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I have realised that resistance gets in the way of a fast manifestation. I realised that because I've nearly attracted my ex back a few times but i've realised resistance has got in the way :)

I also read somewhere that getting rid of resistanc. Is only 80% of the battle and 20% is your feelings and desires...

So how can I get rid of resistance?

X x love you all! :)
sooo glad to be here!

Your replies are welcome! :)

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Wow! Thank you! That was amazing :)
One strategy I employ, which tends to only work for smaller things, but might be something you can find a way to use, is to get rid of the possibility that your desire will manifest...Haha, let me explain.

I tried this out about two years ago. There was an old friend of mine that I wanted to hear from. I decided I would spend the day reading a book I enjoyed and just daydreaming about all the good times we used to spend together, feeling a real warmth and friendly love for this girl. However, I also knew that if I left my phone on, I'd present resistance to myself because I would keep looking at it, wondering why she hasn't called.

So, I just turned my phone off. That way, there was simply no resistance. I can't worry about why she isn't calling, because, hell, my phone isn't on. Of course I won't get a call from her. I won't get a call from anyone. Instead, I can just allow myself to feel good about these memories I have of her.

Anyway, the next day, I turn my phone back on, and, as you may have already guessed, it turns out that she had called me during the time that my phone was off. This is significant, as I really don't ever receive random calls from her. I don't think it's a coincidence.

Your situation is a little trickier, but perhaps cutting off lines of contact between you and your ex might be helpful. Good luck!
That was good! I tried it, it worked and he contacted me!

But how do you think my situation is trickier?

x x
Well it seems like you want him to come back in your life on a more permanent basis. In my situation, I just wanted to attract a call from an old friend to see if it was possible. Of course, with the LOA, both are equally achievable, I just find that I personally have trouble attracting people back for long term committments.

Either way, I'm really excited that it worked for you!

would you please help me ?my ex came back to my country for Christmas , I heard from one of his friends and I am sure, we didn't break up officially but after he gone (for 3 months) he was in contact with me only via every 10 days email like just friend and he didn't told me coming back even. I know he is here for about two weeks and I am so missed him and very depress , every minute I am waiting for his call since 3 days ago , I called him several times but his cellphone was off .If I off my cellphone for 1 day and do what you told is it help he contact me?  

Worrying about what you want or trying to force it to happen slows your experience of it down. Reduce your stress and you'll have a better feeling experience.

The reason why switching off the cell phone "worked" was because, as JC said (over 2 years ago!), he stopped being DESPERATE about hearing from her by accepting he was not going to hear from her anymore. By taking his focus off it completely, he was no longer resistant about it. And because his desire already had momentum, it just happened without him doing anything.

So it is not about switching your phone off; it is about switching off your worry and desperation. Anything that you can do that will help you with that will be good for you could make you available for your ex to contact you.


Dear Shembu
thank you so much , you made clear this for me , yes you right I am so worry and very desperate , I listen to your advice and thanks GOD you are here :)


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