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I'm currently interested in a guy and I kind of visualize our relationship as a video montage!!! Something like a found footage film except it's like those travel videos of couples on youtube with different filters and interesting transitions. I honestly don't know if there's a right way to visualize and if this is it but surely everyone has different ways of going about it so I'm interested in how you visualize your own goals! It doesn't have to be about attracting a person but how you visualize spending all the money you're going to attract or how you visualize your day-to-day career once you manifest that job!

I've read that visualizations should be really deep but I usually find it hard to focus on a single moment or a single idea. For me, I can feel occasions of touch like feeling the denim on his jean jacket or his hair but this is how I naturally go about it!

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The most effective way to visualize is doing it in a way that feels good for you and having no insistence in a specific outcome or that what you focus on needs to happen in order for you to feel satisfied. You visualize because it feels good and not to manifest anything.


I would say that visualizing the exact same scenario every time gets boring.  So it might be better to switch it up and have a few things you visualize at different times. 

I read somewhere that the subconscious mind can not tell the difference between something that is imagined and a memory as long as you imagine in great detail.  I think it was talking about reframing past experiences into positive experiences or something, but in any event, it's probably a good idea to add in a lot of little details to make the experience seem more real. 

Engage all the senses.  Maybe you hear the crackling sound of the fire in the fire place, and feel the warmth that it's giving off.  And you smell the smell of whatever.  And you feel the texture of the carpet.  

It may also help to do your visualizing at the same time each day - set aside some alone time when you can do your visualizing.  

If you're visualizing it as if you're watching it as a spectator, that's probably not the best way to visualize.  I would think it would be better to be a participant in your daydream.  Be apart of your visualization, not apart from it. 

When I was visualizing every day I tried to visualize doing things that were most enjoyable to me.  That makes for a more interesting daydream and helps add emotion to what you're visualizing. 

Neville Goddard also has a much simpler way of visualizing.  Instead of visualizing different scenarios, he just visualized the same thing over and over.  For example, he said if you want to be married you can imagine that you have a wedding ring on your finger.  Just keep imagining throughout the day that you can feel that ring on your finger - the feeling of it.  That method is a good way to keep your desire in the back of your mind so that it's always close.  Bringing your conscious attention to it numerous times throughout the day.  I think that's how people are manifesting physical changes too like changing their height or eye color. 


I think I'm more of a writer than a visual person. I notice all the extra sensory details when I'm writing it down. Would visualization work that way too?

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Why y'all assuming that I don't love life or am dead set on one person....... I just enjoy visualizing cause it's fun! And if it works out - that's even better! I'm sorry, maybe I didn't word my original post right. I just wanted to hear about how other people visualized things in their own way cause I think it's a fun practice. I'm studying art right now and my classmates and I all have the same assignments but not a single one of us draws in exactly the same way. So I just wanted to see the differences in each person's methods of visualization!!! That's it

You said that you're more of a writer, maybe you should do scripting.  Then you can read over your script every day and it will naturally get you visualizing as you read it, just like you do when reading a book. 

Okay, here's my take.  For general goals, picture yourself experiencing them or possessing them, from behind your own eyes, so to speak.  If you want a car, picture what it would look like if you were in the driving seat.  If you want a new home, picture yourself opening the front door and walking in, as if you were on MTV Cribs, showing them around.  If you want money, picture yourself holding it in your hand, paying it into the bank, looking at a very healthy bank statement etc.  Always imagine it as you would actually physically see it, rather than someone else looking at you doing it.  And your video montage method is absolutely fine, and if you focus on it, and keep on focusing, then you will bring it to pass.

For relationships though, it gets a bit tricky, because there is the notion of another person's free will.  Sorry, but this other person may not want to be in a relationship with you.  If they do, then that's fine, keep on visualising; but if they don't, you can't force them into a relationship with you through using the LOA.

That doesn't mean however, that you can't have a relationship with someone very appealing.  The Universe has given you this desire, so it means that it IS manifestable, and that it is meant to be.  It also means that now is the right time, otherwise you wouldn't have been given this desire.  Again, visualise all of the things you would go in a relationship (ruffling hair, cuddling in bed, going out for meals etc) but don't imagine them with this actual person.  Try and visualise it without the actual face, or with many different people.  Doing this will give the Universe some creative leeway in bringing you what you desire.  It may be with someone who is better and more suitable than the person you are thinking about.

Do your visualising (your mental-movie) every day for about 5-10 minutes, and then for the rest of the time, work on feeling good.  How you would feel if you were actually in a happy and growing relationship.  I have often found that special and appealing people come into my life, when I am feeling good about my life itself.  When I have a sense of life growing and improving and things moving forwards.

Thank you Sir Summertime!

I hope to get married with my perfect man, I sometime visualize I have a wedding in Greece (this is my dream)..

however, I don't have boyfriend at this moment, so is it too fast to visualize a wedding at this stage? Am I wrong?

I should visualize a boyfriend first? Please help

No it's not too soon to visualise that. In fact, I would say visualise away. Picture yourself getting married in Greece to the man of your dreams, because this is what is called LIVING IN THE END. Visualising your desire in its COMPLETED FORM, rather than the steps to get there. Concern yourself with this final outcome and let the Universe work out how it will manifest for you. Focus on this for about 5-10 minutes each day; create a movie in your mind seen from BEHIND YOUR OWN EYES.

What happens is that your visualisations will generate psychic momentum, and synchronicities will start to manifest in your life which will lead you to your desire's fullest unfolding. These will happen incrementally, so it may go like this over the course of a couple of years: signs, meetings, dates, boyfriend stage, deeper commitment, proposal, wedding in Greece. (Though of course, that is quite a simplification, but in general it could work like this).

Imagine yourself marrying your ideal husband in Greece, and work on feeling good about yourself and your life for the rest of the day when you're not visualising. (Use pictures in magazines and on sites like Getty Images or Google Images to help you). Then the Universe will fill in the gaps with the ideal people, places and events.

thank you so much Sirsummertime!

I have a fews questions. Should I visualise different scenes everyday with my perfect man (like travel to different countries, doing romantic things) or just focus the outcome--getting married in Greece?

Also, the difficult thing to me is, I always picture 2 persons are getting married in Greece, one is me and one is my husband, I see "them" , I see "they" are taking wedding photo, that mean I can't feel the touch like feeling my bridal dress etc. is it also ok?


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