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Hi everyone,
First of all, thank you guys for letting me be part of this forum!

Well, I've set a money goal for myself a few days ago, and I'm doing very fine, but I have a problem. How to deal with fear, when you're acting like a wealthy person, and you don't have that money yet?

I Started to live my present as If I had already won that money amount; very confident about money itself, joyful, grateful and optimist. Even closing my eyes and visualizing. It has worked in a awesome way; not just making me feel as a wealthy and successful man in terms of money; but in terms of love, self esteem and friendship. I mean, it's making me feel, like I'm an abundant human being in every aspect of my life. And what makes me happy,is that i've studied about being grateful, and that is the base for me; so I don't feel any kind of urges for seeing fast results; I'm happy just with the feeling that I'm creating everyday and happy with that faith, 'cause I feel like I already have reached my goals, and turn every day in a brighter way!

I try to flow with my present; doing things inspired by love or trust instead of being too much "carefull". I mean, I try to do not fall into fear.

But... I've been paid a few days ago (from my current job); and when it comes to manage my incomes; i have all my basic monthly budget covered; but then I have some desires, and fear starts. For example, i would love to invite my sister to dinner, or to buy me new clothes, or do not worry myself about using some more money than expected; etc. They’re not a big deal, not require big amounts of cash; but they are “out” of my basic Budget,

When that ideas come to me, as I portray myself as a wealthy man I tell my self "Sure! why not? I have the money!" and I feel good, like in a party, celebration, but... in some part of my head, i feel it like I'm "lying", because, there are other big expenses that are priority; like a Medical surgery I need because of my teeth. Actually, I can expend that money with no problem, but i'll need to do a big payment in 2 or 3 weeks, for that surgery, so the "logical" way will be to have savings.

And then, if in fact, i'm careful as well doing that savings, I feel uncomfortable with myself... there is like a voice telling me "Daniel, you talked about abundance, not this... you are limiting you're yourself, you're not acting as a wealthy man".

So the "logical" and "ordered" way will be, to wait and do not use that money; but i feel like I'm stoping this abundance feeling; because, with a lot of money in bank, it would be no problem spending it!

Or the "risky" and "confident" way will be to spend without fear and keep me feeling wonderful; but, then I think "What will happen if I don't have enough cash in 2 or 3 weeks, for the surgery?" fear comes back.

So, how may I keep a balance, without feeling myself like that, and keep feeling in this optimist-abundance dimension i've created? Or should I go for the "risky-confident-relaxed" way?

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I have been wondering this too Daniel, look forward to the helpful answers :)

“. . . when you're acting like a wealthy person, and you don't have that money yet?”

Acting like a wealthy person is no different than acting like someone who is happy, who feels good, who loves themselves and who is nice to themselves and others.

Acting like a wealthy person has nothing to do with money. Just feeling good.

“. . . very confident about money itself . . .”

That’s the thing. You’re making your confidence about the money. So when you notice lack or absence of money, so too goes your confidence.

You want to make your confidence about yourself. And since you always have yourself, then you always have your confidence.

“. . . I would love to invite my sister to dinner, or to buy me new clothes . . .”

And you want to focus on why do you want this things? What emotions do you want to feel?

“I want to take my sister to dinner because I want to have fun. I want to flow love. I want to flow appreciation for my sister. I want to feel happy.”

“I want to buy new clothes because I want to feel cool and confident. I want to feel attractive. I want to feel comfortable. I appreciate and have fun shopping for clothes.”

You want to make feeling good more important than the manifestations you want to attract using money as your permission slip.

“ . . . I feel like I'm stoping this abundance feeling; because, with a lot of money in bank, it would be no problem spending it!”

Your action does not matter. But what you think about the action you do does matter.

A wealthy person can be conscious of what they use their wealth for, and a wealthy person can spend abundantly. Both are true. All that matters is you don’t judge yourself or put yourself down and make yourself not feel good because loving yourself is your top priority.

Fantastic Brian :)

Awesome Brian, lot of thanks to you!
Your reply is truly helpful; very important insights here

Before going forward, I have anoter question pls;
You're pointing the fact, that I first need to gain confidence about myself; as I always have myself i'll always have confidence. So in my daily thoughts and attention, would it be better to focus in thinks that make me feel great and are not necessary related to money? For example, feeling good about the things I've already have, about the habits i've earned, about my personality; instead of the thoughts of feelings of the new life i'm attracting right now? Or how should it be? ... Because I want to gain confidence in myself.


Your only work is to get in the receptive mode of feeling good. And you can focus on anything that helps you feel good, or feel better or feel relief and that allows everything you want.

Thank you so much brian!

perfect replies Brian, thx!!

Patience Daniel-son. :) 

First off, you can feel abundant and not make poor choices at the same time. It's all about what you're choosing to focus upon, and more importantly, the meaning that you're giving to it. In this case, you keep giving it a meaning of going against abundance, when that's only as true as you're convincing yourself - so stop doing that. :) People obtain and keep their abundance by being disciplined, patient, and wise with their choices/actions. Equally so, people easily lose their abundance by not being smart about it. If it's outside of your budget, and you have an important surgery coming up, then don't waste the money. Once the surgery is done, then you'll have funds freed up to spend toward those things. As they say, you can have your cake and eat it too. Nothing to fear because you have to wait. After the surgery, in your budget, account for the things that you want to do also. This way you handle your responsibilities, and at the same time, you're able to treat yourself each month. 

