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Hello all,

About a month ago I read "The Secret" book at least twice. Then I saw the DVD several times too. I read the "Secret to Riches"... I think now I have a good ideia about what LoA is about.

The thing is I have always been told I had low-energy, that I was lazy. I always had bad marks at P.E. in school because of this.

As an adult now I don't have enough energy... I sleep 8 or 9 hours a day and I feel tired, I have no energy, I go to work and I feel lazy. I usually dance on weekends with my friends (I really love it) but I can't dance as many hours as they do, I always go home earlier... I can't keep up with their rythm!

I have taken blood tests and everything is fisically fine with me, and I am not overweight, I sleep more than enough, I eat right.

So I think I am lazy because I believe that I am. I decided I want to use LoA to manifest more energy. I try to see myself more energetic, doing a lot of exercise, but still I don't feel yet more energetic. I guess I am having a hard time believing it's possible.

I would like to have a full day during the 16 hours I am awake, do a lot of activities, exercise everyday, etc.

Can you help me? Thank you!

P.S. - I've managed to manifest some things with the LoA, but I could use some advice on this :)

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I thik what dr Juggels says about both the mind and body needing stimulation to feel energetic is absolutley true.

Most likely Susana you havent found what you really want to do yet. Energy comes through stimulation, interest, looking forward to something. Laziness may just be boredom. So try to find out what you REALLY REALLY want to be doing or studying, try out things if you dont have an idea until you find what you really enjoy and the right amount of energy will come for you to do it and enjoy it.

Being very energetic is not necessarily a "healthy" way to be. I was a mum on my own for 16 years, I was very energetic, up early, entertaining, feeding, cleaning, going to parks, running after kids and that just went on and on until 5 years ago I was struck down with a neuromuscular disease. I have recovered, but it taught me interesting lessons about "energy" and "overdoing it". My energy was coming from 'stress", the stress of trying to do it all, never taking a break, just going, going, going. That kind of energy expenditure cannot last and eventually the body closes down forcing you to take a rest.

So dont envy your very energetic friends, unless they really are doing what they want to do, they could be in overdrive and heading for a body signaled stop, or slowdown. But in your case you are aware of the opposite, of under use of your energy and I believe the only way to solve that is to find things that really stimulate you mentally or physically. When you find them your body will adjust and give you the energy. And it doesnt have to be physcial, even a very stimulating mental activity will give you energy for physical things. Have you ever seen a mad scientist, spending hours with his head in books and lab tests ...with boundless energy, forgetting to eat and racing to and from his work !

It is sad that you were branded as "lazy" when you were younger, if you had been given the necessary stimulus you would have been fine. Any time you feel lazy now just say to yourself "i am replenishing my batteries" ! and use that time to write down your list of all the things you want to do, or have or be and get those "desire" juices going !

Love and Light Gen
A Gift for Mothers
WOW, thanks Genevieve :)

My point was exactly that even though I love to dance and I find it the most stimulating activity I don't seem to have enough energy to keep up with my friends, because my body gets tired.

But I will do as you said and try to focus on the positive and list the things that I would like to do, so maybe that will make me feel more energized!
Hi Susana...WELCOME!

You have to remember you've spent most of your life "thinking" this way, NOW you are going to learn to "think" in a whole different way.

You know you are physically fine, not overweight, sleep more than enough and eat right - all clear indicators that you can PUSH your body to do so much more.....

Start with your affirmations.....I am strong, I am healthy, I am well and capable of so much more - things like that and then give yourself something to do that will challenge your "MIND".....That's all it is really, MIND over matter......

Stop telling yourself how tired and lazy you are - you have gotten really good at that - NOW tell yourself how much more you can do, have, be! No more don't, can't, won't and no more excuses - YOU CAN DO THIS!

Thank you so much Awesome!

I try to visualize myself more energetic when I wake up in the morning, but I don't trully believe it yet... I think doing affirmations will help me believe it's possible... and then let go :)

And after letting go it will happen!
That's it - now just BELIEVE it!
Dov Baron was already mentioned, and genevieve said it too...it sums up to: LAZY=NOT INTERESTED. Think of something you were REALLY into, I highly doubt you just suddenly stopped in the middle of it and claimed laziness, lol. We all get bored quickly with things...I know I jump from one thing to another until I find something interesting to do (and even that, I admit, comes to an end eventually).

But don't beat yourself up because of it, we all are lazy to some aspect. Embrace it.
Hi Susana,

It's really a lot easier than you may now think. The answer is not complex. The challenge is in actually following through with massive action.

You need to ease into exercise and nutrition. This requires some research on what types of foods you like and what kind of exercise you'll find pleasurable.

Then, once you've jump-started your physical vehicle, you can begin a process of emotional healing. Some research again is necessary. I personally find the E.F.T. videos on youtube.com very liberating.

It does take some effort to change, but if you're willing to do the work, you'll wonder, after you've regained your sense of well-being, why you ever hesitated before. It feels good to feel good. Go for it.
Create a feeling of enthusiasm within yourself by using focused thoughts. Use a power belief of something like I AM FULL OF THE JOYS OF LIFE, I AM LOVING LIFE etc, and do this often. Repeat this to yourself at several times during the day, and do it often enough so that it sinks deep into your subconscience, and becomes your dominant belief.

