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How do you keep your vibration high when you're with negative people?

I'd like to know how you can keep your vibration high and your alignment when you have to deal with some negative people, or even when you are surrounded by them?

Who I mean by negative people can be:
- negative people, who, although they got something good, always see the negative points in what they got, always see the glass half empty
- pessimistic people, who always think about the bad possibilities instead of the good ones, and "what if this happens??", and so who are always afraid of the unknown and risks
- people who are fatalistic or defeatist
- people who push you to take some actions which you're not inspired for
- people who put some pressure on you
- people who stress for nothing and everything, and create themselves more stress
- people who only see negative points in you, or the things you lack, and make you notice it
- people who don't believe in "spiritual things", or in God, or in a superior being, or in miracles for example (although I was used to firmly not believe in that either...)
- people who think this stuff you're trying to talk about (the law of attraction) is a bunch of bullshit, or a hoax, and even fear that it's something like a sect
- people who, when you try to tell them what you manifested, always find an explanation, or tell you that what you got is little, and take your excitment down

Sometimes these negative vibrations can be very STRONG.
A solution could be to avoid them, but what if they are very close people, like your FAMILY for example?

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i am surrounded by people like this at work - the whole organization's personnel is imbued with this kind of sentiment - so I empathize. I return from holiday shortly and TBH am not looking forward to it. I am focussing on 'harmonious relationships' though in an attempt to lighten the vibration I come into contact with daily. I'd be glad of others' suggestions too though.
There's a woman I started working with about a year ago that I had a very difficult time with initially. One day it got so bad, that evening I started a Positive Apsect list - I was only able to come with one or two things to put on it. But, I focused on those one or two things and the next day, I found myself noticing and appreciating those things about her and was able to add a couple more things to my list. Within the month, our relationship had changed drastically and I've come to see how valuable she is to our organization. The things I found HUGELY annoying, initially, don't even phase me anymore.
Since I've discovered the LOA, I notice much more how much people can be negative, and how they don't even realize they are digging their own hole. I can see how it was for me before, and I'm so happy to have opened my eyes.
I live in an ENTIRE town full of them. For example, today my parents won $300 and we have enough proof to sue for damages in a separate lawsuit. However, instead of thinking "Now, let's go ahead and sue for money to help fix the trailer he demolished and sell it to someone else," they said in the car, "He will probably quit his job so he won't have to pay us. Even if we were to win then we would still end up not getting the money. That's just how we are. Our family name is cursed and we will never succeed at anything, etc." Imagine how bad that is for a psyche to hear that your family name is utterly cursed and doomed to failure.

Also, my town has this philosophy: "Be thankful for what God gives you and don't bother asking for more. That's selfish." See the flaw? They basically believe you should be happy with life as it is and not try to aspire for anything better. So, I completely know what you mean. I also have a friend who is atheists who literally believes that life is meant for struggle then you die. She also put down those who try to succeed or take risks.

The best ways I have found to escape them is to, first of all, find a private space where you can boost your vibes. I have my own room, and often b/c I'm working freelance while my family is working, I have the house to myself during the day. So, I use those times to boost my vibes and envision myself succeeding. Another thing I do is watch cartoons, comedies, and read books that make me feel great or inspired. These also boost vibes and I avoid reality television, drama, romance, or anything that has too much sadness or makes me think of lack. Also, remaining focused on you goals and taking steps to achieve them when possible are great ways to help your mainfestations along regardless of the negative vibes. Upbeat music helps too.
"Be thankful for what God gives you and don't bother asking for more. That's selfish." is your town's motto???? Really?? OMG
Yeah, I know what you mean about defeatist/fatalistic people. That's so sad...
I'm going to add it on my list.
Yep, that's the motto, but what's really weird was that this was told to me by someone who believes more in the Pagan faith. However, it is the main motto here. Heck, people have told me that if God gives me a job in fast food I should take it and live with it rather than trying to go for more (and I'm halfway through my Master's Degree). If you ask for more, then you're being selfish b/c God has better things to do than help you with your problems. You should sacrifice for others regardless of how little you have to give.

That is the town I live in. They're happy with their small lives, and it's mostly a retirement town (though there are a ton of drugs going around in my block b/c of all the young and bored kids), but for those who try to accomplish more it feels like a shark in a goldfish bowl. So, definitely give a few of those things I suggested a try.
Thank ;)
Sometimes, when I find myself with friends or family that seem to be on a negative 'roll' I give the relationship, and myself, a 'break'. It could be for a few hours or days or longer, and what I do in that period is focus on their 'postive aspects' - I write lists of all the positive attributes I can think of. When I next meet up with them, I only look for the positive and I latch on to it. If it's hard to come by, I make the visit short. I also trust the Law of Attraction in that I know if I'm getting negative feedback, there's something I need to shift in my own vibration, so I work on those as well.
omg read Eckhart Tolle's "A New Earth" I definitely struggle with this, I wish everyone around me were as positive as I am or try to be, seeing only the best in others and in situations regardless of their appearance. Eckhart talks about the ego in a way I have never considered. No one should affect the way you feel and what you believe. For example, there are times that I get so angry with my bf's constant pessimism, after reading "A New Earth" I remind myself that that is my ego feeding on the drama, if you can remind yourself that your ego is completely separate from yourself and others, it is much easier to remain in control of how you choose to feel, like being optimistic.

There are no negative people, only strong egos. Some people have let their egos run wild taking complete control of their every thought. Its easier to like negative people when you separate them from the negativity. That negativity is there ego, it is not the real person, being, spirit at the core.
No one can take away your power of thought without your consent, no one can influence to FEEL any different from the way you want to feel without your consent......No one can think for you.....Pay attention to your feelings, it will separate you from the masses and it is so obvious that negative thoughts create negative lives.....What life do you choose?
Yes... You are right... So right...
thank you for that reminder!!!! I am finding it difficult to breath around my bf of a year becasue he is - no - i am allowing his darkness to overtake my lite - yet when we met a year agao he completly agreed with my love of LOA and the way i lived my life and slowly it has changed over the year - weird - weirder - i met him right after i decided to divorce my husband of 4 years becasue i was living the same way i have been know for the past 6 months or so - which makes me despartly wonder - am i atracting the same reletionship over again? i know i am that powerful so why not change it - why not intend the loving reletionship we had at the beginning? i just spend years - literally years doing the same thing - writting the apreciative list and visualizin the loving reletionship - only to say okay - nuff is nuff - and it was soooo worth it to step out of the darkness and let my lite shine but know a year later i feel i am headin in the same direction as before just with a diferent person - ? therfore it has to be my thinkin? or is it a lesson i just am learn again? any ideas? am i makin sense to anyone? lol i honestly didi not wantto even write thids in fear of manifestin something that i feel i can still "deal" with but really i am lookin for advice and have resolved ito askin well bleadin for any - thanks


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