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How do I believe money will come when the reality is obvious in my bank account?

A fellow PI'er (Zach) had this question:


What else should you say then? I mean what if you REALLY cannot in fact afford it. Let's say there is a TV I want but it costs $3000, and I only have $500 in my bank account, how am I supposed to rationalize with myself that I can buy this TV?

On another note, I feel like athletes do this fine. Many professional athletes spend money with the belief that they can afford anything and everything, and they can for a few years, but around 80% of these guys end up losing all their money?


And I replied:


I think what is important here is creating a mindset that allows you to afford a possibility rather than basing afford as it pertains to money.....Think more outside the box.....Think with your heart and without logic because everything already exists in the invisible for you - you need not proof and what others do with their money is really none of our business - they can receive grand amount in the millions and really, what they do with their money is no concern of ours, even if they lose every dime.....

You have to know you are an unlimited being receiving from expected and unexpected sources in an unlimited way - by thinking this way you are opening the realm of possibilities and you have absolute faith the the Universe will move people, circumstances and events to bring about your dream and this can come in the most unusual way - for example you run into someone who is just giving one away or you enter a contest and that is the prize or you find one on sale 80% off - the 'how' part of it all is not your concern or job - yours is to BELIEVE that anything and everything is possible.....

Don't focus on the limits around you - there is a much greater power at work and you my dear are a part of this Greatness - unlimited in everyway!

Think freely!





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Oh gosh i was thinking of Awesome today.i really miss her helpfulness.Thank God she gifted us with her wisdom.we shall meet again!


It truly is a wonderful gift, to be able to read and re-read Awesome's wonderful advice and words of wisdom :D

You might to look at a book like The Secret to Taking Action by S. Boxell. I just downloaded it on my kindle and I think it answers some of those problems people have who like the Law of Attraction but just don´t find it working for them or are not sure about affirmations that kind of thing.

I think that affirmations work best like Boxell says when they root in to a reality that your brain knows is true, for example an affirmation like ¨there are hundreds of different ways I can make more money, billions of people are making money every day

Hiya Simon, I'm just wondering, are you 'S. Boxell'? 

No my last name is Montfort.

I would also recommend Paul McKenna´s Ï can make you Rich. I like fact that it comes with Hypnosis CDs and the back of the book is also all about taking action.

We have a lot of desires. Some of us dream of having a successful career, a wealthy lifestyle, a secure financial status, a secure relationship, or just simply of going to college or eating at that fancy restaurant sometime. One thing is for sure that some of us might not believe: WE can have, be or do anything and everything WE want!


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