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I wish to become breathtakingly beautiful in my physical body. I want to stop guys in their tracks. I want their jaws drop on the ground. I want my presence to leave them stunned by my beauty. I want to be so beautiful I take their breath away!

How do I achieve this wonderful manifestation? I'm very excited to make this happen!


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You don't. Beauty comes from within.

You learn to accept who you are and what you have. When appreciate you exactly as you are, then you send out positive vibrations. People around you respond to those positive vibrations. Everyone is already beautiful and ugly at the same time. What determines the outcome is what is inside you and what vibrations you put out to the world.

You are already Beautiful!

You have to believe this and become positive about it. You will attract everything you want by being confident and positive and then you shall receive everything you desire.

Sending you positive and beautiful vibes.


You are not asking here how to create your own reality, you are asking about how to manipulate others in your life so they would worship you, and then through their amazement you could fee happy.

When you are present, everything around you is amazingly beautiful, including you and other people.

You can't manifest presence to other people although, when they are near present version of you, you will be gorgeous to more of them than when you are not. However that depends how far away they are from high vibration. if they are far, they won't be able to connect to it.

  The reason you even want this is because you believe that your happiness and worthiness lays in others acceptance. And this belief is a trap. Even if you would get this, it wouldn't make you happy on long term basis. Happiness comes from within, never from outside of us.

Have a read at my post called 'Become a Hottie.' (November 2014). I included all sorts of things along these lines, and it's just as Sunflower says, it all comes from within. You can create an aura of breathtaking beauty around yourself, by changing your beliefs about yourself. Use a new thought to 'anchor' an idea of being beautiful and gorgeous in your mind, and then reality follows suit.

Have you seen the film 'I Feel Pretty?'  It's about a girl who is very insecure about her appearance, but then has an accident where she bumps her head, and wakes up believing that she is beautiful and competent. Her world then reshapes itself according to that belief.  However, she is still the same girl and still looks exactly the same.

LOA works in exactly the same way.  If you believe that you are breath-takingly beautiful, then that is the reality you will create for yourself.  Guys will stop in their tracks when you walk past. You will be YOUR OWN KIND OF BEAUTIFUL which is a lot easier than trying to change yourself to fit some kind of societal ideal.  (There's actually no such thing, guys like ALL DIFFERENT KINDS OF WOMEN, including your kind).  You will attract guys who think they you are beautiful exactly as you are. Any adjustments you need to make (what you wear, hairdo etc) will be done naturally enough.

Give this a go. Start today to believe that you are beautiful.  It will take a little while for it to feel true for you, but once it sinks in, you will start to believe it and feel it, and then reality will change in accordance with that belief. You just need a bit of gentle persistence first. 

The thing that gets me is that Abe states that it's possible to grown in length or heal your body from an incurable disease. Even regrowing body parts or live till 500 years old is possible according to Abe. But when it comes to physical beauty it's all about excepting the way you are. That implies that your shit out of luck when you're born unattractive. If you mind can conceive it the universe has the means to bring it to fluition, isnt that a common statement? Why does this law not apply to facial features? What am I missing?


I have a unique perspective on this because I have a sister who experienced being mainstream "breathtakingly beautiful". She was a model and minor celebrity and at least once when I was there she actually stopped traffic, and when she was out walking or jogging, men would literally chase her down on their bikes or whatever to chat her up. She couldn't ever sit alone at a coffeehouse or bar without men interrupting her. 

You know what? 99 percent of it felt exhausting and unwanted to her, because 99 percent or more of the attention was not coming from men she would ever be attracted to---in this lifetime at least. At least 20 percent of those men would actually qualify as "creepy". It was like she fit some image these men had formed in their mind about what their ideal woman should be, and then they would try to "get her" (for whatever they had in mind: girlfriend, wife, one-night stand, a date to make their ex jealous, etc). These men think they've seen the woman of their dreams, and most of the time, she was just irritated, and sometimes, she just wanted to throw up. 

