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just wondering.

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It depends on you really. If you are able to focus on what you want easily and you do not have any resistance, such as doubt that you can have what you want or thoughts that you won't have what you want, you can manifest things very quickly. It depends on how much attention you give to what you want too. If you only give a small amount of attention to what you want, and the rest of the day you are giving your attention to what you don't want, you might only manifest what you want to a small degree. A good way to see how long it takes to manifest something though is the 68 second test. Take subjects that you do not have any real strong relationship with, and focus on it for 68 seconds or more. Many people use objects like blue glass, butterflies, and other subjects that they do not see very often, but do not have very strong resistance against. By using this test, you will see how long it takes to manifest something. Some things can manifest instantly, some things take longer, but it really depends on you and what you are giving your attention to.

Michael Parker
Holodynamics... Transform Your Holodynes, Transform Your Life!
See.... I'm having such trouble with that.
I got an email a few days ago about a job.... I really wanted it BAD!
The money was right the schedule was perfect and it is close to my home.
A few hours ago I got an email from the manager saying that my interview was canceled.... I'm so hurt.
This is the 2nd time in less than 2 weeks that this has happened to me. I'm really scared now, I'm trying really hard not to be, but it's hard.
I have a house that I just looked at that I really want to live in with my current room mates. I am trying to be positive as I can but fear just won't leave my head.
Negative emotion can only arise when you are looking directly at what you don't want. If it is recurring fear, then you are consistently giving your thought to what you don't want. What this is, is a sign that you have been practicing a thought of what you don't want. This can happen, but what you should try to do is start practicing a different story in your mind. You just repeated what you don't want in your message. You did say what you do want though, you want a job where the money is right, the schedule is perfect, and you want it to be close to your home. You also want to live in a home with your roommates. So, if you practice focusing on those thoughts, DELIBERATELY, you will start to get recurring thoughts that revolve around those subjects. The trick is to become so focused on what you want, what makes you feel good, that unrelated subjects or points of focus cannot enter your mind. Just like you practiced focusing on what you don't want though, you have to start practicing focusing on what you do want. If you truly commit yourself to this, you can see transformations in your thought very quickly, perhaps in a few days. Once transformation of your thoughts has occurred, a transformation in your experience has to occur. So, keep your focus on what you want, find the feelings of having it now, keep your focus locked on that, and watch what happens. Follow your bliss ;)

Michael Parker
Holodynamics... Transform Your Holodynes, Transform Your Life!
Chin up Joelle!! This doesn't mean you won't get a job that is perfect for you!

Example: We've bought and sold a few homes over the years. There were a few times that we didn't get the one that we wanted - one time, on an island where there were only TWO in our price range! I fitted, fretted, stomped, cried, pouted about not getting the home every time we didn't get it. But you know what? We ALWAYS ended up getting a better one! There was one that I wanted SO BADLY and didn't get but found out later that the neighbor put in a 1/2 acre of parrot cages! OMG I can't imagine the noise that would have been in my back yard - I seriously counted my blessings and laughed about that one (after I'd been bawling for a week because we didn't get the house in the first place)

I've done it with jobs too - I still remember one that I didn't get - right in the middle of the interview the manager said, "No, no, no, you won't work out!" I was flabbergasted at how mean she was and how it ended so abruptly! But after thinking about it, I'm so glad I didn't because I got a much better one later!

So your game isn't over - there are a million possibilities out there that you don't even know about yet. Just keep on going! CHIN UP GIRL!
Thank you so much! That made me feel AMAZING!
The more I play with this stuff the more I see where I was going wrong last time. My success rate in big areas isn't spot on yet but the more I use it the easier it gets. Everyday is pretty much bringing a new realization for me. A good thing to do is to start manifesting small stuff. If anything I found this proved to me that this LOA thing is actually legit and completely natural. The cool thing is that the difference between the big things and the small things is starting to completely disappear now. Just persist and have fun with it. It'll unfold itself to you. Guaranteed.
Feelings are inversely proportional to time which means

F = 1/T...........Where, F = Feelings & T = Time....

Greater the Good/Bad Feelings lesser time will be taken and vice-versa. ..

Tip : Pay attention in the present moment and ask yourself "Am i feeling Good about myself NOW ?", if the answer is "yes" its great but if its "No" then Indulge yourself in some "FEEL GOOD activity" that will activate your good feelings . . .for more empowerment try Doing Meditation and/or hang out some with Positive minded people (PI is also a place where you will find many such good and inspiring people), listen to Inspiring Songs, watch Inspiring or feel good Movies, I am sure if you do all these things with Passion and Interest you will get there on the right track of Life that leads to instant manifestation....All the best....Sameer :)
Depends on you, the item or situation you desire, and I don't know what else. Honestly, some things do take a long time. Some happen quickly - and in this case size doesn't matter! Sometimes the huge things happen quickly, sometimes the small ones. Are you taking steps to get you what you want? That helps immensely too - God/Universe helps those who help themselves! But the more you sit there and think "Dang, are we there YET?!" the longer it takes and the worse you feel.


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