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I haven't been on here in a long while but for those of you that know me, you may remember awhile ago that I posted a few threads about my vivid dreams and how for years I have been dreaming about this beautiful girl. Recently I think I have found this girl and I want to attract her as my wife.

Now I know when people want cars they clear a space in their garage for the new car, check craigslist for the car often. Or when people want to attract money they mail themselves checks, or they write a check for X-Amount of dollars and put it on their wall to look at each day.

How should I prepare to attract a wife? I already started acting more professional and neater, I have been keeping everything cleaner, getting a place of my own, dressing nicer, etc.

What are things I should do to attract my wife?

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I did this thing.  It worked wonderfully. 


I made 2 lists:

One was all the character traits I wanted to enjoy.  Everything about her.  Not her hair color, not her skin color, but her occupation, her willingness to have kids, what she was looking for in a man, things about it... I seem to remember that including what she looked like, seemed like a "bad" idea to include at the time.  So my list had about 20 things on it....one important one was that she had to know the value of pumping up my ego... and standing by me publically, even when she thought I might be wrong about something.  That wouldn't be as important to me now, but it was then.  Also, I wanted someone who believed that being married was better for kids, than being not married.  I wouldn't give a crap about that now.


The other list had 2 parts, 10 women I knew personally, that I was also interested in, and might be interested in me, and 10 women from my wildest dreams.  I seem to remember Michelle Pheiffer was on that list.


I took the 2 lists, stuck them in a journal of morning pages I was writing, and forgot about them.  


I was dating the best choice of all the women I knew who were interested in me,  within a year or so.  15 years later, life is still fabulous.  My wife is still becoming my soul mate.  Hopefully, we last for a lifetime.  If we don't I can't ever see the point in getting married again.  Sue is cool... and I always feel proud that we attracted each other.  But of course there are days when she drives me completely insane.  And of course, I'm always an angel....  


I knew was ready for a long-term committed relationship to raise a family, I didn't just wanted it like a new pair of shoes.  


Oh, Steve, amazing story :)

Lots of love to you and your wife :)

I love happy stories

btw, Steve, in one of your older posts I think I remember you said that you made a list about your qualities and you tried to improve yourself based on that list. ( or am I mistaken? )

I like your ideas Steve I am going to create the first list and include the traits such as

She has to be beautiful (inside and outside)

She has to be intellectual (big one for me)

likes musics

likes to talk

she has to be very girly or feminine (My friends that get why I like my girls to be like this but for some reason I just prefer girls to be well girls).

Has to be a bit artistic

Has to be Spiritual or Religious

Has to be caring

Has to have family values

Has to love

Has to be someone I can talk to every day



There are way more traits that I will add. (once I started writing them I kept attracting more).


Thank you again Steve, if I find 10 women I may make the second list however right now I want to get to know this girl I was talking about and see how she compares to my dream treats. 



Johnny, get more specific. Identify her favorite color, or sexual positions. Go all the way, to somewhere new. Be 10 times more specific than you've ever imagined.

And the best part is, after your lists are completed,

....of Course it Can!!! With More Bubble Gum and Happy Thoughts!...What Happened to PI? when it was True and Womderful in the Beggining!   You Can Not Cotroli Anything for the exception of your Own Self..... Change You and Your Thougjts and Perception of things...which change the outcome.  Yes...be specific at Your End......but don't count your 'basket' at the other end as you are only in Charge of YOU! The Universe...Source....Being...handles the rest in accordance with your Vibration...as Energy is What we are...and if it Matches...then sooo be it!!!!!!!!!!


How specific should I get?

Should I get down to what I want her to do everyday, how I want her to act, things to do together?

10 times more specific than you ever have,  and take a minute to have a private conversation with 

RubyredRuby, just below this post.  


The Universe is more ready for you than you know!

I have all those traits.
I am seeking the same.

Bumping this because I think steve_theKingoftheworld's post is SO wonderful and powerful and helpful and many more people here may be able to benefit from reading and applying it! 

It's individual and I'm a straight female so I guess what do I know about female attractiveness but PERSONALLY, I think that Sue Soucy is WAY more attractive than Michelle Pfeiffer (or however you spell it!) Sue's a knockout and like I said on fb you guys make an awesome couple!  

Hmm, agree with this, Karolina.

But, while Steve's a good looking guy, I don't see how he could make himself look more like Michelle Pfeiffer?!

(Just kidding!)

Loving this post! 

Athena, rotfl ;D 

Maybe if he grew out his hair a little...:P


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