In the end, any guy she actually dated, no matter how rich or as hot as her, the relationships she would get into, they ended up just being like any other relationship that less attractive people would have had. Her relationships were absolutely not vibrationally different than all the other women I knew. Being gorgeous to everyone gets you initial attention, absolutely true, but unless you need that constant validation, it just becomes gross really quick. (If being honest, most women---most people, males included!---will admit that a lot of the unsolicited sexually-based attention they get is from people they do not mutually desire). And if you do need it, then when you don't get it, you'll become desperate and do whatever it takes to get it (we all know women (and men) that are like this, don't we?)

Trying to mimic some ideal that you think that all men carry around in their mind...is that REALLY what you want? Wouldn't you rather just love yourself as you are and attract the attention from the man (or men) you really, truly actually desire, rather than "all men"? Why make widespread and generic male sexual attention, which is arbitrary and capricious at best, predatory at worst, the basis of your great desire for yourself?

I get it, you're in a patriarchal society and you see beauty as a way to hypnotize the patriarchy and thus be the goddess within the patriarchy. Trust me, that job IS NOT what it looks like from the outside. Way better, IMO, if you question your belief in the power of the patriarchy altogether, and be the goddess outside of the system (that's where life really rocks, because it's independent of feedback from others.)

Of course, your milage may vary. Just my thoughts!

This reply is amazing. Just yesterday I was thinking about this... why try to change the exterior to be liked by everyone and not just become the perfect vibrational match for your ideal kind of person? Looks don't guarantee the perfect relationship/s, how many of these super fit attractive people are always focused on lack and being hit on by everyone but the people they like..? (And how many of these perfect looking people work out and change themselves FROM a place of struggle and/or self hate?!?)

An "ugly" person with a high vibration is far more powerful than a pretty person with a low vibration. And no, I'm not saying being beautiful is a curse, but the high vibration is obligatory for ANYONE who desires a happy life, yet we as a society tend to think that beautiful people have it all sorted out automatically.. it's not like that.

Think about it.. how many people who are breathtakingly beautiful don't see their perfect partner anywhere near and instead see thousands and thousands of undesired partners chasing after them. And how many people who we probably would consider unattractive always have this "luck" of having great relationships, even with other people who we would think are out of their league?? 

Looks mean crap when it comes to reality creating. And even if you decided to alter your physical body to become "breathtakingly beautiful" in society standards, it should be done from a place of self pleasure and thriving, not to get any validation from the exterior.

Having said that, I think your sister was focused too much on the unwanted, hence why it happened. She could still be THAT beautiful and keep all the people and attention away from her, it's all about vibration.

It was like she fit some image these men had formed in their mind about what their ideal woman should be, and then they would try to "get her"

     Yes, this reply is excellent.  I'm thinking that maybe it's better to be classed as appealing or lovely, rather than beautiful.  Beauty tends to be something people look at, but may get unwanted attention.  Appeal though is something less tangible, and more vibrational.  You don't have to be conventionally beautiful to be appealing, as other things like personality, sense of humour, life circumstances come into play.  Appeal captures the imagination more than just beauty, and I think the vibration also filters out the shallower aspect of love, romance etc.  

     If you thought of yourself as really appealing, I think you would attract a better quality of person; somebody who wouldn't just like you for how you looked, but liked you because of a number of other things too.  That, I think, would bring in much more satisfying admirers, and would weed out the creeps.

Well said GeefyWeefy ! I think people are breath takingly beautiful when they are totally authentic. For example consider animals!! They are so perfect, tender, charming, and their sensual movements that are so full of grace...just because they are themselves 100℅. So of course if you don't like something in your appearance you can change it but i'd say try at first to accept and like how you are right now, you may surprise yourself & see in an instant the beauty & perfection of your being. Don't rush the process, enjoy the beauty you certainly have already TODAY.


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