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Right now as I am writing this, my twin flame lover is upstairs and I feel so much gratitude for his presence in my life. He is an amazing man and I feel so very very very blessed.


Many of my students ask how we manifested one another. 


We met on Twitter which was funny. We bonded in 2009 over chatting about the Law of Attraction. We instantly felt a connection and formed a friendship but I was married and living in Australia. Sean was living in California. Never once, did it cross my mind that I would ever strike up any kind of 'romance' with Sean. After all, he was just a cute Twitter profile picture that had added dimension because of emails we shared and a common interest in metaphysics and Internet marketing. For 12 months he was periodically in my life and during some pretty dark emotional patches he offered some amazing advice and support. 


Within a year I had left my husband, moved interstate and started my life fresh. There was a tangled mess that I left behind to start with a clean slate. 


This time last year I  wasn't looking for love or to be in a relationship. I was settled in my new home. I hadn't been on my own since I was a teenager so it was quite an adjustment period to learn to LOVE myself and live with myself for the first time ever. 


It was during this time that my connection with Sean deepened and we recognised that we needed to meet. It was like a switch just flipped and we KNEW that we loved one another. 


We fell in love online before we met. We just knew. 


Sean booked his ticket to come visit me in Australia. We spent 11 amazing days with one another that I will cherish forever. As soon as I met him it felt like we had been together forever. It was an innate knowing that this person was the completion of a certain balance that my soul needed. It was blissful. It still is blissful. 


In fact, on the very first day we met we saw a full, vibrant rainbow in the sky. It was like a sign of extreme alignment. 


When Sean was back in America we discovered what Twin Flames were and how grateful we were to have this knowledge. Since then, we have connected with a few other twin flame couples that have experienced a similar level of intensity and synchronicities that they have experienced. 


Most Twin Flame couples (from the experiences shared) experience:


  • Seeing certain sequences of numbers like 111 or 1111
  • A strong knowing that you’ve known this person before
  • A very very deep love
  • Rainbows
  • An intense level of calm and comfort by the other person
  • Being located in different countries
  • Receiving ‘guidance’ messages from personal ‘spirit’ guides that speak of concepts of ‘Oneness’
  • Synchronicities throughout their lives and the list go on.

So how did I manifest Sean?

I cleared out my life, my thoughts and my heart to get to a place of loving myself.

You just need to Google ‘Twin Flames’ to discover for yourself that there are lots of people out there that have more information on this fascinating subject and how it works on a spiritual level.

Here’s a couple of links:




Whatever this interesting phenomena is all about is irrelevant.

The key is to appreciate all love that is presented to you in life. If it’s your Twin Flame then that’s cool.


What do you think about the concept of Twin Flames? 



With Love and Gratitude,

--Sarah Prout










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I felt that I found my twin flame some years ago. It was a mutual feeling. But it weared out over time and even though I did all to remind him his own words that we were soulmates/twin flames, he got out, and it was messy.


This experience made me weary of such concepts, and I realized that people might change or show their true self over a couple of years.


My question is; how can I find the person with whom I can share my love for life without worrying about his change of mind/emotions for me, over time?


Trust me, what I had before was very true, until the person changed. I don't know, really, I've no clue what went wrong. But it did and now I'm more of a twin-flame-agnostic than anything else.

It happens. I guess you just grew out of alignment with one another. 


I was married for 10 years and then when I started to grow my relationship changed. I said 'I do' forever which was silly since the beauty of life is that everything changes. And it did!


As long as these changes are managed gracefully, there is no need to make any life changes right or wrong. 


I think there is a lot of 'woo woo' and weird information out there about Twin Flames. All I know is that I found someone special that oddly falls into several categories of what people consider to be this concept of Twin Souls/Flames. 


I'm not attached to it. Just very grateful for the experience. 



That's exactly what I want - even if I continue to grow physically and spiritually, we can strike a perfect balance between us, and life. And be grateful for the experience(s).

