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What did you do? How did you realise that you were there?

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I learned to love myself when I learned about the Myers Briggs personality profiling.  After that I learned about my in depth astrology profile on astro.com.  Between those two I really came to understand my personality.  After that I came to accept and love myself.  Now the best recommendation I can give anyone is to smile and laugh anytime you are having negative thoughts and watch the negative thoughts evaporate.

I didn't know there was a site named after me :D

Thoughts anyone...?

it's a tough one for me Ella.. i'm in my late 30s and honestly only Started to even think about this. I have been successful in feeling sth close to love for myself a while back but not nearly what i deserve maybe. What helped at that point is forcing myself to see how great i've been doing in the different roles i play in life - a daughter, a sister,  wife.. But then things happened and i fell short in my eyes again and sort of am stuck there most of the time... We have such high standards for ourselves. guess our parents did this to us without realizing what they were doing, they meant well i think when they were pushing us to become first in class or have impeccable manners etc. 

i guess we keep doing the work and keep picking ourselves up every time we so called 'fail'. Surrounding yourself with people who love you always helps in so many ways! EFT helped me a lot with a lot of things. you can try that. Just keep trying things but in a fin n game way. Almost like, "oh! i love in this HUGE palace (world of spiritual wisdom) with countless different rooms filled with treasure (different techniques to help you find love for yourself)! why not check out different rooms on different days/weeks/months, and see what i like and feel like keeping for myself (what resonates).

Hope this helps. Sending you tons of positive energy and all my love :)

Thanks for sharing, I understand, it's strange that this very thing is not actually taught to us anywhere. But actually I just realised something, and I hope it will help.

I have just recently started to feel better by showing more compassion to myself

And to allow myself to feel the way I feel at every single moment.

I must say that right now, I am starting to feel much more comfortable...maybe you try this too

I no longer label my tought as 'negative' and feel guilty and bad because I think a certain way, I just let them flow through me...and it works!!! This is complete non resistance.

Because, you wouldn't repressed the feeling of someone you love, you would understand them, not judge them and you would feel compassion and acceptance towards them right?

So why not applying the same to myself I just thought??

I started to feel very 'neutral' if that makes sense and I know that it is a step closer from feeling good and A step further away from feeling bad - with practice and repetition i expect it to become a way of life - So now I feel neutral and keep my intentions in mind.

Try it for a few days and tI would love to hear how you feel - I am in my mid 30s

I know what you're saying. I came up with something similar a while back, where i tried to imagine me being my own best friend, sitting myself down, listening to me, hugging me tight, wiping my tears, letting me feel heard and safe and loved. It worked i think, at that point in time. My biggest problem i think is staying consistent with things. Be it meditation or listening to inspiring stuff or EFT or practices like the one i mentioned above. I keep falling back in to this... sadness.. and sort of despair.. and often make it worse by reaching out to some asshole who simply won't reciprocate my emotions. over n over again. my best friend would be kinda pissed at me seeing the pattern. lol. i kinda understand it all probably comes from daddy issues and other traumas i experienced over my lifetime.. just don't know how to heal myself. can't afford to pay those big shot spiritual teachers or so. best i can do is leverage the internet. even that i can't do consistently as i mentioned. heh

Me too Seeker I do the same :)

ha, I have daddy issues too, and i realised that it is key to solve them before getting in any kind of relationship but I have decided not to let this stop me and repetition will solve the issue - Look we thoughts negative for too long so it won't happen overnight, but I know that it can be reversed using the same techniques - repetition until it seeks in, you need to be consistent, there is nothing else.

Maybe we should coach and update eachother?

1. what I did is change my perspective about myself

2. by my reality reflecting my love for myself, like for example people pointing out things about me I loved about me, attitudes towards me changed and what I believed about myself simply  reflected back at me. 

Fantastic knight.  Like I do see my worth, and when I observe others not seeing my worth then I feel like not worthy, I fall down. Then I question Why don't they see it?  

''they not suppose to :) you say when you observe others not seeing your worth, but it is you who suppose to see it, try not to turn this in to a reason for your self worth. Don't love yourself just so you get acknowledgement from other people love yourself wether the acknowledgement is there or not. 

Yes I agree very much Knight :) 


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