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How to bring your BIGGEST desires into life. Why didn't I THINK of this before?! :-D

So if part of Believing and Receiving is to feel good, then why haven't I received my BIGGEST desires yet? I've followed the steps in the creative process, but only my lesser desires have made it's way into my life. Where's the BIG desire?
The other day I was thinking about how HAPPY and ECSTATIC I would be if my BIGGEST desire were here right now. I was thinking about how THIS desire would make me the happiest among all my other desires. But despite feeling good and believing that I'm receiving, it still hasn't showed up. I wondered why THIS desire is taking longer to appear than what it took for the other desires to show up. Well... I believe I've found the answer:
My OTHER desires didn't really make much of a difference in my life. Yes, I'm grateful for them and they've added joy to my life, but they are NOTHING compared to my BIGGEST desire. Thus, they didn't require me to feel as happy or as good. You know what I mean?
For example, say I wanted to attract a free milkshake. Or a new cellphone. These are things that I like having in my life, but they don't boost my happiness that far or add any blissful emotion. So when it came to the Receiving part of the creative process which requires you to feel good, I didn't have to feel GREAT or ECSTATIC to put me on the receiving frequency of these items.
Of course, I already nailed the other steps in the creative process: Ask, be specific, be grateful/thankful, etc. But I wasn't understanding the FEELING GOOD part as well as I thought I did.
My BIGGEST desire is something that I know would add AMAZING bliss, excitement, and MAJOR happiness into my life. I would feel complete. Like I wouldn't need anything else. So I think that I have to do MORE than just feel good, or feel simply happy. I have to feel AMAZING bliss and MAJOR happiness now! I have to feel complete NOW. Like life is already perfect. Everything is perfect. If THAT'S how I'd feel once I receive my desire in the Seen and not just the Unseen, then THAT'S what channel I need to tune myself to now!! These are the emotions I need to feel now. My biggest desires make me the happiest. So I need to be in my HAPPIEST state now. Because the vibes match. And like attracts like. :)

So which of YOUR desires would make put you into your happiest state? A dream home? A soulmate? The perfect job? 
Lets all try to be in our HAPPIEST state now. Try to feel the same way you'd feel if you're desire came to you right now.
And if anyone has any success stories to share, please do!! :-)

Please... correct me if I'm wrong or if anyone would like to add more, please feel free!!! :D

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Thank you so much for writing this!! I love hearing other people’s thoughts.
That's right!! We must feel AMAZING! It can be hard when we know we don’t have it, but I'm focusing on feeling AMAZING not just feeling good, that amazing feeling pretty much means we have it! Its there, just must receive it. ... It’s much more than just feeling good, because I know if this really big dream of mine came true I'd feel AMAZING I have many other dreams, they are really big dreams too, but different to the one I have trouble manifesting.
With my other big dreams, I KNOW I'm on the right path. It's kind of a long path but I can see ahead of me! I can see the end result, and WOW... it FEELS AMAZING!
This was and still is one of my big dreams, to have my portrait paintings in Europe. I love the art history there of course.
Well I already have four paintings there and many through out my country(New Zealand). When I want to lift my mood I think about that a lot of the time. This is honestly within one year I’ve managed to have my paintings in Europe. It feels AMAZING!

Thank you again for writing this! It made me think even more clearly!! I feel wonderful after reading this!
I wish you all the best and your big dream =)
Thank you so much for the feedback, and I'm SUPER glad that this made you feel wonderful!! :-D It feels good to know that I've helped people through my words. :-)

I wish you the BEST with your paintings! I bet they are absolutely gorgeous!! Just as beautiful as your dream! :-D
Aww.. Thank you!! :-D You are so kind!
You're very welcome! :-D
Want to give other people a chance to read this. ^_^
Glad I could help!!! :)
I had to make sure to share my new little revelation with everyone so they could benefit too! :D
Definitely! :-D
Hi Daydream!
Beautiful post!
About 2 weeks ago... I finally realized that to get your ex back you have to think happy thoughts of him and appreciate the good things about him while you completely love yourself and vibe high... As soon as i did out of the blue, he contacted me, was thinking about us 2 getting back together... We even went on a date! :)

But he's on holiday now and starting not contacting me much at all after the date (2 weeks ago) because I started feeling needy again and putting too much focus on him! Lol

I amnow trying to get to that state again to attract him (Im trying to keep energy on me just like when we were together)

Does your thread here help with things like that too?


Write back soon! :)

S x x
Hey beautiful girl. :)

The world is yours when you're in this happy, amazing state. :) You feel like you can do anything, and every breath you take is revitalizing. :-) THAT is very attractive, and I highly advise you to stay in that state. It is so important to feel like you have EVERYTHING even if you don't see them yet. Pour love over yourself. Do it now. :) You definitely deserve it.

You're right to catch yourself on feeling needy. That is definitely not good. Not only bad for the law of attraction process, but it can also be unattractive to a man. But no fear!! You can ALWAYS correct this. You, yourself, by yourself, have exactly everything you need to be happy. To stop being needy you must know that you *don't* need another person to make you happy or care for you. But that you want them. The Secret teaches us to know that we don't *need* these things. Because that just makes us look needy and it gives us a needy *vibe.* People can catch on to vibes. It also attracts more of being needy. I believe it can also separate you from those aren't needy. So what you must do, is feel like you have EVERYTHING you need now! :-D Feeling this is SO important. Because when you know you have everything you need, it takes the "needy vibe" away. Start knowing and feeling that you are beyond blessed. Life is perfect now. This is GREAT for the law of attraction process and it's also attractive to other people. :-)
Do not worry about this man, but send him lots of blessings and love. Trust me, I know this can be a bit hard, but do not let your mind/thoughts dwell on him constantly. You must learn to let go. As the Secret says, you order from a catalogue, and it's yours. You don't order again. Or go to the store and shop for the same thing when what you've ordered is already on it's way. Just smile. Because it's on it's way. :)

That's great that you're thinking happy thoughts of him and appreciating the good things about him. Have you tried writing a list of the qualities you love about him?
I also recommend writing a nice list of all the qualities you love about yourself. Do this once in a while and feel good about it.

I can see that you're already appreciating him. So now it's very important that you really, really appreciate and love yourself. Have a healthy respect and love for yourself. Care for yourself the way you'd want others to care for you. Know and believe that you are REAL, AMAZING, and a breath of FRESH air to yourself and all those around you!
When you put off that you know how to love yourself, respect yourself, and care for yourself, along with feeling AMAZING all by YOUR self, people catch that vibe and a lot of them will be attracted to it and will find you a very attractive person. Not ONLY that, but in the law of attraction, this is a magnet for good things to come!! I don't mean that you shouldn't let others bring you happiness. By all means, be welcoming and open to the happiness that others bring you. Just do not *depend* on them for it. Just allow it to come when it comes. Allow the love to flow! :-) When you fill yourself up with this love and happiness, you're GLOWING and your smile definitely sends out high signals of this love that radiates with in you.

God bless!
Awesome Post(s) enjoyed all of it. :)

S , Hi again :)

Listen beautiful, i rememberd that there was a thread here on PI started bu Maya, loooooooooooooooooong time ago :), it was about (How to get your EX back ) it was really good, Maya is an amazing person, just try to find it, hope it will be helpful :)

Blessings hon and good luck :)
Amy - Interesting...I am going to look for that one. If you find it please post a link




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