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After reading two posts tonight about drawing back an old lover I feel like I have to tell you how I did it.

First off, there are hundreds of posts with advice on this. I read them and, honestly, hated most of them because they said what I am about to echo. You have to love yourself first. If you are thirsty and your friend asks for a sip how would you feel if they drained your water glass? Then did it again? Every day? Eventually you'd hide the glass. You'd tire of it. If you don't love yourself first, as much or more than your lover, then this is what you are doing. Do you find yourself looking for signs of their devotion, maybe posing little tests? Do you find yourself disappointed with their actions and wishing they'd said this and not that? Then you aren't seeing how marvelous you are.

If you knew how amazing you were you would never ask for validation again because it would be unnecessary. That's like begging for a quarter when you have a $100 in your pocket.

My second tip is, and oh, I cannot emphasize this enough in any language: Do not pin all your hopes and dreams on one person. By doing so you are cutting out the opportunity to let The Universe/deity of your choice do its job. This is the main testament of LoA, that you must trust The Universe to provide what you need.

Now...can you attract a specific person? Hell, yes. I've done it, romantically and platonically, more times than I can count. It's absolutely possible and I could cite at least 10 stories right here. I romantically drew two different men to me and both, both, were disasters. I felt like I needed to dictate to The Universe what I needed. I will decide! What I was really saying is, "I'm scared and I think control is the answer to this fear."

Just decide on the type of person you want and let it go. Look, if you really think so-and-so is your guy or girl then go ahead. Manifest them. You may turn out to be right. Yet wouldn't you rather manifest more of what you want at an even faster pace? Then do this:

Hey, Universe! I would like someone who is _______, ________, and has very much the _______ quality. I want someone who will make me a better person by their very company. I want someone who I can call my best friend and my lover.

Or something like that. Make up your own specific affirmation.

Then let it go.

Go get a second job or, even better, start volunteering with those who aren't as fortunate as you to realize that LoA is real! Learn a new sport. Take a Thai cooking class. If you obsess over what you want day and night, day and night then your focus is on the attainment of the manifestation, not the person. If you feel like you're waiting then, yep, you're waitin'.

The Universe sees a lot more than we can with our limited eyesights. It can see who and what is needed and wanted. So put in your order and sit back and chill. In the meantime get those business cards ready or develop that website. Get new sheets for the bedroom you and your love will share. Nab some change of address forms from the post office. Just starting prepping because when it comes it will be fast and you'll be ready.

Here is my most recent story. Last summer I dated a man who seemed perfect yet in retrospect and because I wasn't allowing honesty with myself he wasn't It. But I believed it because I wanted the dream so much! He asked me to marry him twice and bought a ring. Then it all went to hell in a tragic way and he left me, through no fault of my own save my own disbelief in myself.

Second guy was wonderful, wonderful. But he's a man-child -- no job and impotent in his own life. I felt like I didn't deserve more, I don't think.

Both of these men have tried to get me back repeatedly, by the way.

Now I have someone that I have had a crush on for four years, since we first met. He was with someone during this time but every time we ran into one another I introduced him as "one of the best men I've ever met." He's cultured, funny, a fabulous dancer, and a chef. He has conviction, morality, and is hands-down the most positive man I know. This is someone I never ever ever thought I would date, not in a million lifetimes. But we are.

And he loves me!

And it's going very well!

But I never manifested him specifically, you see? I wanted a guy like that. I actually thought over the years that he would be a great guy for me but because of his status I truly thought no more of it. If you only could come see me for a day and hang out with us and hear the story you'd understand that by letting The Universe have its way with my life I got exactly what I wanted! I said it and I chilled out. It is exactly like ordering from a catalog.

In truth I am writing this post to help others, a group that includes myself. I've been off track lately. I got laid off and money is running low -- but what of it? I have this gorgeous man, I have my health, my parents are both still on Earth in bodily form and doing great, I have a really cool writing job as I gain more of them, and my friends are to die for. I live in an amazing city and I have opportunities up the ying-yang. But how easy has it been for me to get out of the land of Law of Attraction?

