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How do I deal with "intrusive thoughts"? It's ruining my life, PLEASE HELP!

As a person who suffers from a multitude of mental conditions such as depression, anxiety, pure O (uncontrollable unwanted thoughts), as well as a bit of OCD into the mix - I have an extremely difficult time using the law of attraction properly when these unwanted thoughts keep screwing up my beliefs about myself and also about others. In fact, especially knowing that your thoughts/beliefs can affect your reality, that makes it so much worse and only adds fuel to my anxiety.

Does anyone know how to deal with intrusive thoughts? Or like... a way around it to counteract the unwanted negative thoughts? I'm just insanely afraid that the unwanted thoughts could manifest. THAT'S REALLY ALL I'M SCARED ABOUT. But the thing is, the more I fight off those thoughts by replacing them with other thoughts, the more there's a sort of re-bound affect in my mind that brings back those intrusive thoughts.

Yes, I get that it ALL has to do with my own faulty mental processes (albeit an unfortunate one...), but since knowing that LOA only attracts to you what you often think about, this has to be by far the worse mental condition to have.

Someone, help me please! :(

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I can relate to what you feel. Sorry thatguy555, it must be tough.

Regarding the current issue you are facing: You got to remind yourself that it takes focused thinking to manifest something. So a few negative thoughts won’t make a difference. We all have them. This was mentioned in the documentary The Secret. 

Even if you think you aren’t able to apply the LOA very well, I see that you are very much aware of your thoughts, believe it or not, that awareness is helping you . One useful technique would be for you to develop awareness first. You see it can be difficult to jump from negative emotions or negative thoughts to positive emotions / thoughts. What you do instead is become aware first , then take time to choose the thought you desire and then focus on it then feelthe positive emotion. A simple analogy would be a pendulum . It cannot go to the opposite end without first going to the neutral position. This is really powerful . 

I agree with what you said above, it is difficult to maintain a positive attitude when you are suffering from all that. I have been there and I can say that it is difficult but not impossible. I have deliberately manifested so much even when I was in those states. There are times when you don’t feel as bad, or things you feel less resistant about, you just make the best out of that time. By doing this over time you will build your LOA application skills, faith and confidence :) I am not trying to downplay anything, it is not easy breezy . But it’s very much possible! 

I would highly recommend actively healing your mental conditions. First step is to be able to tell yourself apart from the conditions. Never associate or identify with anything you don’t want. Remind yourself that this is a phase. For eg. If I visit America I don’t become an American , it is only a temporary state I am in. Then intend and believe that you can be back to your real self. That joyous version of you is your real self. Ask the universe for guidance. I have made a post regarding my experience, you can check it out . To summarize, I made few lifestyle changes, took care of my health and learnt and applied the right thoughts (as much as I could ) and I am now in a far better place. I didn’t believe that a psychiatrist could help me so I stayed away. Not that I am a hippie grandma , I have years of education in scientific fields . Just explore and see what inspires you. All the best!

I truly appreciate the replies so far, so I thank you for that. I'm definitely going to apply those helpful tips, and will likely have to continue using them for the rest of this long journey. At the moment, I'm taking medication for my anxiety as well. Hopefully the meds will get my anxiety under controlled just to make things a bit easier.

Did you heal your emotional body?? It is a process that will give you magical results*** 

Here is a really great article about that:


and here's a very short but very healing video (it's divided into 4 little parts):


Maybe you should give Ho'oponopono a try - the process will give you something to do that will keep your mind occupied.  Which will bring you back to peace and stop the intrusive thoughts.  And you'll be cleaning old programs/memories while you're doing it.

first and foremost, quit asking yourself, "what am i doing wrong?"  and start asking yourself, "what am i doing right?" ...

you are NOT what you think you are, and that which thinks you are what you think you are, isn't you either ...

there is NO using the LOA "properly" ... you simply allow yourself to become your true self, and all else will follow ...

you can easily accomplish this by quit trying to be anything, let yourself be what your are, embrace it, own it, love it  and share it with the world ... if they reject it ... their loss, not yours ...

one cannot "make" themselves happy, one can only "let" themselves be happy ...

it's neither push nor pull ... it is simply let go, quit trying to navigate and steer ... like a feather in the wind, like a leaf in a river ...

there are NO mistakes, you are perfect just how you are, it is your self-imposed perception of your self, that is flawed ...


Albert Ellis, "How to control anxiety before it controls you." Book


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