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The quickest way to get what you want is by helping somone who needs what you want and then fill that need.
For example if you need money find some one who needs money and give them some money.
If you need love find someone who needs love and give them love.

I have gotten as much as $10,000 given to me because Ihave repeatedly given money away to those who needed it.
I have been given much love because of the love I give to others.
Quite often we sit by ourselves waiting for good things to come to us. It will not happen.
Get up and start helping others and watch and see how quickly your wish will come to pass.

Recently I retired from 40 years of teaching to help nonprofits all over the world to raise funds at no cost to them.

I now have friends in over 50 countries. Some want to build schools and name it after me.

If you would love to join me in helping others let me know.

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I have been doing that all my life and the only thing I learned is that people take kindness for weakness and will only be nice to you when the NEED something. After that, they disappear.
Basically, another version of what you give out you get back.

It stands to reason that if you give money, it will come back to you multiplied.
If you give love, it will come back to you through loving people.
If you give your time for others, the Universe will free up some time for you.
If you write some really good answers on here, you will get really good replies to your questions.
If you give out gratitude for you life now, you will be given more and more to be grateful about.

I had a try at this a couple of years ago, as I began to outflow my money. I started giving to charities and then I got a tax rebate from the Inland Revenue (cheque in the post). I continued giving to local charities, and had a weekend away bought for me. I continued giving, this time to local buskers, and was given some spending money. Whilst away, I gave to street artists, and the following week, I got a discount on a psychic reading. A couple of months later, I began giving again, and was given an iPad as a present.

I'm going to start giving again.

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It's very true, and is what as the law of Tao or flow.  When you give out anything, it creates an energetic vacuum in your life into which the out flowed thing flows back to you, but flows back multiplied.  Give money, get money back multiplied (also known as 'when things get tight, give'). Give love, get love back multiplied.  Help someone with something you are struggling with, and that help will come back to your life as help in something you need help with.  Give advice, receive back advice on something you need to know.  And if you don't know how to do this, then you can visualise yourself doing the thing in question, then you will attract the scenarios where you do, and the opportunities to give out. Giving becomes its own reward in this way. 


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