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Hi everyone,
First of all, thank you guys for letting me be part of this forum!

Well, I've set a money goal for myself a few days ago, and I'm doing very fine, but I have a problem. How to deal with fear, when you're acting like a wealthy person, and you don't have that money yet?

I Started to live my present as If I had already won that money amount; very confident about money itself, joyful, grateful and optimist. Even closing my eyes and visualizing. It has worked in a awesome way; not just making me feel as a wealthy and successful man in terms of money; but in terms of love, self esteem and friendship. I mean, it's making me feel, like I'm an abundant human being in every aspect of my life. And what makes me happy,is that i've studied about being grateful, and that is the base for me; so I don't feel any kind of urges for seeing fast results; I'm happy just with the feeling that I'm creating everyday and happy with that faith, 'cause I feel like I already have reached my goals, and turn every day in a brighter way!

I try to flow with my present; doing things inspired by love or trust instead of being too much "carefull". I mean, I try to do not fall into fear.

But... I've been paid a few days ago (from my current job); and when it comes to manage my incomes; i have all my basic monthly budget covered; but then I have some desires, and fear starts. For example, i would love to invite my sister to dinner, or to buy me new clothes, or do not worry myself about using some more money than expected; etc. They’re not a big deal, not require big amounts of cash; but they are “out” of my basic Budget,

When that ideas come to me, as I portray myself as a wealthy man I tell my self "Sure! why not? I have the money!" and I feel good, like in a party, celebration, but... in some part of my head, i feel it like I'm "lying", because, there are other big expenses that are priority; like a Medical surgery I need because of my teeth. Actually, I can expend that money with no problem, but i'll need to do a big payment in 2 or 3 weeks, for that surgery, so the "logical" way will be to have savings.

And then, if in fact, i'm careful as well doing that savings, I feel uncomfortable with myself... there is like a voice telling me "Daniel, you talked about abundance, not this... you are limiting you're yourself, you're not acting as a wealthy man".

So the "logical" and "ordered" way will be, to wait and do not use that money; but i feel like I'm stoping this abundance feeling; because, with a lot of money in bank, it would be no problem spending it!

Or the "risky" and "confident" way will be to spend without fear and keep me feeling wonderful; but, then I think "What will happen if I don't have enough cash in 2 or 3 weeks, for the surgery?" fear comes back.

So, how may I keep a balance, without feeling myself like that, and keep feeling in this optimist-abundance dimension i've created? Or should I go for the "risky-confident-relaxed" way?

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Thank you so much  Stefania ! That Mike's quote is acccurate, huge hug for you too! Blessings

I just posted about manifesting money today, I'm sure you'll get some tidbits of insights there about your situation. I've been there and sometimes I'm there now (but no where near as much or as intense) and I was more than able to shift my money story around! 

I'm posting more of what I learned when it comes to manifesting money since I enjoy talking about manifesting and just the things I learned in general.

I hope things are getting better for you! :D Good Luck!

Kai <3

Thank you so much Kai!!!
I left you a question

I'm Sorry for my late answer, I returned to the forum recently and I didn't notice you wrote here

You're so welcome, I'm always happy to help! Thank you for letting me know, I'll hop over to that thread right now!

Kai Oceans *-+ Space Unicorn Coach *-+

Perfect! I'm so grateful! (:

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Abraham Hicks

Thank you so much Stefania, you're so attentive, nice and precise as always :)

You're the most welcome Daniel!

Many blessings*****


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