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Its been nearly 5 months since I've been trying to manifest something.  I keep myself positive most of the time by reading something positive, meditations and gratitude journals.  But unfortunately in the past 5 months each time I came closer to my manifestation, things change and everything works against me.  Its like there is a build up of tremendous confidence before the D day but, on the D day, all hopes crash and I'm pulled back to despair.  Yesterday was one such day when I was very hopeful that things would work out but at the last minute everything fell apart. This oscillation is getting unbearable now.  I'm not sure what am I doing wrong for it not to manifest. I'm now having thoughts of self doubt and I wonder if this will ever manifest. I don't want to give up though and I really want this to work and work quickly.  Any advices any suggestions will be appreciated.

I would like to thank everybody on this forum, I think each time I went down the whirlpool of despair, I've turned to this forum and found myself atleast a notch higher on my emotional scale after I logged out

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 Hi Blossoms :) :) :) So great to see you. It's all good. You are focused on how you feel and the direction you wish to go in and this little glitch at the last moment can only mean one thing. The R word. LOL Resistance. You are not believing one hundred percent.


Before bed tonight ask the Universe to help you to release your resistance.


"Tomorrow" you will be back with a different story!


GO YOU (On the Emotional Guidance Scale!!!!) I find that to be one of the most useful tools ever invented!!!

XXOO Love you, Flowerpatch


PS Most importantly~ Asking the question HOW LONG SHOULD I WAIT? implies it isnt already on it's way ;)

Thanks Flowerpatch

I think you are right I must admit 100% belief is something that I am lacking, there is always some element of doubt and the feeling that what I am intending might not happen. Actually I go through a series of thoughts like "what if things don't work the way I want, what if something goes wrong, what will I do if this does not manifest....what should I do for this to manifest in my life". Is this the resistance you are talking about? if Yes what should I do to release it.  I can see you have asked me to ask the Universe to help me in this process.  I am sorry I'm quite an amateur to this...Pl could you explain this to me.

Hi sweet Blossoms! First off, YOU ARE SO AWARE of your thoughts which means to some degree you are present and so that is HUGELY helpful. Soon you will hear every tiny thought in your head and will be able to say STOP! That thought is not in line with my higher self. Your higher self being your true being. Who you really are. Not your earthly self lol. Not your EGO. I highly recommend Eckhart Tolle but for some reason people just wont get into him here. HE IS INCREDIBLE. I have posted some great videos of his here this week and I dont think anyone has seen them, but he really gets you to understand the process of LETTING GO OF RESISTANCE!!! Check him out :)


Releasing resistance is not something I am a pro at by any means. I have been at this for years!!! Be patient. Keep reading here. Keep reading every day and learning. Some days you will soak stuff in and other days not so much and then suddenly one day something clicks. It goes on that way. LOL. You are doing just fine!!! XXOO

Hi Blossoms,


The key issue I think you have here (and this is just my opinion) is that you are actually thinking you have to wait for this. This is effectively admitting to yourself that it isn't here yet and there is a time period before you can have what you want which is how we are taught to think about things from a young age, however this is counter productive. If you keep thinking you have to wait for something, guess what? You create more of the waiting.  If you notice and focus on the fact that it isn't in your life yet, you got it, you create more of it not being in your life. Wanting something calls for a delicate balance of wanting it, asking for it and then believing that it is all taken care of and on it's way to you.  Most people in this forum will tell you that the things they wanted to manifest came to them when they forgot about it and were preoccupied with something else, or they appeared to give up and move on to something else.  You know why? Because they let it go, it wasn't their main focus, they weren't paying attention to the momentum and thinking 'is this it now?' all the time.  They released it to the Universe and the angels and said, 'ok you figure it out.'


