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How do you turn things around?

I mean, in the Law of Attraction, what you vibrate is what you always get. So, for example right now, I feel loveless and without a relationship. I want to have a true relationship, but what happened to me keep putting me there and I had been thinking of all the hurt and everything. So, in turn, the universe keeps giving me the same thing over and over again. I don't know how to turn my mind around. How do you people do it? I am very depressed.

Even if I turn my mind around today, tomorrow, I will think again of what happened to me and then feel depressed again.

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When you climb a ladder to the top, you climb each step.
You might skip a couple of steps as you dash up in glee.
Or you might slip down a step with a painful bump.
But the steps are still there,
And the top can be reached.
No matter how many times you slip down a step.

So, treat each thought and resulting feeling as a step in the right direction.
Hold onto a piece of paper with positive reminders for you to read when you slip down a step.
And steady yourself on the ladder rung to take the next step upwards again.
The more often you steady yourself instead of licking your wounds, the more steps you will be able to take upwards.
Thanks. This helps a lot.
Tower it's time to stop looking outside of yourself for love!

Fall in love with you!! Research everything there is about the importance of loving the self online!! Go on!! Do it!!! It's time well spent as opposed to thinking of things you're lacking :)

The truth is everything you need, everything you desire is yours NOW!!


Flower patch is right: LOVE COMES WHEN YOU ARE IN ALIGNMENT WITH IT, and that happens first and foremost when you start loving and approving of yourself.

Have a read at my post called 'Become a Hottie' which I wrote in November 2014. I have written some ways in which you can do this.
Accept yourself, and you will like the potential partners you can get.

Improve yourself, and you will get the partner you want.

Peace and love

to flowerpatch,sir niel coffee drinker, liurich

THank you very much. I appreciate all the support that you had given me. I will surely do everything I can and research about loving myself.

I just realized that I don't love myself that much. 

Thanks thanks. I so love PI with people like you who supports other people too.

Hey Tower , i recently finished reading the Secret , and im new member here , i still dont know if the law of attraction works or not but what the book gave me is this :

living the day in happiness without thinking for a second about the past and its painful memories.

how that achieved , well

first: u had to see what is good in u , focus on ur good things.

second: be thankful for wt u already have even if its simple , for example i thank god that i have mind , arms and legs .... being thankful and grateful will boost ur mood and its said that its the most important part in the law of attraction because when ur grateful the universe or (god) will give u more.

third: u will see then the life in other view and u will be happy , and also u will fall in love to urself.... in order to make the law of attraction works u have to love urself and everybody cause love is the strongest frequency.

 when u love urself u will emit love frequency and the universe will manifest love to u .

fourth: try to imagine that u r already in a relationship , imagine ur girlfriend , imagine u have good time with her , imagine that u already got her .... she already with u .. believe that she is already with u now , and be thankful that the universe gave you such a beautiful girl , dont say "i want "... cause u will be on the want frequency then ... what will manifist is that u still want .... say " thanks that i have such a beautiful girlfriend " and visualize that way ..................

honestly i still didnt try the law of attraction but those are the steps i read about , and it make me happy everyday to know and feel that the power are in my hands.


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