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I want to be a lifeguard in the new city I'm moving to. I've stalked all of their websites and looked for job applications--but these jobs are all full, and I don't know how I can go about acquiring a lifeguard job when there aren't even applications online. At the YMCA I want to work at (which is the only indoor pool in the city), the requirements state that the lifeguard also has to double as a swim instructor and they have to be over 18. I am 17, and I need a job this year. Right now. The other places follow a schedule of deadlines to make (March 4, 2011 was the application deadline for the summer season), and I wasn’t even in the state to fulfill it. I want this job very, very badly as I have spent $140 to get all my training done. How can I make it happen?

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If I may I'd like to tell you a story of a job I wanted.

The place I wanted to work was about 45 minutes away.  I got there and asked to fill out an application, the girl said sorry, we are not hiring at this time.  I said that's OK, can I at least fill out the app.  She said no.  I asked again, stating that I just drove 45 minutes to get here, please let me fill out an app.  She said no again, that the policy was no app's until they need someone.  I said, I understand your policy and started to head to the door, just then an employee came thru that same door crying, and saying "I QUIT, I HATE THIS ******JOB.

The employee who had spent the last 15 minutes denying me an application, looked at me, and our eyes met, she held up a finger to indicate hold on a second, reached in the cabinet, and pulled out an application for me to fill out.  As I was filling it out, the crying girls manager came in to give her the belongings she left on her desk, looked at me, said what job are you applying for and I said "Assistant Buyer". The manager said come with me, we went to his office, I got interviewed and got the job on the spot.

I realize that your situation being "underage" is a different challenge, but I just wanted to say, where there's a will, there's a way.

Listen if you really want that job i'm sure you'll get it , now go and visualize having that job listen every morning visualize your self going to that particular job , your mind doesn't know the difference between the actual and the imagined experience so it'll be like you got the job , at the same time i want you to go and seek help from people have any relation in such fields that they may help you...

listen use my magical technique before you go to apply for the job before you enter to the working place just visualize the person who'll take your application is happy and he/she will gladly take your application and they'll tell you that finally we found the right person for the job ....etc. I'm sure that when you go with this mental attitude it'll be better than going expecting the rejection before entering .....BE Happy ok!!!!

There is nothing but opportunity... infinite possibilities... infinite opportunity....

That once in a lifetime opportunity comes along every 14 minutes. stay alert. Len

You can't make something happen, you can only let it happen. If you let it happen to make it happen, it won't happen. ~ The Field Center


Not to be negative, but the statement you made as the title of this thread is contradictory. You're working against yourself when you say: How can I make an opportunity where there isn't any.


You can't do that. You've already said there is no opportunity and that is the operative belief in play.


Thus, the way to address to this is to look at the conclusion itself. Be willing to let go of the idea that you know everything that's going on, or all the possible ways this could play out. Be willing to question all of the "facts" as you take them to be.


To me, the thing that stops us most often isn't what we don't believe, but what we do believe.


Uncertainty, is not always a bad thing. ;)



Get back up there, I'm enjoying you!
Could you expand on your comment

"You can't make something happen, you can only let it happen"
I may be reading it wrong because, to me that implys predefined destiny..A concept that really gets me going.

Not that you are reading it wrong, it's just our tendency to look for the meanings important  to us, whether we agree or disagree with them.

For myself, this is not about destiny, but about  intention.
People who set there waiting doing nothing end up setting there doing nothing. The United States didn't get to be a country by people waiting, they took ideas and turned it into action. If I want a job I actively go out and look for one, I don't set there waiting  for my phone to ring.
Waiting, is an action. And you are most correct. As an action symbolic of a movement, it represents an intention that is self-fulfilling. Waiting...brings yet more waiting.
I make things happen every day.

Cause and effect works every day too. Or at least, it "seems" to in the context of our belief laden perception. Yet, if what our extra-dimensional sources say and Quantum Physics suggests is true, time and space are parts of a mode of perception, not features of a universe.


You believe that the actions you take will lead to the results you get. And so it is. You trust that. If you trusted as strongly that you could make an apple appear on the palm of your hand, it would.


I have a grandson that I have tried to teach positive attitude and action. He filled out all the job applications on line and then just sat and waited. I talked to him and strongly suggested he go to some of the places he applied at and see if they filled the positions yet. He has a really fantastic  personality that doesn't show on paper. The second place he went to, they told him to come back for an interview and then they hired him. They later told him, he was the youngest kid they had ever hired.  Sure he might have gotten the call to come in but since this was his first real job and his resume was almost non-existant , I kind of doubt it.


Your reality supported your beliefs. As it does. That is all that it does. All that it is "allowed" to do.

And, those beliefs served you. They worked well. As they most often do. But that is never the issue, is it? Rather, it is those times when they don't seem to.

Such as, when you can't take a specific action in a specific direction towards what you want. Or, when there is a conflict, such as multiple things that you want, but the methods that your beliefs enshrine, require you to sacrifice in one direction for another, giving up something you want.

When I got back to Florida after being gone for eight years, I wanted to reconnect with friends, spend time enjoying being back where I was, etc. I also wanted a job. Now, I could have sacrificed the former for the latter. Spent all my time seeking a job. Or, I could trust that the perfect job was finding me and then, go and do what I wanted to. In fact, what I did was to spend the time "as if" I wasn't going to have as much of it soon, because I would be working.

Which meant, I wasn't "waiting" and expressing that intention of "waiting" which would be my energy of intention moving out into the world to draw to it what matches. More waiting. Rather, I was expressing the intention that the job was on it's way and in the meantime, I was going to enjoy myself.