You see, the way I see it there is more to life than the one thing that you are trying to manifest right now, meaning that when you have this thing you will think of something else you want. As creative beings the creation process never stops and we always want something else, this is not a bad thing. So I say, why wait until one thing appears to ask for something else?  Have faith in the Universe and understand that time was created by man and not the Universe, it does things when vibrations match so releasing the pressure and the 'wanting' go these things and going on with life, being happy and thinking about all the other wonderful things you want to create will seem to speed the process up. It's all about perspective.  Life is good right now, life will be good tomorrow and the next day, and even on D Day life will be good.  ou don't need whatever you are asking for to be happy, you can be happy now and the happier you are, the more relaxed and knowing that it's being taken care of even if you can't see it will mean that however long it takes to come to you will not feel like a waiting period, it will feel like the icing on the cake of awesomeness.


Stop waiting, start enjoying!!


Love and Light

Aravelle xxx


www.aravelleangel.co.uk ~ Ask An Angel

LoA based oracle card readings

Thanks Aravelle

That was quite an insight.  I can understand both you and Flowerpatch above but when it comes to applying it I find it very difficult. "Getting rid of wanting" "Happiness in life follows happiness in mind" "Believing that everything I've asked for is on its way"-  I am finding these difficult to practice.  I am going through a distressed stretch in my life.  Betrayal from friends and business associates, huge monetary losses, humiliation to my family members and myself and even the danger of losing my loved one in a legal trial, this is my current life.  I am threatened by all devastating dangers, from all sides, at the same time.  There has not been one day in last 6 months where I've relaxed and been happy. Everyday I wake up to a new challenge.  How do I keep myself happy amidst all this and make myself believe that life is good right now and that I am happy?  As I said earlier, gratitude journaling and such other tools do help me raise my emotions but it doesn't last long because it may be the very next hour that I encounter some bad news.  Pardon me for all the negativities that I've mentioned above, but thats my reality and its stares at my face when I'm trying to keep myself positive and upbeat.  Can u pl help me break this vicious cycle?

Blossom, It sounds like you expect to fail, you do the right thing to draw it to you then you think now what's going to happen this time and you push it away. I know that is hard to accept but you just have to BELIEVE AND LET GOD. LOVE Len

Thanks Leonard

Yes you are right... I do doubt everything and may be I push it away too. As I wrote to Flowerpatch....I don't think I have 100% belief that I'll get what I am wanting.  For the amount of injustice and betrayal that me and my family members have borne, my faith in God has also shaken now. I'm not sure how will I reinstate my faith but I'm definitely trying to.

Never "trying" to manifest something is the way to go.


Just simply trusting/feeling/knowing that you live in a benevolent Universe is enough, without pining for things to make you feel better in the future (thus manifesting things that don't make you feel good now).


Trust me, I am not saying my life is all manifestation of my desires and peaceful napping among the blossoms... but I do have a knack for being able to let troubles fizzle away that would destroy others.


I simply get myself feeling better, and then I mull over things in that "good" state... the objective being to "think outside the box". BUT, I keep feeling bad about it, and mulling over it in "bad mode", and I catch myself and I do whatever it takes... breathing.... 


I think one of my best resources is Julia Rogers Hamrick's book, "Choosing Easy World":

Group here on PI: http://www.powerfulintentions.org/group/easyworld

EasyWorld Website: http://www.iliveineasyworld.com/ 


And give yourself a break. Once you realize you don't NEED anything, and that you already are complete without it, you can let it all in. (You cannot do it wrong! No matter what!)


I have been in this scenario before, and what it is showing is that there is either a fear or other negative belief which is blocking the desire from fully manifesting.  Brainstorm your thoughts about the desire and don't hold back: what do you really think and feel about it?  Do you fully feel that it's possible?  Do you feel that you deserve it?  Doubts like these can manifest blockages, and it's not the Universe playing a malicious game, it's the Universe saying " this is what needs to be let go of. "  Once you have brainstormed, have a read through your beliefs, and see if any general themes come up.  An underlying one will be the blocking belief which you then need to release.


You have to be happy and content without what you desire TODAY in order to stop the lackful feeling and blocking of it comming.


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