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I really want to accomplish a project that requires five thousand dollars. I dont know how to bring this in. Any input appreaciated

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You allow it by feeling good. You offer resistance by not feeling good.

So simple, so true

Hi, there!

I've been watching this channel recently and it's wonderful for tips and affirmations to change your mindset.  Here's one about the 555 method relating to money.


Hope this helps!

i love that guy, powerful Soul 

The fact that you *need* this asap means that you're in resistance with not having the money now, which will slow down the manifestation that you want.

If you want this $5,000 (or anything really) you have to be in alignment with your actual desire and need is not your desire but the completion of the project itself is.

What does THAT feels like?

Does it feel like joy, happiness, confidence, safety, love or etc? Get really clear on why you want this project to be done and how it will make you feel and then PRACTICE feeling those feelings. As you practice those feelings more, naturally you'll line up with your desire, you might not even need the money because the universe will find another and faster way to complete the project for to you.

Also, as a bonus, what are the beliefs that you hold that says you can't have the money or project now? Write those beliefs down and then reframe each one to a positive belief/statement. Then practice THOSE feelings too.

I hope this helps,

Kai Oceans - Expert Energy Reader and Soul Purpose Conjurer


Yes it does thanks

Not a problem! :) Happy to help!

There are plenty of ways to get 5 grand ASAP. You could go to a bank and get a loan. You could find someone to invest in your project/idea. You could ask family/friends. Ask 5000 people for $1. You could get a job and save it. You could freelance and acquire it that way.  Be creative, the world is full of potential waiting to be acted upon. 

What's your project that requires such an amount?

When you don't have the resources, be resourceful. This world is so much more than simply wishing and waiting; YOU are an act of creation and manifestation, don't underestimate what you actually are or what your role is in this whole process. What are you willing to do in order to have what you say you want to have? Are you willing to do whatever is required to have it or are you only willing to receive it in whatever fashion you think is best for it? 

Daydream the accomplishment of the project regardless of the money - and also $5,000 on the side for yourself to have! Or even $10,000! Lol #LiveOutLoud  Much Love and HUgs!

lol Definitely good to envision your goal and focus on the end result. However, so much more to the process that simply daydreaming about it; success is no accident, nor is it some hidden formula, but rather a well-beaten path. For example, I wouldn't stand under an apple tree daydreaming about oranges, unless I plan to go find an orange tree after I'm done.

As you imply, the trick to all of this is learning how to engage with your perception and alter it in a way that allows for you to see the paths that lead to the life you're seeking. If you can't see it, then you don't consciously take the path that leads to where you want to go. More importantly, if you feel or believe that you can't do something, how often do you usually try to do whatever it is? This concept trickles into all the avenues of our perception.

Master your perception and you master your reality. That isn't to say that circumstances won't exist and that life magically becomes whatever you want; we're playing a different game at the moment and there is "time" for that later. That isn't to say you're powerless though and the beauty of this place is slowly unveiling how powerful you actually are. It's like playing a game but you're not told what the rules are; you figure out the rules as you play the game. 

Live in the end result. Visualise your project as completed and done, and then the Universe will find a way to fill in the gap (the financing). 


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