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(4 minutes out of the rest of your life.)


In this lesson I would like to help you understand how to practice shifting to a higher consciousness level. If you want to begin creating your life, instead of reacting to life, it is extremely important that you begin looking at your Self and your life with a fresh perceptive on a higher level.


Most of us do not consciously 'watch ourselves.' We simply live a daily life of what I call 'emotional-reaction.' We go through each day emotionally reacting to each situation, event, and encounter with people that enter our daily life. And we do this minute-to-minute, hour-by-hour, day-by-day.


We become 'conditioned' to live life reacting instead of controlling and creating. It's very hard to make any changes in life when living in an emotional-reaction state of mind.


This 'conditioning' can be peeled away in layers and a fresh new perspective on life opened up to us. How do we accomplish this?


When we live emotionally reacting it's like riding a roller coaster rather than riding a smooth steady train toward our desires and goals. When we're on that roller coaster our life seems full of twists and turns and ups and downs, one after another after another.


We can get off that emotional roller coaster by living on a higher consciousness level. We can become more aware of our thoughts and feelings and actions each minute, hour, and day. We can easily shift to a higher consciousness level by simply remembering to do it, then practicing.


Many teachers tell us we must raise our consciousness, become more aware, live in the Universal mind, seek our inner self, and on and on and on. But most do not tell us exactly HOW to make this happen without first spending money on a 'program.' I don't sell programs.


(I do market powerful life-changing CD's on my website at http://www.law-of-attraction-lifestyle.com/think-right-now.html with 100% of proceeds going directly to fund my work. I continue to use these CD's in my own life daily because of the speed at which they allow me to make changes.)


Increasing our 'awareness' of our thoughts, emotions, and actions can help us in many different ways. As you are sitting and reading these words perhaps you have a drink sitting next to you. If not, follow along with this exercise visually. Become 'aware' of all these 'details' of what happens when we feel thirst and reach for a drink? Our hand reaches to the glass, grips it, and moves it to our mouth. We sip the liquid and it goes into our stomach. Our hand moves to put the glass back down.


Most of us make these physical movements on an automatic basis. We never really think about it. They are performed automatically and we are not conscious of all that takes place.


But what happens when we slow down and consciously 'watch' our hand go to the glass and lift it to our mouth, and feel the liquid pouring into our mouth and becoming aware of it going down into our stomach, then puting the glass down?


Think about this a minute. Read it again. This simple exercise can move you through an elusive 'door' of recognition/awareness of your higher Self and everything around you.


Next time you drive your car 'observe' your Self driving. Many times I will leave my home to drive somewhere and before I know it I'm there and had no conscious awareness of all the details during my drive. My subconscious mind took care of all the details and instructions without my conscious mind knowing it.


Had I been more aware of each moment during the drive I would have 'seen' much more of the details of my world around me. I would have been in a higher state of consciousness at each moment. I would have been in much more control and my thoughts would have been more focused.


My point is, by becoming more aware of EACH MOMENT you will have more control of your thoughts, emotions, and actions AT ALL TIMES!  When you focus on, and live in, the RIGHT NOW everything becomes much more clear.


When we slow down and attempt to become conscious of each movement in our mind we become much more aware of our physical Self. We are better able to 'watch' and 'control' our Self by being in a higher state of consciousness. When we think like this we become more aware of all details around us and we shift to new perspectives.


When we brush our teeth, eat and drink, walk or run, or even laugh, if we 'observe' our physical movements and become 'aware' of them, we can shift to a higher state of mind. Once we practice getting off 'auto-pilot' living and pay attention to details we gain new perspectives.


By observing the physical movements of our Self, and becoming aware of the thoughts and emotions attached to each movement, we can also improve and refine those movements.


If we play sports or dance or swim or play a musical instrument or drive a car or perform our job we can increase our skills with this technique by 'observing' the movement of the many parts of our body necessary to perform the actions. Once we 'consciously see' what WE are doing we can make physical and mental adjustments to increase our skills.


We can make these adjustments in all areas of our lives.


Living in a higher state of consciousness allows us to have more control over our physical movements, the thoughts we think, and the emotions we feel. It allows us to push our Self a little further than we normally would. We have better 'communication' with our muscles and notice our actions in more detail.


Everyone who excels above others in anything is operating in a higher consciousness level.


Shifting up to our higher consciousness level requires self-talk and self-observation. It requires remembering what it is. It requires practice. At first it will be hard to maintain this higher consciousness because our mind will be distracted by the situations and events of the day and the people we come into contact with.


Your subconscious does not want you to shift from emotion-reaction living because it thinks you like living like that. That is what the subconscious is accustomed to. But once you introduce living on a higher consciousness level and repeat it to the subconscious continuously it begins to think that's how you want to live at all times and it keeps you in that state more and more often.


Simply remembering to think the right way and practicing at that exact time begins to peel away all those limiting layers of 'conditioning' until they are no longer part of you.


The same holds true with our emotions. Instead of living in emotion-reaction mode once we begin shifting more to our higher consciousness level we make better decisions throughout the day. Our emotions tend to become more steady and even instead of bouncing all over the place. We become much more in control of what happens in our lives instead of allowing our reactions to dicate our circumstances.


This mental state is when your life really begins to change.


When you are happy or sad, laughing or crying, healthy or sick, anxious or nervous, if you remember to immediately shift to a higher consciousness level you can instantly gain more control of your thoughts, emotions, and actions in any situation.


Just as there are two sides to every story, there are two ways to look at everything in your life. The emotion-reaction 'conditioned' way, or the higher consciousness aware and controlled way.


You can read these words and not put them into practice and continue in your normal emotion-reaction lifestyle or you can choose to practice living on your higher consciousness level as much as you can remember. It's not rocket science, it's simple. Print this page and read it twice a day for 10 days and see what happens.


Get off the roller coaster and begin to enjoy the smooth, steady ride of the train...CoachDoug

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