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You see, hear people get lucky at the casino etc.

There is one guy who went in with 50 dollars and came out with over 5000 dollars at the casino!

Is it all vibe? What is going in with their enegy/vibe?

Do they visualise winning?

Its all energy.

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It is probably a belief thing.  They believe that they are really good gamblers, good decision makers and that they do the right things at the right time.  They know when to bet, when to hold, when to stick, when to twist, when to cash out and so on.  They also believe that they are lucky, when that happens, they find themselves in the right places at the right times, such as a table which is hotting up, or a fruit machine which is just about to pay out.  Things like sledging from other gamblers, or the negativity of coolers doesn't really affect them.  They believe that they are there to win, and they do. 

Here's the caveat though, I wouldn't recommend gambling: the chances of a great win coming through are usually pretty slim. The UK lottery for example, has a jackpot chance of 1 in 14 million.  That's big enough, think what it would be like in the USA, India or China.  Odds like that create big subconscious doubts and those would hamper wins.  My question to a gambler would be: WHY GAMBLE TO GET ABUNDANCE, WHEN THE UNIVERSE FEEELY GIVES IT TO YOU?  I know that gambling is a big thing in certain cultures, but you don't need it.  The universe will happily provide you with abundance, riches, money, jewels, prizes and so on, AS LONG AS YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS IS FOCUSED UPON IT.  As long more of your thoughts are upon abundance and provision instead of poverty and lack (and the latter is why most people take up gambling).  

Look at your beliefs about money and what life can provide for you, and if they are limiting, then start to change them. Building up a healthy belief system about abundance will get you far more than gambling. You attract abundance according to the laws of your own consciousness. 

Thank you Sir Autumn.

I believe I have good beliefs having read quite a lot of loa books abundance wise and the money section.

How can be abundance consciousness? 

Yes sure. First up, an abundance consciousness is a collection of ideas and beliefs you hold which attract abundance to you. If your general view of abundance is good, then you will attract it quite easy, but if it's negative, then you will probably have some difficulty. There will be some beliefs which you may not be aware of, so it's important first of all, to bring them all to the surface.

Get a piece of paper and make a list of the beliefs you have about money and more general abundance. Make it quite long too, and once you are finished, read through it a couple of times. After a couple of read-throughs, you will start to see a one or two general themes about abundance coming up. These are your main beliefs about it, and if they are negative, then they are what is stopping it from coming to you. You need to override them in your mind, so have a look at my post called 'LOA and momentum' (recently bumped up) where I explain how to do this and how to imprint a new belief.

Secondly, abundance consciousness is the realisation that abundance isn't just about having lots of money (though it's the most relatable aspect of it) it's more general than that. Abundance is a flow of energy into all areas of your life, resulting in plentiful provisions of, and full function of, the good of life. So a healthy body is abundance, and so is a healthy mind. All of your gadgets fully working is abundance (ie your car, your phone, your iPad). Getting on with your family is abundance. Having a lovely home. Enjoying your job. Having really good friends. Having a sense of purpose in life. Feeling that you are growing and improving all the time.

All of this and much, much more is abundance, and you can attract all of this into your life with good abundance consciousness.

As you work on changing your main belief about abundance to something more positive, you will find that other positive thoughts about it come to the surface. That's good as they all help and create in the same way.  On some days you find that you mind is overtaken with one positive thought after another. Another form of abundance consciousness is the expectation that everything turns out well for you. 

I don't understand how or why people recommend visualizing abundance but they don't recommend gambling. Not everyone works in sales. Not everyone can obtain abundance through their work. Im a nurse and I like my job. There's no chance for me to suddenly come into wealth through work, (how many millionaire nurses do you know?) Im not interested in starting a business. I don't own anything that I can sell for a large sum of money or collect interest. Im already married to a broke guy, so no chance at marrying into money. My stock shares are minimal because that's all I can afford. I don't want any of my relatives to die in order to inherit a financial windfall. If I'm being honest, I don't have any kind of marketable talents that could bring me the kind of money I want. Any kind of law settlement would have to mean someone got hurt and I don't want that either. So if I don't gamble, there aren't even many plausible avenues for abundance to come to me. I know the universe has infinite means for delivering money, but it doesn't just suddenly fall from the sky out of nowhere. I mean, has that EVER happened???? If it was that easy wouldn't everyone just sit down and just visualize all day? I have to do SOMETHING to bring money to me other than visualize. That's why I focus on contests, sweepstakes, gambling and the lotto. The odds are slim but it's equally slim for me to go about my life and have a million dollars just fall into my lap all of a sudden for no reason.


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