Hey Red, 


I think the key is to have the intention to become so comfortable and joyful with life, and the fact that is ever changing, that we no longer fear the change ...


We become comfortable with the uncertainty.  


We can never truly know for sure what tomorrow will look like.  


What we do have is today.  


Believe me, when Sarah and I first came together there was SO much uncertainty! We took a huge risk. When I first went for the 11 days, you could consider us crazy! I mean, everyone was asking, "So what ... you go, you fall in love, then what?! You live on opposite sides of the world!!" 


We had to both completely let go of a lot of things to handle that.  And then when I went back home and wasn't sure how or when I would come back?  


The uncertainty was crazy.  


I learned though that it was my next greatest lesson: to become okay with the uncertainty, and to be happy and joyful REGARDLESS.


Begin to hold that intention, and you might see amazing things begin to happen in your life.  


With Love & Gratitude,

--Sean Patrick Simpson



I guess its something that starts at the very root of it all; you have to be the person that has all the desirable traits that someone wants and once you have those traits, the right person will come along. And when that finally does happen, its most likely going to be a no fuss,no muss relationship!



Exactly ... though you don't have to have all the traits ... 


Just all the ones you want in someone else.  


If you're in a space of extreme lack, you'll attract others of the same energy. 

If you're in a space of extreme abundance, you'll attract others of the same energy.  


Of course this is very generalized and other things comes into play ... but you get the idea.  


With Love & Gratitude,

--Sean Patrick Simpson



I've had a similar experience, with Pie, who is on here. When you said several categories, I thought of the fact that we are both on this forum, and share a passion of drag racing, which is a lot for a couple to have in common already.


I also feel a connection with you and Sean, for this forum, and that I was born in California and am half Australian, are there couples who are twin flames??


I know another couple who actually met on this forum, I love that.

Great post!!


Sarah,you wrote:"

I cleared out my life, my thoughts and my heart to get to a place of loving myself.'' Can you give more details please ? :p What did you do to take care and to love yourself?


RedRose,i want exactly what you want,a person that i will still be connected to with love,respect etc..even though i will continu to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually! I want a lover that will help me stay in my vortex and i want to be able to help him as well stay in his. Pure love :) Like i wrote in another post,what am i waiting to be in my votex already,my lover is waiting for me out there :p




Hi Megan,


I was in a mutually abusive relationship with my husband of 10 years. When I started to build my business online and grow as a person I started to really feel a sense of empowerment and our relationship died. 


I struggled for so many years with a knowing that I wasn't feeling fulfilled being married to my husband. And because we had kids I felt obligated to stay. When I LOVE myself I made the decision to leave and rise above the life patterns that I had allowed myself to think were ok.


And then the Universe rewarded me with Sean. That's the way I see it anyway. Sean was in my Vortex. He's still in there now! LOL


Love Sarah


O)  Yes, GTRMagnet, and twin souls we are, in many ways!  I love it when two souls are "awake" and aware enough to notice each other and discover that they are truly connected at such a deep, spiritual level.  (And if you're lucky, that amazing physical level, too!)  :O)  So many people these days are walking in a fog and don't notice anything of importance that is right in front of them.  (Sheeple, I believe you refer to them, GTR!!!  LMAO!!!!)


And along these lines, if you really think about it, we are "all" connected at that very same level.  I don't believe it's reserved for only two people.  Many of us talk about the fact that we are "All One", but I don't believe they truly understand the dynamics of that.  If you really think about this concept of "We are all One", then we are ALL Twin Souls!  Think about that for a while!  :O)


Love and Light to all my Oneness out there!  :O)

Hee!  :O)  <3

i thought my ex was my twin flame.. it was like we knew each other before.. he was from the US and im from Europe, and even its over 2 years ago, i still think about him more than i want, which is strange for me because i usually dont get attached like this....but not sure if he would have left me if he really was my twin flame..:)

anyways great story:) id like to find mine or get mine back


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