So, what type of work is it that you do? What do you enjoy doing? What type of money abundance are you trying to step into? And what are you willing to do in order to have it? I ask you this because success isn't an accident and it's a very well beaten path if you have the right strategy and plan of action toward it. Psychology (your perception) is what brings you to the vision of the actions you can take and your willingness to take them. You're getting to that point now. Now you must walk into your vision. Answer those questions and maybe I can provide some insight on some steps you can take to walk into it. 

Thank you! reading you makes me happy.
You're right, it's all about the meaning. I've felt abundant, happy and grateful when I did the first payment of that surgery, and another things; In fact, i feel very good when it comes to pay taxes, or paying to the people that works with me. Maybe I forgot about that, in the past days. And as you say, I'm convinced that perseverance brings succes; so my focus is also to don't wait for the manifestation; instead of that, focus and enjoy the process; and feel great about every habit I earn.

I'm a graphic designer, i work with two real state companies here in Lima-Peru

About the money abundance i'm trying to step into, I'm guiding me from Jack Canfield's testimony, from The Secret Film, as he sets his 100k USD goal, and visualize about that life every day. I'm doing very similar, because that's what inspires me. What gives me an inspiring feeling is to visulize me achieving that goal so big, that will drive me crazy when done; and proving myself that i can reach whatever!

I'll explain why i'm looking for that kind of abundance (in terms of money):

Previously, 3 years ago; I did the same with a smaller amount; and got It. I remember a great and sweet day, when I wrote to my ex teacher who taught me drawing in school, just to say hello and thank her for what she taught me; and after that, she made it possible for me to work for the first real state company; since that day, being grateful had a big meaning for me. So I had a big growth in my incomes from graphic design; and I reached my money goal. And all started when I believed that i could make it, and started to be grateful.

Both experience and new opportunities came from that process, it was great and it helped me for finishing my career, helping my family; because i've been really near to left studies due to economic problems, but that job helped me a lot. HOWEVER, some months later, I had serious problems with love, a loneliness feeling; and with two girls who I fell in love, one in that year and the other in the next year with who i had a relationship. I did a complete mess with my thoughts and feelings, over 2 years. And I lost all kind of motivation about my job, i've went into depression.

So, I've been treating all that emotional issues; and trying to recover a goal, a motivation that inspires me. I researched, thought of increasing my salary; and another kinds of money abundance; but the big one it's what inspires me; because; My job is good, but it is not what's makes me happy. 

Art, helping people, and self-knowledge makes me happy.

Art, it's what makes me happy (illustration painting, drawing), not graphic design exactly. Even when designing, i'm truly good in terms of strategy and creativity, i've created awesome brands and strategies, but aesthethics with creativity are what I enjoy at most. And bringing wellness to others, makes me happy too. I know it, because as designer, I did a project for a NGO a few years ago, and i felt it really different. There are some studies that seem very interesting for me; as Neuroscience applied to marketing, I mean, neuromarketing; 'cause that knowledge of how both body and brain are connected, it's been always a tremendously intersting topic for me, I've enjoyed the courses in my career that relates to that; so i think i'll love to know more about that.

And I want to say, that i've been researching about how to make my design business bigger; how to have a team, bigger clients, be a entrepeneur, etc, in order to have a very well beaten path for success. But, i feel like it's struggling for me; I don't enjoy it and don't want to see myself in a big design business, because it's not exactly what i want.

Instead of that, if I visualize myself, In my own art projects (Actually I want to apply my design knowledge to my own art), studying and applying neuromarketing; and as a result of both; bringing wellness to others; makes me ridiculously happy and inspired! and i feel THAT flows with me, 'cause even though i lack of self-confidence; I know i have a huge potential; I know it, and both my friends and clients tell me that. So visualizing that life with money abundance, and being gratefull about my actual job, makes me feel very good. Soon I'll be leaving my parents home; so i need to keep growing economically.

And I want to point that I know, there will be many steps needed, for going from where I am into that life; but as my past experience, I know that if I focus in my goal, There well be a way of inspired acts, and one by one, step by sept, will lead me into what i really want

I've seen conferences, and I think that as every one is different, everyone should find it's own real vocation; so i'm just looking for a life in where I can actually let my own nature flow free.

I now that it's all related and based into loving yourself, and have a good self-confidence. 
It's been really hard, because i've been trough a crisis about a year long, i've been depressed just in the most exigent part of my career; my self esteem has been poor; and just a past weeks ago I broke up with a girl who hurted me really deep inside, etc, but I got better, though i've hungered both for motivation and love.

Sometimes it's hard because of that memories that bring me pain; while I try to live my present and forget past. I've had my share of sand kicked in my face, But I've come through when finisihng my career; so I know I can improve myself and change my life.

Thankyou a lot for your attention, time and good will, i'll be waiting for your reply

The sun is shining regardless of who, what, where, why or when you may be. No amount of effort, or giving up ...... could change this fact. .... , for the Light comes not from any source ..... the Light by which One sees is the very Light which One is seen. The Light and "I" are One and All. Whole.   

Thank you!

Don't be afraid to have a totally optimistic confident attitude, this is THE most natural attitude we can have!!

As Mike Dooley says, "Detach yourself from the cursed hows and focus on the end results."

Huge hug!!

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