may manifest before the date I predicted. This woman is very beautiful, very tall, and has lovely hair.

Also, I walked into work today, and I saw a sign that stood out very much that prompted me to download Rachel's game. This will help me focus and put enough energy into her manifestation.


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