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How do i use the law of attraction to get back the love of my life? ---my story

hi everyone,

i've been following the secret for 3 months now starting at the time when i lost the love of my life.. it was a painful journey because both of us are staying at the same apartment building, and we are both studying to be lawyers. unfortunately, we have the same school, same classes, and same set of friends. my situation is very very complicated. i tried very hard to feel good everyday, but seeing my ex enjoying his freedom and being with different girls made me feel bad.

everytime i feel good and feel love towards myself, and tried to let go, something he says, or something he does makes me feel bad again... i tried really, really hard. i really did. i always do self-hypnosis and journaling, but lately, it seems as if i'm back to phase one once again.

guys, if somebody have had the similar situation, would you care to give me some tips? i really need one right now. thank you so much.

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This is so true! You can do this ;)) All the best of luck to yOu!! Lots of love to everyone <3<3<3





This may help. But i say don't hold onto it. I have had no success in attracting back an ex. But i have had all the success in attracting them into my life initially and attracting the break up. I know i manifested it. I never actually tried to attract an ex but i tried to attract some contact with them, there is always this tugging feeling inside where i would like to know that they care a little, just want to be shown that, but i don't get it at all. For some reason all the guys i break up with i lose complete contact none what so ever, even though it may have not been an ugly break, don't know what the deal is, what it is in my vibration that causes that.  When i know how to get back with someone i will tell you what i did. Right now i am focusing on myself, i am really done with chasing this person and that person emotionally, it's too draining after a while. If someone isn't going to come after me, why should i make that effort, it hurts but what can you do? They don't want to be with you, they don't want to be with you! I wish it could be otherwise so i could come back to this website and give people my success story, but it hasn't happened only in my imagination it has. 

Hi Jan,

I am in a similar situation. I also could use some help. My guy brook it off about 2 months ago. It was the most pain I have felt, really I was lost. Thank god he doesn't  live close. I don't how you are staying so positive with that...but good for you. I am new to this site, but I have used a lot of the tips here to help me get him back. http://www.powerfulintentions.org/forum/topics/how-to-attract-an-ex... And we just went out to dinner last night.

I saw the whole night play out...but I was hoping for a better out come. He loves me misses me, but can't be with me. He just doesn't want what I want. But I almost had him back. I could see it in his eyes, that pure love for me.

I miss him and I too believe he is the love of my life.  I feel like I had him, and that I messed it up by not believing. So if there really is away to get him to come back I would love to know too.


that's really painful. you know, i thought i can be happy and be find myself again with those 3 mos apart but still, there's this part of me that says that, he is still a part of that happiness. i am hoping that both of us get what we believe to happen. every night, i pray to God and thank Him for this blessing instead of being bitter about it. I hope that helps you too.

Hey ;;)


Everything you need to know about this subject is here on this page http://www.powerfulintentions.org/forum/topics/how-to-attract-an-ex...


You will see, there are few more links, and it was so so so helpful to me :) This forum is great and I'm so grateful :))


Now I am in happy relationship with my ex!!! Yaaaaay :))


And really, really you've got to love yourself more, believe, really believe, feel it and you wiIl succeed.  Be happy, work on yourself, give yourself life you desire, get your energy back... read more, be happy, joyfull, do things you like... you'll see... everything will work just as you want it ;;)



You'll see ;))



Dream, believe, breath, love <3 <3 <3


ok Roisin, How did you do it? Is it really all about letting go?


I didn't think so much about her. Well, I tried not to think about her one hundred times in a minute :)... and I succeed... it will be the worse for first few days, but when you get that you are the one that matters the most, it will be fun, and you will start feeling great.


I started doing things which I didn't do for months... working out, reading, hanging with my friends, going out...

You know?

It's important that you have a good time without her/him, it's important to start feeling good. 


I have one best friend, and one very good friend. And when I felt that I'm loosing it, that I'm giving to much energy to her, that I'm not happy in some moment... I would call them. And than I talked with them... for hours, minutes... and not about her... about everything else that make me feel good.

Be kinda selfish. But good and selfish.


Mostly, I thought about her on evening, in my bed... before sleep. I would feel only love for her, no pain, just love. I felt in my heart that she loves me, and I knew I love her so unconditionaly.

You gotta love him for existing, just for that.

