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Hi, Fellow Creators :),

I´m dedicated follower of manifesting All Good things into my life throughout Universe. I´ve read tons of books about this topic and finally started finding my very own best way to make it works. And the great things are already happening :D Still, there are some questions I would like to make clear to myself. And I´m humbly asking for your help.

It´s about money. I grew up in environment where hard and time-consuming work was the only way to become financially independent. And guess what, I now have the job exactly proving that :/ I wish I was smarter back then :) Because this is NOT way I want to live MY Life. Of course I don't refuse to work but I also want to enjoy free time, relax and have fun and not just sit at the office all day long, lost all my friends and panic like "Oh Lord, it´s free day, what the heck I´m supose to do"! ;) I´ve always believed there must be another way. And I found it in LOA and the process of "Ask, Believe and Receive". I´m totally into asking, no stress in here :) I was also able to overcome my family´s way to make the money (yes, I still have a lot of work to be done, but I know I´m going to master it! :) ) Only thing, I´m little confused, is the way of how will ordered money come to me? I know, it´s not my business to think of HOWs and I´m okay to leave it to the Universe but what I´m talking about is the way money apear at the end.

It seems there are two options.First, the idea or inspiration comes of how to EARN the money and it´s up to you to go for it or not. OR the money comes already "finished". Personally, I like the second option more. I´m not much brave to jump into various businesses or things like that (I´m working on that, but definitely not there :) ) and I wish Universe could find another way for me. Like the Law of Tenfold return. I really love the concept! I give money to somebody else to help him and Universe brings me ten times more I gave. That´s it, that´s the way for me!!

So, my first set of questions is: Could this works like this? Could I make money through giving them? And does it work for the big amount of money (I´m able to believe I can get a lot of money :) ) too? I didn´t find much mentions about using the Law of Tenfold return in here or around the internet although it seems to be perfect way to financial independence, at least for me. I would expect milions of happy receivers and their messages :) So it makes me wonder why?

And the second branch of questions is: Do I have to first quit my job to show my trust to the Universe and only after then I can have the money? I want to quit the job anyway and I need to have an income from some unattached source, so I could lead my life different path (which is not much profitable, at least at the beginning), but I´m not such a risk taker to quit and then expect the money comes. No matter how strong I believe. On the other hand I feel a bit like a betrayer like "okay Universe, I trust you to bring me my ordered money, but I won´t change anything, till that happens". So any ideas how to get rid of those thougths and activate the income? Because I really want to change my life in the most safest way I could arrange. Hmm, I´m the Queen of Cowards :D


Thank you very much for reading and for your help and guidance!!!!

Let the Light of Love and Happiness shines on every step of Yours :)


With Love. Martina

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The answer is yes, you certainly can make money through giving - I have been doing this for a few years now. I started when I was out of work for a while, going on the principle of 'when things get tight, give. '  I began donating money to good causes, giving tips etc, every other day, and attracted a tax rebate which was a tenfold increase in what I had given out.  Since then, I have aimed to do this every other day, and have attracted sums of money (sometimes even pretty big ones) as well as gifts, and having things paid for me. The most important thing is that you really do believe that money you give out comes back tenfold, because it's your beliefs about giving which will determine what happens.  Behind a general poverty consciousness, is huge fear and mistrust in the flow of life.  People hoard because they don't think that what they give out will come back to them, so you need to work on your thought forms, for an improved experience of money. Start small (give a pound or dollar a day to start with) and then start increasing the amounts after a few weeks. 

I've heard people say that there is a law of the Universe that when you give you receive and that tithing works because of that law.  So is there really a law that causes you to receive when you give or does it just work because you believe it's going to work?  Is it a law or a belief that makes it work?

Some people say to give to whoever is feeding you spiritually, but I'm not sure if it really matters who you give to.  I don't have anybody right now that is feeding me spiritually.  And I'm always suspicious about donating to different causes.  How do you know what they're really going to do with them money and if they're really going to give it to who they say they're going to give it to?

People always seem to believe that when you try to manifest a lot of money that you're going to have to do something for it.  I think that is a limiting belief.  And believing that you have to give to receive might also be a limiting belief.  I've heard of  a couple of people who manifested the lottery.  One was a preacher that kept telling people before hand that he was going to win.  And the other was a woman who manifested the exact amount of money she intended to manifest.  Neither of them had to do anything for the money.  


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