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In this article I would like to briefly touch on how you can be happy, always, for the rest of your life. For many people that statement seems almost impossible. So many people in the world struggle with what they think will bring them true happiness.

Happiness is not a collection of 'things.' Happiness is a ‘state of mind.’

Every one of us is blessed with the freedom and power to CHOOSE happiness. It is simply a ‘conscious’ choice we can make. To most people this seems extraordinarily simple. Guess what? It is, and that’s one reason people do not see this simple key to being happy.

Most people look in all the wrong places for happiness when it’s right in front of them within their own mind.

Most people say things like “If I win the lottery or inherit lots of money then I’ll be happy”…”If I can find a beautiful person who loves me I’ll be so happy”…”If I can get this great job I’ll be happy”…”When I can buy the car of my dreams I’ll be happy.”

This is totally backwards thinking.

None of these things will make you truly happy because they are all transitory. Their effects change or wear off eventually. The ‘secret’ to having all the things you desire in life is to first become truly happy then they will be attracted to you. True happiness can ONLY be found from within. YOU are the only one who can make YOU happy.

True and LASTING happiness will come into your life when you realize it’s simply a ‘state of mind’ you consciously CHOOSE to be in. You can instantly switch from depression, anxiety, stress, or sadness by simply exercising your powerful freedom of choice. No matter what problem or crisis appears in your life you can still choose how you approach it and how you feel about it. Instead of letting your emotions control how you feel, decide you will control your emotions.

When you consciously exercise your power of CHOOSING how you will feel in all matters, life becomes much slower and more manageable. You become much calmer, more joyful, happier, and you make much better decisions in all areas of your life.

Now, that won’t always be so easy to do. We all experience traumatic happenings in our lives such as the illness or death of a loved one, the death of a precious pet, loss of a job, unforeseen accidents, and many other events that cause us mental and physical pain. It’s normal for all of us to feel depression, anger, stress, anxiety, worry, doubt, and a host of other negative emotions.

The trick is to consciously realize what we are feeling, then look for the ‘other side of the coin.’ For every negative thing that ever happens to us I promise you there is a positive side of it. It is always there, but most people never attempt to ‘look’ for it.

The next time you are affected by a traumatic or negative event in your life step back and ask yourself “Where is the positive side of what’s happened?” Talk with yourself and identify what emotions you are feeling. Once you identify these emotions ask yourself what you can do right now to change and replace them. Ask yourself what ‘opportunity’ could be present that you may not be seeing?

My Dad was a great man. Not famous, but to our family and everyone who knew him he was a special individual. He was always available to anyone to give whatever help he was capable of giving at all times. I also looked up to my Dad as the nicest, most caring man I ever met in my life and when he passed away many years ago I was devastated.

But instead of wallowing in my grief, sadness, and depression, I consciously CHOSE to remember all the great things my Dad did for all of us and for all the people who’s lives he influenced. I CHOSE to remember what a caring and devoted person he was.

When remembering the visions of my childhood, my teen years, and my life as an adult and all my interactions with my Dad throughout my life, a huge smile automatically crossed my face. I couldn’t help but smile. I couldn’t help but feel good about his life, even though I was very sad he was gone. I CHOSE to be happy within about all the good my Dad accomplished in his life and how lucky I was to have had him as my Dad.

No matter what happens to us in life if we just step back and consciously CHOOSE to look at the situation from different angles we will surely find answers, solutions, opportunities, and new outlooks to help us handle anything thrown at us. I promise you they are ALWAYS there waiting for you to find them. You have the power of CHOICE concerning how you feel and it is a powerful weapon at your disposal to help you overcome all obstacles in your life.

CHOOSE to be happy and consciously tell yourself this just before you go to bed at night and as soon as you wake up each morning. When things aren’t going your way during your day REMIND yourself of the massive power of CHOICE you have within you to feel any way you want to feel. You have incredible power within you and nothing can stop you when you activate your power.

CHOOSE to be happy every day…and your life will change quickly…CoachDoug

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This is great advice. You attract what you ARE, so if you are happy, you a attract happy circumstances, and things which you deem with 'make' you happy. And these things will be uniquely relevant to you.

At first, your thinking and feeling will be reactive, because there will be things in your life, which your old patterns have attracted, so you will just have to live those out first. Be happy in spite of.....your rubbish relationship, boring job, large credit card bill etc. but when you start practicing consciously choosing to be happy, it builds a happiness momentum, and the things which you feel will bring you happiness will start coming in to your life.

As consciously chosen happiness becomes your new and habitual pattern, so the things which you attract will change.

wonderful :)


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