But the Law of Attraction doesn't forget you, even if you forget it. It keeps and remembers you. Best bet is to use it to your advantage. Refusing LoA is like keeping a gorgeous vehicle that never runs out of gas in your yard and letting it rust. It's still there. We all know it. Why not drive it? Sure, due to construction and various problems the route you take to where you wish to be may not be what you planned, but so what? Have some fun with it! I am my own Love of My Life, and I'm back.

I maybe should write in more detail about letting The Universe find a lover for you. I am a cautionary tale. You can absolutely manifest a specific person but, lordy lord, I never will again! I will exercise my need for control by controlling my actions that determine what I will manifest, not demanding a specific end result.

Universe, __________ is what I want. I'll hang out here and get ready til you get back with it.

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If you obsess over what you want day and night, day and night then your focus is on the attainment of the manifestation, not the person. If you feel like you're waiting then, yep, you're waitin'.

Well said.....

Thank you for the reminder!
swearing like a sailor over this one lol
I love it. Wise words! Act as if...and get on with life.
Honestly? Just intention. Absolute, utter belief that I would get what I wanted. I didn't put a timeline on it (I think that's fairly fatal -- your ability to manifest correlates to the length of time it takes and who is to say you are manifesting at full capacity 24/7?).

Good example without romance:

About six months ago I remembered this friend I had in college, named Ruth. We knew each other for only one year; after that she graduated and I moved, etc. I thought of her occasionally through the years. I found her picture, the one I have of her, in an old photo album. Forgot I even had it.

Within one week she found me on Facebook. We had no mutual friends. When I had how she simply said, "I dunno, I just thought of you." She just remembered my face, looked me up, and bingo.

I sent out one strong signal to The Universe of absolute love for Ruth yet detachment from ever talking to her again. She felt that across the country.

Now what do I mean by detachment? If you really love someone then you should simply be happy to think they are out there in the world. being their wonderful selves. They don't have to be in your world to be wonderful! That's the stipulation a lot of folks accidentally put -- "I love X much they need to be with me!"

No. No, they don't. And you should want what is best for them if you really love them. That's the cursed Catch-22 of the whole thing. If you yearn for someone you send out this yearning. That is the primary echo heard throughout The Universe. "Well, Shannon wants to yearn for X so let's keep that up!"

The Universe is as smart and as obedient as we allow it to be.
I have said it before and I will say it again.


You're awesome in every way, thanks for posting this. xxx
Very very powerful:

I will exercise my need for control by controlling my actions that determine what I will manifest, not demanding a specific end result.
This is really a wonderful quote! I have copied it and added it to my "inspiration list" :) Thank you!

Bright Blessings,
Deb. S.
LouisiAnna! Girl you should be contributing more - I love how you cut to the chase and explained the very principles of LOA with a new twist or I should say an LA TWIST!

Great sharing!
Good job, Anna....

So true. Loving myself is THE ticket! When I can do that, everything else just falls into place... and the more I love myself, the more it spills over onto others.

Once I begin with that, then I have to be mindful of RECEIVING, as well. I find that sometimes we get stuck in the receiving part. You know.... love myself, love myself... create what I want... then... receiving love from whomever... wait a minute, how do I do that?!!! LOL. So, continuing to love yourself also allows you to receive the love that comes right back to you. But, this is something that I've practiced for years!

I've also seen people not understanding what it means to love themselves. It's probably different for different people, but for me, it means being TRUE to myself, no matter what and focusing on how magnificent I am, as opposed to how magnificent I will be once I get so and so in my life!

Great post, girl... I'll high-five you at coffee today! :)
I think you are absolutely right - in theory you can gain everything by focussing on it, even a specific person, but what you think you want and what you really need AND want don't have to be the same thing at all. Sometimes we don't realize what it really is that is truely important to us until it is right there before our eyes - and sometimes it takes even more to realize that.
I love the quote, "If you obsess over what you want day and night, day and night then your focus is on the attainment of the manifestation, not the person. If you feel like you're waiting then, yep, you're waitin'."

So, I'll just cut to the chase...I have two questions.

1. When thinking about what you want, is it better to think about it as if it's 'on it's way' or 'already here?'

2. When you set the intention for whoever or whatever you want, and let go of 'making it happen,' it's ok to think about it, even a lot of the time, so long as it makes you feel good, excited, happy, etc.? And again, thinking is as if it's on it's way or already here?

Thanks for the feedback!


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