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How To Truly Love Yourself And Use That Frequency Of Love To Attract What You Desire

Hi Everyone,

As typical humans, we are always seeking love and worthiness outside of ourselves, including relationships, approval from peers, friends, family, partners, etc.  Many of us are guided to "love ourselves" or told to "love yourself" but most don't fully go into the meaning of what that entails.

To TRULY "love ourselves" we must tap into the Love that is already within us rather than seeking the love outside of us. We must vibrate Love as often as we can. We can only do this by BECOMING the Love that we are and have forgotten. All Love IS Self Love because everything is inherently connected and we are merely fractals of the same Oneness. The vibration of Love and Gratitude are the most important vibrations to master because it is the Vibration of the Universe - the primordial energy that emanates from the Cosmos. When we sync up with the Love within us, we are able to vibrate this frequency much more easily. It is actually our natural state of being which has been covered up by societal influences. Once we start practicing aligning with the Love within, we allow the frequency that will attract to us, all the things we truly desire!

Here is a video that explains this in detail:


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Will watch it soon, thank you Jason for always sharing your great & important work!


I am going to honestly call BS! I was told over and over my whole life that this is why I had a crummy life. And what I wasn't being told I thought was HOW to CORRECTLY love myself to get a better life. And in the end I just started seeking a better life. I ran away from a very depressing rainy climate and ended up running into two loves. The first a wonderful nightmare, but in following him to yet a third part of the country, I met the man I do expect to become my second husband and my best friend. 

I once read a book about, "Just do something different." That was the whole point. If you do not like what you have now or where you are, you must change for this GS to change. That is the best advice I believe I could ever give.

You see that is exactly what self love is. You knew you deserved a happier life and hence you took action from that knowing . But sometimes it is not a very clear or certain path, in that case you try something, try something different. Don’t settle or give up .

Always focusing on your joy and happiness is self love! I too hate it when people make it sound so abstract and elusive when it is so straight forward! 

Thanks for sharing your perspective :)

perfectly put : )


hi Laura,

yes, definitely action will be taken at some point but if we "just did something different" and had no guidance from our higher selves, Source, Spirit, God, Infinite Intelligence, whatever you'd like to label it, it would very likely take a whole bunch of "just doing something different" before finding the right action whereas if we align with Divine Love first (the Infinite, Oneness, God) then we allow that energy to take over us and guide us to the action that will take the least effort.  The only way to fully align with that love is through "Self Love", which is inherently anything that connects us to that Love, including having love for ourselves, blessing ourselves, blessing others, having love and compassion for others and also having love and compassion and a higher understanding of EVERYTHING that goes on in our lives INCLUDING the events that we so call "don't want".  in that deeper understanding of why "unwanted" things happen to us with the conscious awareness that our thoughts and feelings are what attract those to us as well, we are then able to see the bigger picture and step outside of victim hood and taking our power as conscious creators back fully.   love and blessings to you on this amazing Journey called Life.  

Wow, your video is SO beautiful Jason!

thank you Dorothy <3  love and light to you! 

Thank you so much dear Jason. Keep shining!

Master shaman, Dr Serge Kahili King PhD explains how to feel good about yourself in this excellent video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJ4xCU6MMp4&t=1066s

thank you <3


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