And through that intention of being, that is precisely what happened.

The "you can't make it happen, only let it happen", isn't speaking to "destiny", except in as much as you have already made the intention of what your "destiny" is going to be and then let it go. But if you sit around "waiting" for it to happen, looking in the direction of it happening (at least, where you think it is going to come from), then you are as much in the willful control as you would be in pounding the streets, looking for a job while carrying the mindset that there is no job to be found.

Again, when we have the intention that what we are going to do is going to lead to having the job, that intention will have it's way. You believe strongly that if one does what they should, according to your guidelines, then a job will be found. And, that bears out. Or seems to. Right up until the point that it doesn't, for any of a host of various "reasons". Or, until that specific method of allowing yourself what you  want, simply isn't available in the context of your current experience and beliefs.

So, yes, it works. Until it doesn't. And if that is the ONLY way to do things, then one becomes stuck.

The source known as Bashar, as I mentioned before, talks about synchronicity and how events will align to fulfill our intentions, if we are listening to ourselves. Which is the other part of intending. Being alert for signals to self. My example was looking for the "perfect job", intending to have it, being aligned with that and deciding to start looking in the newspaper, or on the internet. Perfectly reasonable. But then, you get the urge, the impulse to take a walk in the park. And here is where we either meet our intended "destiny", or turn aside in favor of "what is right" and "what is reasonable". For, outside of our awareness, a friend with the "perfect job" that we haven't seen for a while, is walking his dog in the park right now. If we went, we would find the "perfect job" simply handed to us. Then again, we may choose that walking in the park is "frivolous" and "irresponsible". I need to be doing the "right thing" right now, not messing around.

As Bashar offers, our brains are only wired to understand how things "have" happened. Not how they can or are going to happen. He offers the analogy of being down in a valley with a walkie-talkie, while our "higher self" (and I do not much like that religious term, but it will serve for now) is up on a hill, with another walkie talkie. We decide we want to go see a water fall we have visited before and set off in the direction we know it lies. The shortest route. Our walkie talkie starts beeping. We ignore it. I know where I am going and how to get there! The walkie-talkie beeps again. I ignore it.

I arrive at a bridge across a stream to get  to the water fall....only to find that it is out. Now I stand there, confused. What happened? I knew this was the right way to what I want! The walkie-talkie beeps again.
If I'd answered the signal from self I was receiving, I would have found out the bridge was out, but there was another route to where I wanted to get, just as easily. If not more so.
We ignore impulses and information from ourselves every day. And, even when we sometimes answer the "walkie talkie", what we are "told" doesn't make sense, rationally and thus, we discard it and end up taking double the time, double the effort to get what we want, if we do it at all.

The thing is, no matter how it seems, we never "make" anything happen. How could we? In the simultaneous infinity that consicousness is, it has all, already happened. Every possible configuration of every life, ever item, every thought, word, deed, idea, has already played out. That is what infinity is.

I've used the analogy before, of the sculptor. Who adds nothing to the stone, but rather, takes pieces from it for the particular configuration of their expression. Likewise, the composer, who adds no notes to the tonal spectrum, but rather limits and deletes notes to present only those that the composer wants for their particular configuration of song.

Intention is so powerful, that  it quite literally holds infinity at bay, trickling in only that which we deem to be a part of our personal reality. Like valves in a pipe that conduct water flow. You can't stop the water from existing. But you can conduct where that water flows to by opening and closing valves. The "valves" in us, are our intentions. Aka, beliefs.

As Abraham has offered, in the very instant of intending something, it is already starting to be birthed into your reality. But in the next instant, we typically fall into: "Now how am I going to make this happen?" At which point, we have shut the valve off again. And the manifestation waits, tapping it's fingers and saying: "Let me know when you have fulfilled your own requirements for this and I'll show up."

"I have to have money for that." "I have to deserve that." "I have to work hard for that."

Hell, we don't even let feelings through, until we feel we "qualify" for them. I can't possibly feel a sense of accomplishment, unless I have something I can show to others to "justify" that. Yeah?

No. Since realizing that is not necessary, I have generated that sense of accomplishment many times and actually found it to be motivating in the direction of what I want. Staving that off, is actually depriving and devaluing of self, most often.

Which of course is extremely empowering. To discover that you can allow whatever you want, even feelings, without something to "justify" it to another, or even to yourself.


I don't want to take away from this thread so I'm going to start another one with a different topic.

Funny synch and so topical. :)


I had that very thought about half way through my post and almost cut it short to do the same. Then, decided I didn't need to, as I was enjoying expressing myself.


Rather sweet how that works out, isn't it?


Philip Henslowe: Mr. Fennyman, allow me to explain about the theatre business. The natural condition is one of insurmountable obstacles on the road to imminent disaster.
Hugh Fennyman: So what do we do?
Philip Henslowe: Nothing. Strangely enough, it all turns out well.
Hugh Fennyman: How?
Philip Henslowe: I don't know. It's a mystery!






this is so transurfing :)

you basically just explained the foundation of this teaching

THANK YOU EVERYONE! Your stories were exactly what I needed to build up my faith. I've had problems with confidence in the past, but I definitely plan to put myself out there now and get a job through LOA.

Imagine having the job you want right now.  Find the feeling of having it right now by imagining having it right now and focus on the feeling of having it right now as often as you possibly can and in all situations.  Also, check with the places to see if someone backed out of one of the positions to find an opening or take any other inspired actions you think of as you focus on the feeling of having the job  you want right now.


Michael Parker



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