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How do you remain super positive regardless of your circumstances..

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I think this is unrealistic. Abraham has an emotional scale for a reason.

If I understand correctly, I think we're suppose to stay in the vortex (the higher vibrations) at least 80% of the time and then we will supposedly start manifesting all of our desires that have been waiting there for us in vibrational escrow as Abraham says. I guess most of us experience the vortex once in a while, but we don't stay there long enough for all our desires to start coming to us. I don't know if it really works that way or not because I've never experienced the vortex for an extended period of time. I must not be at 80% yet.

I know sometimes circumstances can be really bad, and the only way I can see to stay positive at those times is to tell live in the future in your mind. Just remember that the circumstances are temporary and that things are going to get better. At that should give you some peace of mind.

At first, we thought it would be really cool if only your "positive" thoughts became the things and events of your life.

But then we couldn't think of any things or events that wouldn't eventually be considered "positive," so we decided to just leave you "turned on" all the time.

The Universe

P.S. Not that you can't choose what you think. You can and you do. Mike Dooley

How about accessing the voice within and following it? I was just reading this book "You are amazing" by Sonia and Sabrina Choquette-tully. There is a technique which I applied to myself about learning to distinguish between ego voice and spirit voice...and choosing actions based on spirit voice...

"Ask yourself: How does it make you feel? Does it feel constrictive? Is it fearful? Or does it uplift? Is it creative and connecting or does it isolate you?" 

I also tried accessing that calming feeling within myself and asking, "What would I do if I am feeling calm?" 

Pretty much, by asking these questions, I could tame my negative unnecessary thoughts and take actions that were giving me joy.

I love this mantra to feel more calm: "The peace of nature lives in me".

Existence is Existing ....is This .... The-IS that IS IS 

There, The-Here ..... IS 

The "IT"  

The Who What Where When Why How 

None-other-than This .... The-IS that IS 

IS  IS  IS   .... Totally IS !  


I-AM-IT-IS.... One Whole Living Being .... IT-Self 

The Hearts Heart ..... Loves  Love ..... Joys Joy ..... Lifes Life .... Beings Being ....Ones One 

All's All ..... I's I 

"That Calm Place"  Oh so Simply IS-IT.... BEING IT-Self 

For the I that I-AM-IS-IT..... BEING IT-self.... One....Indivisible ....The One-ly One 


Totally IS The IS That-THE-IT-IS  

I cannot help from Singing .... for the Song's Singing  I 

Yes! I was missing you Roses!

I'm always Here  .... Here Here and three cheers for Here !  


Trust that IT’S ALL TURNING OUT IN A GLORIOUS WAY.  Make this your mantra and it also becomes your expectation. If you’re experiencing something negative, trusting in this will attract the reality of your current circumstances turning out gloriously, and once that’s in place, things snowball from there. Reality becomes much more actively-created than passively-creates. You attract what you need and desire.

Then when the negativity reality has improved and cleared up, this affirmation maintains the improving reality.  Things just keep on turning out well for you and you don’t actually attract negative realities any longer: just ones which you know will have happy endings. It isn’t instant, but with some gentle persistence, reality running according to your thoughts begins to take hold. And so do the required good feelings as well. Reality begins to turn out gloriously, you expect it, and the emotions you feel run from relief, to excitement, to joy. 

This is exactly what I needed to read! Thank you for this!


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