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I have been trying to get healthy for more than 10 years and I believed with all my heart that it was possible.

I’ve done affirmations, self-talk, speaking as though I already have health, everything, all to no avail.  I have been going blind for several months now, and no matter what I do, I cannot turn this around. I had a reading over a year ago and the angels told me that my health was going to improve, why would the angels lie to me?


I do not want to be blind, the doctors tell me it is going to happen and very soon.  I have had 5 eye operations and I’m told the damage is done and cannot be restored.

So now I feel bad because through all my efforts of trying to get control over my health, just the opposite has happened, it has gotten worsem and I am the one who made it worse.


I am devasted, I have lost about 80% of my sight, I had to hire a driver, and my job will be gone soon, because I am struggling so hard.


So my question is this, if the only thing I ever wanted was a healthy body, how did I manifest this nightmare? the very thing I did not want.

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I am so sorry to hear that Grand Creator :( 

my understanding is that if we do "healing work" and the dis-ease prevails, it is because we haven't removed the CAUSE of the illness. For me, you have to find what EXACTLY ( what spiritual reason) is making the eyes lose sight.

Genevieve said before that she had problems with her eyes and she found that it was because subconsciously she didn't like how her life unfolded, so to stop the pain, the body wanted to stop seeing this life. ( or smth along those lines) 

or it could be a past - life karma that passed onto this life. ( if you believe in karma, of course) 

Anyway, I hug you and I send you lots of love ..... 

I hope you lessen your sight loss and prove doctors wrong. Remember to find the things to be thankful for. ((((((((GC))))))))
I know I read of miraculous cataract reversal - my friend's father used MSM in his eye drops and doctors were amazed that his cataracts diminished. I don't know what eye condition you've been experiencing but thought I'd put this out there. xxx

Please tell me what MSM is?

Methyl Sulphonyl Methane or basically a form of sulphur for food use. I sometimes take it on tablet form to benefit my hair and nails. Here's an article:


Rewrite this thread when you are ready.

Here is an interesting link for you!


Thank you all so much for your insight, I will think about every word you've written for me.

I guess I am discouraged because I never had success in the past, with health issues, so I am doubting that I can overcome this huge issue, without having seen results in the past.

But your words have given me strenght and hope

I say thank you from the bottom of my heart..


Dear Grand Creator
medical science improve everyday, so keep the hope no matter what, keep the hope.
I send you love.

When I have so  many emotions wrapped around what I am trying to change or heal, it is hard for me to allow.

That's when I try to say to heck with it and allow someone else to pray for me or send energy. I know some people will not like this answer,  but it is what it is. It is ok to have help in a dark moment.


I love everything about you GC, even your perfect vision.

I believe prayer works wonders, I have experienced it!


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