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How do you instill new beliefs instantly or very quickly ? Suggestions please

Any suggestions guys ? Or any proven techniques ?

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Hmm... I think it depends on how deep the belief your trying to lose is rooted. And if you have any existing beliefs holding you back.Either way you might want to try to focus your thoughts on just the belief you want.

Just say daily in your head what you want and soon it will root in you subconscious. I'm doing the 90 day challenge, saying my new belief 1000 times a day.

Another way is using a cleaning NAP. Record your belief and put it on repeat while you're sleeping. That way it will enter your subconscious mind without any doubt being allowed to come up (because you're sleeping). You're new belief will quickly lock and register. Just remember not to worry about it during the day.

It really just depends on if you think you can. Don't worry about time. If you still are though, I would suggest NAPs.

Yes... by opening one's mind to reality.... Accepting reality.

For example, a person who feels a hundred pounds over weight, and honestly would like to lose it, they should not live in denial, and make excuses like, "I have a thyroid condition" or "How can I use the law of attraction to lose fat?"... because the answer is not magic at all. The true magic of reality is that you KNOW the answer already, and that answer is "diet and exercise" with the conviction of reaching the desire.

In short, the quick way is to "let go".

Let go of the limiting ego that has you believing doubts and fears of acquiring your desired situation/thing.

We call it "letting go" to emphasize that it is the simplest of things in the Universe, because you are innately ALREADY THERE... and it is the opposite of "hanging on", which signifies where all your vibrational energy goes that holds you back... and that is why we call "hanging on" "resistance".

The good news is, that every single human who has ever existed is really just an ego that won't "let go" of itself completely. So no one is an expert.; at least no one I have ever met.

Thank you Garth for this link..excellent.

Try this, it will really help you eliminate your negative beliefs. Its called Lefkoe Method created by Morty Lefkoe. I stumbled upon it on youtube as I was searching for paraliminal audios by Paul Scheele. You can search the web for more info. 

Go to this website for eliminating 3 neg beliefs for free : http://www.recreateyourlife.com/free/

I did it and it really works, all I can say is that it worked for me 100% and I hope it helps you and others too, as everyone is different. Morty lefkoe swears that the Lefkoe Method will remove negative beliefs 100% and that it will never come back. Once the negative one's are gone its easily to form the new ones as there is no resisting belief to hinder it.

The one positive effect I experienced is that my food craving is miraculously gone, though that was not my aim, but I think I was eating when I was lonely, when I was sad and when I was hurt, so may be because I removed my core negative belief my excessive craving is gone. Previously I always found myself munching on something, I used to wake up hungry and I had to eat something or I use to feel anger deep within me, which is a very unpleasant feeling to feel first thing in the morning. 

Now I don't feel mad craving for food, I can now differentiate between being hungry and craving for for food. 

I've actually had sessions with them, I didn't continue them for lack of money. I stopped at the first session. I think I have a greater idea than using lefkoe method right now.

It doesnt generally happen quickly or instantly because yiu usally have a lifetime worth of beliefs running to the contrary. What you do though is begin to imprint a new belief, and if you are gently persistent, you will START changing your beliefs within a matter of days, and reality will start to 'agree' with this.

See my discussion 'LOA and momentum' for details on how this method works.


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