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This is a discussion on How do negative people manage to live with themselves? in the Indigo Phenomenon forums; Hm? They don't realize it? They are not aware of it. Because I believe that the truth is in positivness ...

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veeeery true !!! wise Tolle!! and i think this quote is helpful as well:

L'immagine può contenere: oceano, cielo, spazio all'aperto, acqua e natura

this made me cry somehow...

I have been crying over random things alot lately

Well crying can sometimes be a great way of detoxing the body of energy and releasing emotions that we have supressed so what if that is what you are doing, releasing burried emotions that no longer serve you?

I think so. I have been working on that lately.
Something recent triggered alot of old stuff to come out of aswell.

You are biased in one way and others are in another. I think neither is necessarily correct, and you believe you are!

Nothing is intrinsically true or false, but thinking makes it so.  Negative people have their belief systems, and attract negative experiences because of them.  They vibrate that way, and usually these vibrations are so worn in that they don't even realise just how negative they are.  They manage to live with themselves, because they don't actually know any differently. 

Plus some people are actually happy feelling or being negative too.  For example, it gives them a purpose nad commonality with others, and they feel part of the greater scope in their negativity.  How do they live with themselves isn't really anyones business and to some degree, its really a selfish attitude in thinking everyone should be positive as the human experience is not about being positive all the time or negative but about fluctating between both of those and being a vibration that gives the person joy!

It’s really not necessary to label someone else as negative or positive . It sounds like we are looking down upon them. What we think about others is simply what we observe and that is connected to our thoughts . So before judging someone else it is important to take a look within. People with pure loving souls see nothing negative in others. 

Also we may be the negative people in someone else’s life . Just because we know about the LOA doesn’t mean that we are surely going to be positive throughout our lives. We all have ups and downs. 

And then it’s not our job to make people happy or to take responsibility for their lives. Then why bother calling someone negative. 

And to some degree its unrealistic and limiting to make yourself purely positive and/or negative.  Life throws us all curve balls at times - and so we can flick in and out of both (and some argue the human experience is supposed to be both).  However, labelling someone as positive or negative isn't necessarily looking down on them, it can also be an awareness too (and even when some people are "negative" it doesn't mean they haven't played (or aren't playing) an important role within the universe - sometime we need negative people to help us create change and awarenesses.  

That reply was in response to the main post.

The post wasn’t aiming at creating change or awareness in our own lives. 

What you said is completely true though.


not not 








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