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How to Stop Struggling with Struggle, and Resisting Resistance

Someone wrote to me recently, asking how she could stop creating struggle and drama in her life. From childhood she's always seemed to struggle - with money, with work, in relationships - and she was fed-up with the feeling and said she wanted to find the cause, and "get rid" of it. From what she told me, I saw her struggling … to get rid of the struggling. She was fighting it in the same way she had to fight to overcome the challenges in her life. Getting rid of the habit and pattern of struggling was ... well, part of the struggle - another challenge to fight against.


I wanted to share my advice to her here, for others who might find themselves in a similar state. You can't resolve a pattern of struggle or resistance with struggle or resistance. It's like "fighting fire with fire" literally. In order to change from darkness to light, you need to shine a light into the darkness. In order to put out a fire, you need a fire extinguisher (which hardly ever contains fire! ;) ) - in order to change a pattern or habit of struggle or resistance, you need to treat that pattern or habit with the opposite of struggle and resistance. The opposite of struggle and resistance would be acceptance and allowing. It's a tricky concept, and it's natural and human to worry that acceptance and allowing means more of what you don't want... but that's not the case. ;) Resistance has to have something to resist; struggle has to have something to struggle against. Take away the resistance.... and there's nothing to push against... which means that pattern dissolves automatically.


Now, it will usually take time (after all, it's taken this long to become a habit or pattern), but it will work. 


How to Stop Struggling with Struggle, and Resisting Resistance:

The easiest (and, I've found, most effective) way to do this, is using the power of unconditional love. There is nothing with less resistance - nothing with more acceptance and allowing - than the power of unconditional love.


1. Use the Superpower exercises to fill yourself with the power of unconditional love.

2. Aim that power at whatever part of you is creating that pattern, aim it at whatever the cause may be. Luckily, you don't need to know WHAT the cause is, you only need to aim it at "whatever the cause may be"

3. Whenever you find yourself feeling resistance or struggle, fill yourself with that power again, and use the phrase "I love the part of me that is creating this experience."


It takes practice. And it takes remembering. But that's all it takes. The more you do it, the more powerful and effective it'll become, and the more often you'll remember to do it. :)


Hope this helps.

Love and Light and Magic xxx

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Hi Illusions,

Thank you so much for sharing this today, it was a wonderful reminder for me at this time.  Even though I am not struggling I often find myself falling into the trap of 'what if I start struggling...' which is very unhelpful because from there you can imagine what I create. :-)  It's nice to remember when you are spiralling that a spiral goes both ways.

Love and Light

Aravelle xxx


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You are truly brilliant Illusions!

Ah, thanks, Flowerpatch - and right back at you! :) xx

You're very welcome, Aravelle! :) It took me quite a long time to get out of the habit of struggling - it's a setting, like setting a washing machine. Some of us have our settings permanently on "Struggle" - so no matter what we put into the washing machine, it runs that program. It's good to remember that we can reset the program to suit the life we want. ;)

Thank you so much!!! 

Fantastic post,Illusions.Thank you for sharing.

I have found that if you have a pattern of struggling like this, then the best way to deal with it isn’t actually to ‘fight it’ but to release it to the Universe.  Remove it from your mind and your vibration so that it can be healed.  

Just like it a laptop has a hard drive full of viruses, then it won’t work as effectively, so you will attract negative things into your life if your vibration is full of poor memories, resentments and negative thoughts. Just as the laptop will function fully when the viruses are cleaned out, so your life will flow much more when the struggles are released and transmuted. You can do this by affirmations (I release all fear, I forgive all events, I forgive myself and so on) or you can visit a metaphysical healer who will draw them out of you. 

Either way, you won’t be holding onto them any longer, you will be giving them to the higher power who will heal them, and transmute them into positive energies which will then move into your life. 

This is amazing! <3

Helpful !

I’m currently doing a daily workshop with Illusions on the power of unconditional love. It’s incredible. If you’re interested I would be happy to point you in the proper direction. 

I had never really thought of it like this before, but it’s so true.  Trust IS a creative force in your life.  It’s a POSITIVE EXPECTATION that things turn out well and that the Universe keeps its promises. 


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