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This is a discussion on How do negative people manage to live with themselves? in the Indigo Phenomenon forums; Hm? They don't realize it? They are not aware of it. Because I believe that the truth is in positivness ...

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Hm? They don't realize it? They are not aware of it. Because I believe that the truth is in positivness and goodness(no matter how subjective good/bad can be).Human brain is capable of experiencing both in great quantities, it is a matter of choice.So however can a negative person feel good? Can he feel love? Can they feel love? What are the types of negative people? Such that don't realize it that's why they are the way they are and such that realize it but want it and such that can't change? I'm so confused why somebody wouldn't want to give the best from himself and live in a bliss of happiness? Because they never experienced such so they don't have any goals?
Don't negative people realize that they are killing themselves with their energies?
Negative people are addicted to their emotions! They cannot help themselves, because they are conditioned into negativity - trapped in a obsolete mold.

Have you seen people trying to pick a fight for the sake of fighting? They don't need a reason... They just fight.
Yep...! I've seen this many a time. But i do not understand why they want to mold their children in this way.......
I mean every things doesn't have only solution ....ryt
There were always doors too....... This could/should be the final option
Oh, and I believe that the TRUTH is in 'BEINGNESS'...

Positivity and negativity are traits from the ego. The ONE cannot exist without the other...
i agree.....without the former the later cannot exist and vice-verse........
When parents are addicted to negativity it takes a lot of will power to change that... It is exactly the same as any substance addiction.

The key is to observe your negativity when it starts and then ask yourself - do you really want to create more negative situations?

Become the observer...
Everyone knows that negativity is psychologically bad. For instance, negativity has been associated with poorer memory, decrease in perception, and even limiting reason and logic skills. Furthermore, severe negativity has been known to cause depression and even suicide. Additionally, negativity has also been proven to be physically harmful too. For instance, negativity can cause loss of appetite, and thus lead to skin and internal organs becoming anemic. In some extreme cases, negativity is believed to have even killed. Therefore, I think everyone can agree that negativity has been proven to be harmful.

Yet some negativity can also be good. Only through difficulties and stress do people learn and grow the most. It is well know that conflicts and annoyances are the best sources of change and inventions. Case in point, I think everyone is familiar with the adage that "if necessity is the mother of invention, then laziness is the father."

The problem is the fine balance between too much and too little negativity. I think everyone has a different tolerance for negativity and this limit continuously changes for everyone too. Therefore the only solution is to be always aware of the amount of negativity inside each of us and their affects around us, thus we would be able to make minor adjustments to our mental health whenever necessary. These adjustments may mean a short break, a long relaxing lunch, or even a much needed vacation far away from everything stressful.

So you may want to ask yourself these questions. Are you too negative? Or are you too positive? If yes to either question, what are you going to do about it?
Have you seen 'what the bleep do we know'?
They explain all of this in detail.

When we are very negative our bodies are bombarded by neuropeptides and eventually our cells create more receptors for those specific negative peptides... This leads to a decrease of receptors for positive peptides and to receive necessary proteins etc. to maintain good health.

Certain connection in the brain, between neurons, for long-term NEGATIVE connections that are not easy to kick.
Hi Preet and Bernard, great discussion going on here !

I think that many people are negative because they dont see themselves as responsible for the negative things that happen in their lives, the DO feel responsible for the good things, they think they have worked hard for them, but the bad things, they think just HAPPEN or in many religions they believe that a negative force like a devil causes them harm and makes them do wrong things and even in a scientific environment they believe that diseases just come out of the blue and attack them, so they feel vulnerable and like victims of circumstances and forces beyond their control.

But I do agree that living through that negativity is often a good thing, it helps us to make choices about what we want and dont want in life.

But it is a blessing when we finally come across some enlightenment like understanding the Law of Attraction and seeing for the first time that we are responsible for EVERYTHING that we experience good AND bad. Then we start to have more control over our circumstances and then it becomes more enjoyable to avoid the bad and choose the good, the happy, the fun and the fulfilling.

Love and light Gen
damm your words......thank you for you being interested in our discussions......
Hey Barnard..... do you have anything to say ....?


Nope! Gen is spot on as always!


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