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Hi everyone :D
I won't write too detailed, the title says it all. I realized that I had some characteristics when I was younger that I want to have now. Since I already had them, it should mean that I can manifest them back from within and I guess it shouldn't take much time because it's already there. The thing is, how do I do it? I'd really appreciate help, it would be a game changer for me on an entire life level.
Thanks in advance, best of luck, happy manifesting :)

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Thank you for a wonderful reply :)

I took some time to remember how I used to be when I was back in high school. I wasn't exactly who I wanted to be, but I noticed that I possessed some qualities that would make my life now really better. I used to be a real powerhouse, nothing could break me in any way, literally nothing, I was like those characters that represent warriors you see in movies, a hardcore badass, the manliest man that ever manned. And I want that part of me back, that great energy and unbreakable mind and spirit. The funny thing is, back then, when my energy and vibe was much greater, but I didn't have the knowledge and deeper understanding of self and the Universe. Now, I have really deep knowledge and understanding, but I don't have that amazing energy and vibe I used to have back then. It's something like with the samurai, being powerful, unstoppable warrior in youth who turned to a philosopher and poet in his old age. Also, I recognized some really awesome personality traits I used to have. I wouldn't take back my old self because it lacked knowledge and my mindset back then is way below my mindset now, but I will definitely take back certain aspects of younger me. After all, it wouldn't be anywhere near hypocrisy to take only what I like, it's my personality, I can do with it whatever I want.

Thanks once again for replying, best of luck, happy manifesting :)

I don't want to be a smartass here, but I think that the use of word "Want" in "I want so and so" does state that we lack that, but in a sentence "I can do whatever I want" it's actually "I can do whatever I set intention to do". I know the words are important and how we use them is important too, but one word could take a whole bunch of different meanings, depending on how we use it and what kind of energy we give it :)

Thanks, it's really interesting and helpful information :)

When you view it as a game changer you don’t allow it because of your awareness you don’t have them and need them for your life to significantly improve. You’re making them too important and thus difficult. When you view it more casually, feeling the ease of them coming back to you they do.

That's an interesting view, I never looked at it as something I can't live without, but I do think things would change for the better for me have I manifested those qualities back. In fact, I feel excited when I just imagine how my life would be if I got those back and I have a feeling like a kid when it's expecting to get some great gift :D

Besides, I had those back in the day, it's not something new, so it's already a part of me. It's just somewhere deeper inside, so it's "inactive", but what's important is that it's there. It just has to activate and I know it's a simple process that can happen in seconds, I'm just reaching for a little help in order to find a way to that process :)

“I do think things would change for the better for me have I manifested those qualities back.”

The circumstances might change but how you feel would not. If you think something needs to change for you to feel different then you will end up feeling the same as you do now.

“I feel excited when I just imagine how my life would be if I got those back . . .”

Which means you don’t need them to feel excitement. The excitement is what you want and you have it.

“It just has to activate.”

It can’t activate with your awareness it is not. It would activate if you stopped talking about it not being active.

The answer to one thing is yes you can manifest them again, because they are all stored in the subconscience. Everything you do, feel, experience etc is stored there as what I call a STORED VIBRATION. Even qualities which have gone dormant within you. These can be reactivated by thinking the thoughts and the beliefs which you had at the time you were experiencing them. Have a think about what you thought and believed at the time, and if you do this over a sustained period of time, they will remanifest as circumstances and personality traits.

Thanks for the reply, it's beautiful :D

I have another question related to what you wrote. We can manifest what we experienced before by putting our mind into that mindset again. What I'm interested in is, is there a way to somehow put ourselves into the mindsets that we desire to experience, but we haven't, so we don't know what those mindsets look and feel like? For example, I'm searching for a way to manifest being attractive to women. But I have never been attractive on the level I want ever before. I do have the idea what I want it to be and I know that it requires certain mindset. Since I know the end result I want, but don't know how people that do have that operate, then how do I manifest the mindset that the person who has the traits I want possesses?

Thanks once again for a great reply, best of luck, happy manifesting :)

I'm not sure how you could reactivate a mindset if you have never been at that level before.  What you would have to do is to create that mindset anew, and persist with the thoughts until you do reach that level.  A kind of mental and vibrational raising of the bar and transcending in your own thinking.  

What you could do to help you along the way is to acknowledge all of the times you have been successful with women so far. List them, mull over the memories in your own mind, and give thanks for them.  Doing this is a powerful way of imprinting, because it pays attention to previous successes, attracting more of them.  It also gives your mind the message that what you can do before you can do again and again. And finally, it reactivates the vibration of success with women which is already within you, and your new thoughts can take it from there. 


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