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how to recieve love, attention, and appreciation from people? How to feel wanted.

How to achieve being wanted by people? I want to feel loved, appreciated, and I want to recieve love from others. I want to feel that people want to know me, want to be with me, want to be me. and Lately I have noticed that I give so much but sometimes I dont recieve anything back.


I want to feel like People love being around me.


How to achieve this?

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Affirmations. Getting involved with positive uplifting people.
I was gonna say...To be loved by people, we have to love people first. In order to have friends, we have to BE a friend. ...This is true, but when I saw your comment "that I give so much but sometimes I dont recieve anything back." that brought another aspect of it.

In order to be loved by people, we have to love people first...AND not expect a direct reciprocation. If we are loving people to GET something, that's not love, that's bargaining.

To love unconditionally, without expecting love to come back to you, is the way to attract unconditional love. Love will come to you, but not necessarily from the person you choose to focus on.

Instead, focus on BEING the Love that has no favorites. Spread your goodwill and good intentions all around. Be like the One Divine Source of Love, showering your love and light everywhere and know that ultimately it does return, but without attachment to it coming back from specific people or in specific ways.

And when you give it freely, you can receive it freely.
Afformations :-)
Seamus you always know what to say!

Exactly Seamus

Exactly Robert and Seamus!!

Great quote!

The confusing part here is that when we hear the words- 'become a giver' we tend to think that we must forgo our own joy and sacrifice for someone else and suffer and to give up the opportunity and expectation of being loved back.

This is what I thought and practiced at times. It not only felt awful but I was not able to feel real love for the other person , did not receive much and it was all a mess.

Giving first is being so full of love yourself that you spill it everywhere you go. You love them because the feeling of loving another being is so beautiful . The act should multiply the love you feel within. It makes you feel more powerful . Know that there is so much love for you in this world . There is no denying this because it is the nature of the universe. Irrespective of what one feels or believes. Channel this love in your activities or other material things. Feel love for the vocation you have chosen. Feel love for the food you are cooking. 

You automatically become a magnet for love and receive it, it is the Law! 

I have tried this with my cats and it works! If a cat can love you back then anyone can :P

Also, you can specify your desire/intention to be adored and admired by everyone around you. Then practice already experiencing it. 

The reason I wrote my previous response was to sort of outline a general formula for deep felt, consistent and long lasting results. Specific intentions can also lead to a general vibration change. It differs from person to person from time to time.

The simple answer is to love and appreciate yourself, and attract people in alignment with that. People who love and appreciate you and like it when you are around. As a simple demonstration, last year, I spent a night giving thanks for myself and my life.  I affirmed to the higher power, THANK YOU FOR THE MARVEL OF ME.  The following day I went on a daytrip to Winchester, and went for dinner in a pub. In there I met a friendly couple who I hit it off with straight away and who really appreciated me.  One of them even said " you've got a lovely energy about you. "  That was the effect of one night's self-appreciation: imagine what you could attract if that was an habitual vibration. 


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