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Hello everyone! 

I have been studying the Law of Attraction since 2008 and since then my life has truly changed. I must say I live a drama free life and accomplished all of goals noted in my list (except for one) when I first it wrote in 2008.

I wonder if you anyone can help me with advise on how to handle discussions about LOA with friends and family that do not share the same beliefs as mine. Rarely I discuss it with people that might not understand or I know have other views.

Yesterday I engaged in conversation with a close friend of mine. I always tell him that things do happen for a reason and because we want them to happen (it's the law). We attract what we want in our experience to manifest. He is going through a tough time battling his daughter's custody and he, of course doesn't believe a word I say. He brought up the point of "How come children get murdered and so many innocent people die in the world", I didn't have an answer for him because even though there is a reason for it, I don't know the exact answer for this question.

He, in turn believes that we are only animals (just more advanced), there is nothing deeper in our existence nor there is a reason why we have to go through rough times. Things happen and then we die. Nothing more. 

What do you guys think of this? Do you ever engage in conversations where your beliefs are challenged?If so , how do you respond? 

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You are absolutely correct. Everyone has a different experience and learn at their own pace. I really wasn't trying to convert him. I guess the more time you spend with someone the more they want to know about you and that was the case here. At the end, we both decided to respect each other's opinion. I also agree that many of us chose negativity (I have been there myself) because it just seems easier. 


Thank you for your reply. It is true we got to do the work within and set an example of the way we live. Why do you think we bring certain people to our experience that are way off outside our vibration? 

I realize I have many lessons to learn still! 

How is it "challenging your beliefs"? (You don't have to believe them either.)


It can only be "challenging your beliefs" if you don't completely believe your own beliefs.


If you truly believe your own "beliefs", you would not feel the need to convince others, because you would be too busy being a living example of your own "beliefs". Nothing anyone else would say would "challenge" you in any way.


I absolutely know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the human species is a species of animal, yet I still believe in a "spiritual"/universal consciousness, of which all things are a part.


Why can't it be both?

Why do you have to convince them of your "belief"?





Hi Fred! 

When my friend gave those examples and asked me what is the reason for them happening, I did feel a challenge (within myself) because I have asked those questions and haven't found an answer. I guess I could say, it makes me think a bit about it too. How come tragedy is something we would want? 

I wasn't really trying to convince him or anyone for that matter, he just asked me about the books I have laying around my place and so the conversation began.


Right.... So don't try to convince them.... And keep an open mind. Maybe they are more aware than you are.


That's funny & interesting Fred. Most people rarely think of other people as MORE aware
And what could be learned by the comparison?

Aware in what sense? 


What an eye opener! Thank you. All those negative emotions are dominant therefore they manifest in our lives. You hit it on the nail describing the situation of this person and as you say, I see fear in his eyes and a negative perspective, so that is what he is always bringing around him. Again only him can change his own path. 

I struggle to understand why children are murdered etc too considering the "we attract everything" line of thought. I'm afraid it goes into my Shit Happens folder where I store things I don't understand with the belief that it stopped something worse from happening down the road ie the murderer gets caught, preventing another 10 children from suffering the same fate. Starving children in Africa brought about awareness and fund raising but it's seems some people have to be sacrificed to achieve these things.

I absolutely believe that we are not meant to know the why's and how's of everything although it is human to want to because of our control issues, so I put faith in God as I know He knows what He's doing. He also gave man free will so that we're not all robots and that's kinda where the sh*t hit the fan.


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