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say 9.75 inches?

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Do you believe you can? If you can get thoughts of doubt out of your mind, and you can truly believe that you can, and even thoughts that you are already where you want to be, you will be in the best possible state of mind to manifest what you want. It may also be helpful to give thoughts to WHY you want this. By giving thoughts to why you want this, you will become aligned with what you are truly wanting.

Michael Parker
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is it possible to grow like 3 inches every 2 weeks?
WEll they say anything is possible. I know you don't want to be asked this but what's wrong with your current height? Love yourself!!!
I am very short for my age, thats why.
Not a darn thing wrong with that though! :) Who says a certain height is the right one? You are YOU! I have things about my looks that I wish were different, but then when I think of if I woke up and they were different and I looked in the mirror it wouldn't be me - it would be someone I didn't even know. I know me!

But I'm not here to dissuade you, only be supportive. So I'll watch this thread and quit pestering you.
i dont know, i'll try the body changing thing, and if i dont like it, i'll go back to my old self.
LOL there ya go :)
Do you think you can shrink back down after you've grown if you don't like your new improved height?
you make a good point david, but my friend told me that you've actually have to do it for like a few minutes only and then forget about it and doing it daily, she says that trying too hard will not work.
Hi David,
I had a thought as I was reading through your post.... if we tell our bodies we "want" to grow taller, won't we get stuck in a vibration of wanting? ? I've been trying to read up on as much as I can about changing physical appearance, and I remember reading it's best to have the vibration of "having". So instead of telling your body I want this, you would say body I HAVE this.

Law of attraction can be confusing regarding the body I think. I wish more people would talk about it. Or I wish there was more information on the web about this topic. Whenever there is a post regarding this topic, people jump on the "love yourself as you are, you don't need to change!" bandwagon. They don't want discuss the possibilities or the process... Funny how you don't see that kind of response for posts asking for info on how to attract a lover. "love yourself! You don't need a lover!".
Of course, self-love IS very important. But how much of my physical appearance is ... me? I look at the physical body almost as a shell, is that weird? lol Well that's my view.
Growing taller means changing your bones and if you can change your bones then what's the difference with changing you nose as it's cartilage? When you think about it, it seems logical to be able to change every part of your body, it's all tissue
@ Vanya
How weird your comment about changing your nose, because that's what i'm attempting as well!


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