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Most people define pleasure as something in our physical world we experience through our 5 senses. This pleasure makes us 'feel good' in many different ways.

It could be a delicious meal that explodes our taste buds, beautiful music that arouses our emotions, driving a fast car, sex, or even a great round of golf. The pleasures of this world are fantastic, they are unlimited in scope, and we should welcome and enjoy each and every one of them.

But we must keep them in the proper perspective in relation to our life as a whole. We must keep them 'balanced' in our daily lives and not let them become primary focuses of what we seek in life.

We need to experience them on a temporary basis, be very grateful for them, and realize they are temporary worldly experiences we have been blessed with. When we experience pleasures with this mindset we should consider ourselves 'balanced' and 'healthy.'

Continue to work hard to stay aware of living as a 'spiritual being' rather than just a physical being, and keep your focus on your life purpose as a whole. This is important. You are not here to merely experience pleasure. That is living an ego-based life and it is a shallow existence.

You are here to enjoy the pleasures of this world but you are also here to experience the tremendous benefits of helping and serving others with your unique skills. When the two are combined you are truly living a wonderful, happy, peaceful, joyful, purpose-driven life.

When we live only to chase and experience pleasure 24/7 our lives are thrown 'out of whack.' This mindset causes us to live 'outside of the natural balance.' We can lose touch with Who and What we really are, and what our Purpose in life really is.

When you realize and understand that you are here to help others live better lives, through your unique God-given talents and service, you will truly enjoy all worldly pleasures tenfold. We were all created and put here on earth to live a life of abundance, prosperity, joy, health and happiness. And the best way to do this is to help others live this type of live also.

If you think about it, worldly pleasure really is TEMPORARY. Once a terrific meal is eaten the sensations of pleasure fade. Once a great musical piece stirs your emotions and is finished those emotions wane. If you drive a fast car at high speed on a winding road the thrill is intense, but when you stop and get out of the car the sensations soon fade. When you hit a great shot on the golf course everything feels perfect, but the pleasure is temporary until your next 'worm-burner' shot.

My point is to make sure you enjoy the moments of pleasure intensely, savor them, and then 'let them go.'

If you need to seek more of that pleasure it can get a 'grip' on you. If you desire that pleasure so much that you think you need it to have happiness, fulfillment, joy, security, or peace, then the pleasure has become your 'jailer.'

The pleasures trap you into believing you need them to feel good. And they always leave you wanting more, and more, and more. You develop a craving that can never be satisfied. This is how addictions are formed.

But if you understand that each and every pleasure you experience should be enjoyed to the fullest, and then 'let go,' you will live with a good BALANCE in your life. When you practice moderation when enjoying the pleasures in your life you can be assured that you will be able to enjoy them again and again without letting them 'jail you.'

Never feel guilty about enjoying a worldly pleasure. You are here to enjoy them all. Enjoy them as often as you can. But never lose the perspective of what they really are...temporary good feelings you have been blessed with. They are merely a 'part' of your total life, not the main purpose.

Focus your life on the development of your spiritual self and use your unique abilities to make other people's lives better. Devote yourself to accomplishing this 'secret' of life.

When you focus on helping others get what they desire, you will be blessed with everything you desire. That's how it works. You will attract so much pleasure you'll barely be able to handle them all. How sweet would that be? ...CoachDoug

For more powerful life-changing information please visit me at http://www.law-of-attraction-lifestyle.com

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Thank U Coach!!! And Robert, that quote is truth!!!!


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