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i want my family to use LOA to their advantage,they need to know that life does not have to be stressful,we have the power to change our lives for the better...BUT the challenge is getting them to atleast hear me out without throwing me in the mad house =D..any ideas??

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Hi fairytale,

One of the things Abraham always says when questions like this are asked is, "You cannot answer a question that has not been asked."

This means that YOU are in a place where YOU have discovered LoA, but the other people in your family have not reached that point yet, so they are not "asking" about it or wanting to know about it.

You can best lead them there by your example.

You live your life guided by the teaching of LoA. Your families will see a different and better version of you. They will be overwhelmed and amaze. It is here when they will start to wonder and ask. So when they ask, all you have to do is show them.

Omg! I wrote this reply almost 4 years ago. And these were my first thoughts when the notification of more replies came up in my email today.

Also I'm very glad my old link leads to another page now. I stopped my website about 2 years ago, but it looks like someone else scooped up the name. All is well.

Hi Fairytale, I am in a similar situation with my daughter, I have shared the basics of LOA with her, but to no avail, she continues to struggle, and it need not be that way. I am wondering why she is so resistant to this, it is simply a matter of changing stinkin thinkin to good thinking. Yet it is an uphill battle. I am interested in how people answer your question. I am leading by example, and share with her all the progress I have made, and it is my desire to help my granddaughter learn this from her earliest years, and not come upon it later after struggling through life.
I have grown children, also who are not really interested in LoA. But I notice that when they need and ask for my advice, if I begin by saying, "I have found this to be true ... "I have seen things like this work out when I ..."

That is when they do listen. I don't start by saying You should, or Don't do it that way. That doesn't work for anyone. It won't even work for me if someone were to tell me that.

Also, I have to remember that I was not born knowing LoA, yet the Universe brought me on a path that led me to it.

Our family members and other loved ones are doing the same. They are all on their own path. No path is wrong, and they may or may not discover LoA. They are all working life out for themselves, in their own way, and there is nothing wrong with that.

We have to remember to ALLOW them the freedom to make mistakes, hard as that is to watch.

They won't "hear" you until they are ready to hear you. Let your happier and more fulfilling life with the LOA be the example. Let them see the change in you so much that they want to feel the same change within themselves. When you do that, because your family knows you best, they will know you KNOW. :-)
thanks everyone for the replies,it helps a lot!
Sheesh, I spent quite a few years with these questions in my head, reaching further than my family into friends and coworkers as well.

I don't bring it up to them anymore, I come here and share, and I notices that since I've been focusing more on my life etc., theirs doesn't bother me as much.
This is something I have come up against a number of times: somebody who doesn't believe in LOA. The bottom line answer is that you can't 'make' someone believe in it. If they want to, they will, but if not, they will be the horse you can lead to water but not make drink.

I find it a lot easier talking to people who believe or at least show an interest, rather than trying to 'convert' ones who don't. For the people who don't believe, there is usually a great deal of doubt and mistrust around their own creative power, so they may try affirming, visualising etc for a day or so, and then when nothing happens, they will say " I told you so. " Or they may also ask you to 'manifest' something there and them, which you may or may not have the ability to do (be sufficiently aligned to do) and that could prove difficult for you.

Family are particularly difficult, mainly because they are usually our main source of beliefs, and if you are believing in LOA, you are probably going against their own beliefs, and they may be scared by this. I find the best thing is to just let things be. It doesn't mean a person is either good or bad if they don't believe, all it means is that you have found the way to guide your thoughts and energies and be a conscious creator or your life, and they haven't. They will continue as they have been doing, and carry on unconsciously proving themselves 'right.'

The best thing to do, especially if you are new to LOA is to just let things be with other people. You carry on manifesting etc but if you are consciously sending out an intention, don't tell too many people. They may not believe and will kybosh it with their own doubts, causing you to have doubts of your own. When you start manifesting successfully, you will be a an inspiration to those wondering what you are doing, and if they are sufficiently curious, they will want to know more. Then you can tell them and let them make up their own minds.

My word! I was thinking the exact same thing!

I'm forever telling my parents and sisters about this site and managed to convince one sister to sign up, but she is too busy and doesn't log on anymore :(

I'm constantly printing out things and sticking them on the fridge or texting my mum about inspirational things. Ever since I was a kid- my mum has been mildly aware of LoA and read motivational books and understood the power of thinking positively, but I just feel that if they are more awakened to it, they will be better at it. If you are constantly aware of it, that's only when you start seeing a change and that's when it becomes second nature.


Then I thought that I probably sound like those annoying people that I cannot stand that preach about religion. Those people that try to convince you and convert you..I was becoming one of them! O_O I meant well, but decided to dial it down a bit. I think the best is for us to teach by example because everyone has seen a major change in me ever since I started on the LoA aware path. Also, we shouldn't force it onto anyone, that desperation and wanting them to be LoA conscious only creates resistance and postpones it further. All the best! :)



DeeDee <3

you dont. :)

Your only task is to monitor your own path. No matter how close you may be to someone you do not know what really goes on in their heart. Your task is to accept them as they are. And if they're inspired by you to take your path, they will. If not, that's their choice too.


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