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My vibrational work may be really good, but it's inevitable to sometimes wake up and wonder where my manifestation is. I know I shouldn't be focusing on that and instead be aligned regardless and only focus on how fulfilled my life is and how complete I am, but it's a feeling I can not control.

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That story doesn’t serve you. You want to tell it in a way that feels better.

“Even if it feels like it’s inevitable to sometimes wake up and wonder where my manifestation is, I can also feel relief within ten minutes by meditating, going for a walk or doing something fun I enjoy. So getting better at guiding my focus to feeling relief, because nothing is more important than how I feel and that I feel good, helps me feel more comfortable with those times I’m not in alignment.”

This is great Brian. Resistance may be felt through other kind of thoughts as well, I'm more and more aware with each day that passes (meditation) and I'm sure the physical discomfort I feel is a result of all those negative thoughts I think (Creating conflicts in my mind and re-visiting unpleasing past events) I ask myself why am I so obsessed with those unpleasing thoughts and I find no reason at all, they just make me feel bad, but it's always proving myself right in those imaginary situations. Is it necessary to find the root cause of those thoughts or can I just take 2 deep breaths and then focus on something that makes me feel good (not necessarily the opposite) when that happens? Yesterday I did that and the negative thoughts stopped being a loot less frequent, but I wonder if I must focus on the opposite inmediately after to sort of change the belief? Can I also take the 2 deep breaths when an unpreferred belief/situation pops up?

You focus on those situations because of momentum and Law of Attraction helps you to keep focusing on them. The more you care about how you feel, then it doesn’t matter if you’re right because it doesn’t help you feel good so you shift your focus to something else that does help you feel good. Just keep caring about how you feel, that’s all you want do.

The feeling is just anticipation , you just so excited you can't wait till the day will come....... you can try and focus on day to day things, and if U absolutely have to think about your desires , think about them in a positive way rather than focusing on the thought of  ,, where's my stuff'' because you will be focusing on the lack of it and ultimately you will receive more lack of it. and you can control it you just telling yourself you can't :) when the anticipation comes over you bring yourself back to the present moment, notice things in your immediate environment , focus on colours, sounds, textures, things around U, and from here you can change your point of focus or rather choose your focus . 

Yes!! Focus on day to day things! That's what I've been doing more lately, be present. However, when I am present I don' really know when to think positively about my desire because it feels forced.

Is your intention really big?

Well, I consider it to be big but fortunately I don't see it as hard to manifest.

If you say so. I was asking because when there's a big intention - the vibratory difference is also large, therefore it's easier to be impatient, looking for it, noticing its lack thereof, etc. One way to remedy this is to set an intention that's smaller, more believable, on the way towards the bigger one.

The thing is, nothing else produces such enormous passion as this I'm focusing on. My problem, I think is, I do my vibrational work with too much expectation (i.e. I feel good in order to get my stuff, not for the heck of just feeling good)

I don't see anything wrong with "feeling good in order to get your stuff". If it's legitimate feeling good in regards to that aspect of your life, then you're increasing its probability.

"Feeling good to get something" has worked for me many times. So has general feeling good. It's not the feeling good part that's the problem, it's the resistance on the other side of the equation: needing it, missing it, doubting it, fearing it, etc.

It also depends how you define "vibrational work"- that may entail many things

Thanks Astro. I agree completely.

People always say to just let go, but I don't think you can and don't think this is a very good thing to say. If a desire means a lot to you then you generally can't just let go, and it has also been given to your for a reason.....to be manifested. If you get a very keenly-felt desire, then it to the Universe communicating to you and saying that " this is what is possible for you, focus on it. "

The good news is that as you start aligning (focusing, feeling etc) then you start seeing signs which are relevant to your desire, and showing that it's on its way. It will be with you when your thinking is fully focused. These signs and synchronicities should then generate a feeling of excitement, which is the feeling good and getting your desire which everyone talks about. That feeling then pulls the desire in.


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