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How did you imagine (visualize) your desire coming to you?

Neville Goddard talks about manifesting your desires by IMAGINING that you already have it.  Assuming the wish-fulfilled.  He also recommends falling asleep while imagining it.  One example that he gives is that if you're a woman who wants a husband, you could imagine a wedding ring on your finger.  And he would recommend feeling that imaginary ring on your finger as if it were real while falling asleep every night.  I personally find it impossible to fall asleep while focusing upon my desire. 

I also sometimes find it difficult to imagine and feel my desire because they're not always as easy as that example.  One of my desires is to get more people to sign up to my list and to start making some sales.  I'm not really sure what to imagine with that because there is nothing solid about it that you can feel like a ring.  Instead I imagine that I'm around some of my family members and I'm sharing the good news with them that I'm getting lots of sign up and I'm making some money, and I try to feel excited.  But that little day dream last only second and I'm done imagining it.  Whereas with the ring example - you could spend several minutes feeling that ring on your finger. 

Anyway, for those of you that have attracted something by imagining (visualizing) already having it, could you give an example of what you imagined and felt? 

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Well a lot of people find it hard to imagine their dreams and the main reason is how they view imagination.

People think imaginations is just fantasy world that doesn't exist.  When you imagine something, you're looking into

another reality in another Universe that is just as real and the one you're in now. If it didn't exist you would not be able

to think about it or imaging it.  Start looking at your imagination as just as real as the reality you see now and it will become easier to imagine your desires


I imagine that imagination or our thoughts are real in like another dimension that we can't see with our physical eyes, but yet births the physical. So you would think if you imagine something enough times it would eventually have to manifest in the physical whether you believe it or not - because you imagined it over and over and over.  Wouldn't you think? 

I do that too, when a bad thought comes up, like when I begin to doubt, I let my mind know that I'm not going there. And I go back to visualizing the wish fulfilled.  Although, when many days pass and you're seeing no signs in the physical of it manifesting it get very discouraging.  Which makes me think I don't really believe it's going to work.  I don't know how you muster more faith - you either believe or you don't.  How do you work on the belief?

Manifestation is not a process or product or result..... tell me ..... how "fast" is an instant ? How "fast" is Here, Now ?  

How "looooong" does Now "take" ? 

Now is Now, Now no more "takes" from itself than Now "gives" it back. Now is Wholly Now, timeless, spaceless, formless, infinite, boundless. Now never began and Now never ended. 

"Try" and try as you may to "figure it out", as if there must be some magical process of how Now ever remains Now in All It's Infinite variety of changeless Beauty and Perfection ..... and what is the "result" of such trying ?  Where is the "tryer" ?

What's found is no find at all,  here and now ever remains here and now, beginnings never began, and endings never ended , the "thinker/processor" was never created. 

"God is not mocked" , God is not human nor is there any such creation. No separation/process ever happen-ed, nothing ever happen-ed to "make" Now Now.  Now IS and IS simply IS. God is a not a thief, liar, cheater or murderer of OneSelf,  God. God never de-parted God. All is All. God is God, The One and only Self, Pure, Whole, Boundless, Infinite. Absolute. God is ALL, and ALL is God. 

So who be " I " ? 

 One stands alone , and no other One ☺

If you're a woman who wants a husband, why would you use LOA instead of Tinder?

Why use LOA on things that are within your control?

You could be actively seeking out potential partners, dating, understanding your likes/dislikes in a person.

I feel like there might be something to the fact that we sometimes get the things we were thinking of and desire, but this "consciously manifesting" philosophy seems to be completely counter productive, because trying to feel good with the sole intent of manifesting something that's not there, slows it down!

I would be better off if I had never known about LOA or this forum.

You could waste a lot of time on Tinder trying to find the right guy.  Or you could let the Universe/God (who knows who the right guy is) bring you the right guy,  If you focus on the fact that it's not there, it will slow it down.  You're suppose to focus on it being there - Imagining you already have it and how wonderful that feels. They say we're manifesting everything that happens to us all the time whether we're manifesting it consciously or not, so might as well take some conscious control over the process. 


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