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how do i change my vibration to attracting situations that keep me the victim?

been doing that too long

some people act one way and you dont see how they really are until later

 how do i change my life now?   Thanks 

so i can have more success and a happy life now 

safe, good people, new tribe 

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Great answer

So that you can find it easier to move on to better things, try to examine those situations and look for the lessons they brought.  Besides trying to teach us something about US, there are ALWAYS red flags regarding the person who wants to take advantage of us but if we ignore them and don't learn anything such situations will continue to present themselves until we finally learn the lessons therein.  That is why we must give thanks even for bad things/"bad" people as they really bring opportunities for us to grow.  It is really about how we see ourselves, if after the first "victimization" we just feel sorry for ourselves and nothing is gained, it's like being in school and flunking and then being held back.  Does that make sense to you?


By giving yourself more love, and by toughening up, setting standards for yourself, and drawing boundaries.

Yes!  We can't really get the kind of love we want until we've learned to love ourselves.  Standards and boundaries are absolutely necessary, we can't allow people to just behave whichever they want in "our space"!

As a young girl I got used to expect guys to treat me like a lady, anyone who didn't got the instant boot but there were hardly any of those because I can recognize them pretty quickly and then I avoid them.  Eventually your intuition just warns you and you hardly get past "hello".


This was my issue too.  I do my best  to affirm to myself until I believe it.  "People respect and support me whetever I go. " and like phrases. It is helping me become more confident and trusting with others. 

Perfect advice!!

i think this great video can truly help you to have more clarity about your healing journey towards perfect healthy relationships:


much love*****

Reality always follows self-image, so in one way or at one level, you must be seeing yourself as a victim.  This could be a very worn-in and subconscious vibration that you may not even be that aware of.  The way to change it is to change your self-image, and this can be done through affirmations and visualisations.

Start to affirm that you are empowered, you are strong, and you are very capable. Affirm that the Universe is really helping you, and that everything is happening in your favour. One of these kinds of thoughts will chime with you more than any of the others, so use that as your motto, or your power thought. Aim to use that one 1000 times a day for 100 days so that it really sinks in and actually BECOMES YOUR NEW SELF IMAGE.  A new way of seeing yourself, and whatever you think of yourself will be how others treat you and how reality works for you. 

Its all all about taking back your own power and feeling that you CAN. 

Stop seeing yourself as a victim and reclaim your power.

In my opinion, victimhood and resentment can be the most destructive states of mind there can ever be, even more than hate. And feeling a victim is a vicious cycle, you feel the victim and keep proving yourself right.

It's all about perspective. Life itself is easily changed through perspective. That's why visualization works, you grow used to a new point of you, because you can imagine it, and it's easier to use it in your overall life.

Always remember this: whatever happens to you, you always have a choice on how you react. ALWAYS. That's the real power of attraction, you making that conscious choice on how to respond to life. So when someone interacts with you with less than positive intentions, put that negative burden on them. It's not you who is the victim, really. It's them. Because they have such inner turmoil that they feel the need to lash out. If you think about it, it has nothing to do with you.

Take care, be happy and safe.

So with Law of Attraction, you may have recognised that the real power is always in the present moment.  We also live on a planet of choice and free will.  So it starts really by choosing not to be a victim any more.  Thats the first step.  When you make that decision often times you will find situations creep in that trigger thoughts and emotions coming up related to the previous experience and they are doing this to help you strengthen that desire.  Also it soften useful to look at what your payoff is for being a victim.  Often times when we are choosing to be a victim its due to us validating a past thought in our subconscious.  So some similiar and familiar thoughts can be "I am not good enough" or "I am a mistake", it might be a fear of being the power that we are, it might be any number of those thoughts as a core belief that we shape our lives with.  For example if you have a core belief of "I am not good enough" you will often create situations in life where this mirrors back to you.  Perhaps you are overlooked or not invited into parties or situations or conversations, because you feel you are not good enough.  If you have a feeling of being a failure, you will often creat experiences or situations where you fail (it reinforces that belief).  We all have mental mind chatter that speaks to us throughout our days and lives and we are often unaware of it and so when we start embarking on a journey like this of self awareness we start to hear our inner critic and we can choose to believe in this negative mind chatter or consciously choose something else.  So if you are finding "I am not good enough" cropping up in your mind, you can immediately say the opposite "I am good enough and I love and accpet myself" throughout your day.  Our bodies listen to us consistently and without judgment.  Likewise if your thought is I am a failure it becomes I am success.  If your though tis I'm unworthy you can changet this to I'm a valuable and loved man/woman etc.  


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