Every evening, I imagined my life with her, I slept only on my side of bed... and my bed is for one person :))

And I would grab my pillow and pretend it's her. Haha :) And I'm still doing that cause we are not living yet together.


 I knew that she's somewhere out there, that she is going through something now that I can't help her with. I can only help myself, work on my happines. I knew that she'll come back.


Get rid of the feeling of needing and missing him because it won't do any good. He'll come around, be sure of that, just give it time.


Don't be afraid to let go, you won't loose him if you let go. Don't have any fears. Maybe he's not there with you at this moment, but he will be. Love is stil there.


The point is that if you continue to act like this person is your happiness, the source of your love, and that you will not find love unless with them, then stop and recalibrate. Because you've already guaranteed yourself failure. If the only time you feel truly happy is when you imagine them back in your arms, stop and recalibrate. Because you are applying the LOA in a manner that will guarantee them moving further away from you.


That's not to say that you can't feel happy when you imagine him in your life. Not at all. IT JUST CANNOT BE THE ONLY THOUGHT THAT BRINGS YOU HAPPINESS.


Hold onto your love for him and in the meanwhile, love yourself and keep moving forward. It's easy to stay in bed all day, but that will definitley not bring him back. 

When you let go, you are moving forward. Let go and focus on you.


Belive, feel it. Everything will be just great. You know that. It happened to me, and I thought that we had the worst break up :)) So... :)) It will be great ;) Don't worry ;)) 


xoxoxoxoxox to you ;))


Lots of love! And be good to yourself! From this moment :) 

We are here for you ;;)


Love! <3 <3<3




Sorry if my english is not the best, it's not my language :)



thanks for all your reply guys especially to your advice. it's really difficult to be placed in this kind of situation. with my first breakup, it's a little easier to let go and move on because i don't get to see him every single day. but with this one, it's kind of hard because apart from the fact that we have a 4 year history together, and being lawyers is one of our plans, it's hard to see his face and you have that tug in your heart that says you still care for him.

i just have a question though. because of frustration the other day, I kind of sent out thoughts that he's with a new girl and they are enjoying.. how do i erase those thoughts and improve it to my advantage?

my ex was hanging out with another woman right after the break up. I was so jealous. But I would say " He is learning that I am the best match for him." I would try not to stew on the jealousy and focus on the fact that we are perfect together.

I know what it's like, and I tell myself now everyday, "My x will be back!"
Yes Laura, your x will be back as long as you stay positive.

You should be the love of your life, my dear. And anyone who comes in even close to second you needn't worry about. Don't you think someone so important would find their way back? Set out the intention for the feeling you would like. Happiness? Love? If it brings you pain, don't put specifics into it like that you would want to be happy with him, or loved by him. So much easier said than done, but you eventually get to this point no matter if you spend weeks, months, or years pining after someone. At some point you realize you deserve better than chasing after illusions and open up to the idea that maybe you'd be happier with someone else, or without anyone at all.


I've had a similar situation. Me and my boyfriend broke up last November and I took it as badly as possible. We'd been living together, we worked together, and we frequented the same places. I worked through a rollercoaster of emotions for months. Honestly, I never imagined prior to that breakup that I could possibly end up in the situations that I did. I wanted him back so badly and whenever I doubted my ability to woo him back I would react crazily. I dragged other people into it, me and him got into physical fights, I monopolized friendships and my job because I was a complete wreck. Every week my stance would change from loving him to hating him, and this situation lasted on and off until July. That's almost 9 months of letting someone's involvement in my life cause havoc with my feelings! And you know what? It was fine. I acknowledge how much pain and embarassment I felt, but it just doesn't matter. I moved through it, maybe not ideally, but I did. And funnily enough, as soon as I let it all go and got over it.. we reconnected and are currently on good terms with each other.


And that's why I just wouldn't worry about it. The end result is the same whether you crawl into all your negative feelings or immediately recognize that he doesn't inherently determine your happiness. Don't beat yourself up if you have off days or if you still can't be in that awesome detached place cause obviously that just attracts more of the same. Just focus on you and things that make you happy and make an effort to keep him in the background of your life if he's choosing not to want to be with you, and be grateful that you've come as far as you have. Believe me, you'll get over this eventually. It's inevitable.


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