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I need help choosing to view this situation differently or choosing a better feeling thought.

Before knowing about the LOA : I sort of had a plan and I executed it well in the beginning. But things didn’t go as planned. Lots of unplanned great things happened too.

I kept going in the same direction while learning about the LOA . This gave me mixed results.

I have now revised my goal in ways that reflect my new understanding of my real self. The goal essentially remains same on the surface but has a new meaning now.

At this point I feel confident in my knowledge and skills to actually manifest what I had planned.

But I get this feeling that I am late. Ideally, I should have been there at that time and somewhere else later. I am referring to goals that have a defined time frame, like getting that master’s degree will take you at least two years. Even if I stop comparing myself with the peers who are ahead of me in that particular game, I feel like I am behind my own plans. 

I distract myself or sometimes tell myself that because of my new perspective and approach I will live a much better life. Life is a journey ..etc etc

But a small voice says- what about the time you missed? You are just catching up.

I don’t enjoy catching up or even keeping up. 

It feels like you were in sixth grade and did not succeed and now have to repeat sixth grade. Yes you have learnt so much in that time and you believe that the lessons you learnt will help you in the future but you still have to finish sixth grade to get back to your plan. 

I can try to suck it up but I don’t want to. 

I want to feel the same excitement you feel for a new fresh goal . 

What would you tell yourself in this situation ? 

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i'd tell myself simply the truth: we are eternal and time is an illusion. i know what you're talking about, my situation is very similar to yours but i never compare myself to other people and i usually don't take scores too soon about myself, i feel im on track cause im becoming more & more my authentic self every day. You're an extremely intelligent and deep girl, you don't need to be on the same path of some idiots. and you never missed anything, you were experiencing something you did not want so that now you know what you do want, so it was not wasted time. the truth is we're never lost, we're never stuck. i always remember some important words by Krishnamurti:

“It is No Measure of Health to Be Well Adjusted to a Profoundly Sick Society” 
Have fun!

Thanks for sharing your perspective :) 

Taking scores too soon , yes that is probably what I am doing. 

Or may be I must change my scoring system, it should be based on what I care the most about NOW. 

Although it is not so much about comparing with others as much as it is about comparing my real progress with my expected progress. I am aware that I am not taking into account the things that I had not planned and still received/achieved. 

Exactly, we had many desires we were not aware of that we received in the last years. and i guess one of these desires is for sure to increase our spiritual and loa knowledge.

well i think our scoring system should we based on how we feel in the present moment.

Did you watch Monkey's video about momentum? it may give you clarity!

2 quotes 4 you:

"First, learn about yourself by relentlessly observing your shadow--the dark parts of your expression. Then, shed the world's expectations of you. Finally, eliminate all the desire for validation, the feeling you need to be 'worthy of love'. Then you can truly be yourself"

L'immagine può contenere: testo

Thanks Steph!

I must appreciate what I got without asking or trying. All this spiritual knowledge and understanding is so much more valuable. How can I overlook this fact!

After all, it is what I choose it to be. I am free to call it unproductive or more productive.

May be I can skip seventh and eighth grade, if I like . All possibilities still exist, they always do, there is no fast tracking, hurrying or catching up necessary to allow myself to feel good. I am not stuck with something . 

YES to the new scoring system!

About the video- I haven’t but I will it now. 

Hope you'll like it! i think t's helpful!:


Great video! Makes total sense. Thanks for sharing.

You're the most welcome

The only reason you want it is so you can feel satisfied. It’s never too late to feel satisfied now. So when you feel better now, you have what you want really want. It only takes a couple minutes to enjoy where you are. It doesn’t take that long.

It’s focusing on results instead of how you feel. Caring about how you feel is your number one plan. And if you’re focused on needing to fulfill some prerequisite to get something you want you’re missing the point of life. What you want is emotions, and emotions come from focus, not from doing, or accomplishing, or finishing anything else.

Here’s a post I did:

Speeding Up Manifestations . . . Why?

It makes sense! I am putting my life on hold because I choose to postpone feeling good and this behavior is the number one reason why I am not there yet. 

I read the article you attached and it really speaks to me. I will have to re read it multiple times for it to soak in. 

Thanks for your reply, it was really helpful! 

Great reply as always Brian!!

Being be Being , "IT" Self. One. 

As One Whole Being , the One-ly Being,  there isn't an-other Being to negotiate or "make a deal" with. 

Being is timelessness. Forevermore here and now, this Living Presence. 

One Whole Wondrous BEING 

Amazing******* You always rock Roses!


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