Thoughts which are imprinted in this way become registered by the subconscience, and whatever is impressed upon it this way is then recycled as further thoughts, inner feelings and behaviour patterns. In this case, the feeling of joy, which also results in physical enthusiasm and energy in the body. What you will also find is that your reality will change along with this belief, and you will attract situations and circumstances in which you feel joyful, and for which you will have a great deal of enthusiasm.

Things that will really take hold of you, capture your imagination, and things which you will want to approach with so much zest and life (rather than things which just don't appeal to you at all). After a while, other people will notice this, and you won't be deemed lazy any longer.

Very true

Neville Goddard said

"it is the feeling place that creates"


What some great responses!

When I read yours, Sir Neil, I just had to reply. This is pretty much exactly the type of thing I've been doing (saying) for similar issues as Susana's! I have been experiencing extreme ups and downs/highs and lows (mostly lows!) for some time now (a lot was due to a debilitating illness I battled through, and after years of being down, I think I just have had a tough time figuring out how to get myself back up physically again.) I had been having extreme lack of motivation, little interest in much of anything and just felt lethargic a lot, run-down and pretty much melancholic. It wasn't full blown depression, either. I didn't feel fulfilled in anything, really. Got to feeling quite useless, in fact.

So, after spending the last 5+ months trying literally every herbal energy and mood supplement available (and I do mean every one of them!), without a huge help, I finally started pushing the positive affirmations even harder. Instead of just spending time saying them over and over as I first woke up, I just started trying to put them into action. In fact, it's only been this week that I've finally began to start getting some results and feel more on-track!

I decided I'd just challenge myself, no matter how low my energy was or how crappy I felt. I was going to, one way or the other find something, anything  to do that gave me a sense of fulfillment and productivity. I'd been doing "enough" I guess, but no matter how much more cleaning, helping, writing, working I done, it did not seem to make me feel fulfilled or good at the end of the day. Kept feeling like something was missing, probably fun! Lol. So, this past week, I've really pushed to find any opportunity to laugh, even at the times when I felt furious or like crying. I have been more determined than ever. I guess I realized that I was going to keep staying in that same place if I didn't break out a little and FEEL. Feel fun, laughter and excitement. I desperately needed it and then once I finally felt some of those things, I decided that I was going to find ways to keep feeling them, and so far, I've done pretty good each day I've held on.

So, I like that you said those things. I think some of what we look for most is things to look forward to, feel excitement over and just fun in general. It amazes me at how easy it is to stop having fun! It's insane and I never want to do that again. Lol.

So, Susana. I am going to second what Sir Neil has said. Definitely try those affirmations. What I did was, when I'd start feeling that typical low every evening, I'd work up (some days it was hard, but I didn't stop til I felt it, and even had to push to feel it tonight!) a feeling by keeping on repeating things like "this truly, truly is an incredibly amazing life. Wow, I feel so amazing. I feel fantastic. I'm so energetic. I'm in the perfect place. This feels SO good. Man, I just love feeling good. I feel good all the time! I could do anything. I'm so full of energy I could jump up and down. I love life. Life is just so much fun. I am so ecstatic and excited for whatever fun I know will come my way today. There is so much more fun to be had today. Fun is coming my way everywhere I look! There is so much excitement, thrill and joy in my life RIGHT NOW. Gosh, life! It's just so fantastically incredible and fun. It feels so good. I have all that I want and I am so happy. In fact, I'm gleeful and giddy and energy runs through me just like blood does. I'm so blessed to be able to feel this great everyday. I always feel great. I am always positive. Positive, healthy energy courses through me and radiates from me..."

Yea, I know! It sounds really crazy and it sounds like a lot, but I actually had to go that far and use that many words to work myself into the actual good feelings some days. I found that when I used more words like "fantastically, incredible life!" I felt the good feelings quicker and more powerfully than when I just kept repeating things like" I feel so good. I'm so energetic. Life's amazing." Using more words like what I described made it more intense for me whereas the example of "I feel so good" was left me with more of a plain bland feeling.

Definitely keep going with them until you amp yourself up into good feelings. I've also added to those by using "I'm so loving, I have so much love in my life. I radiate love and kindness. I'm a pleasure to be around. I'm so much fun. People enjoy being with me. I create fun everywhere I go." I will drive it into the ground some days. Lol. But so far, it's actually working for me and I think, as I've stuck through it every day, I think I'm starting to feel more fun natured and light-hearted and happy without trying now! I mean, it had gotten to a point where my SO even mentioned that it was so rare to see me smile these days and that's the opposite of what I'd always been before. So, I had really let my fun, happy self go big time. I'm getting it back though!

For instance, one reason I feel like this whole fun, happiness is becoming easier for me is because just today, soon after waking up, I was outside laughing hard with my niece, making all kinds of fun jokes and it hit me -- wow. I'm laughing and feeling good and actually having fun and I haven't even had coffee. Normally I'm a grouch and in a bad mood when I first wake up, especially with no coffee. So, I tried to kind of hold onto that feeling all day so I would keep it going. ;)

I am sure tomorrow, fun and happiness, energy and joy will come to me with even more ease! Perhaps I won't even feel the need for coffee. ;) Hope you arrive at the place of pure joy, fun and enough energy to enjoy every bit of your life and feel good doing anything you need or want to do! It's really a blessing to actually feel like doing things. Nothing better!


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