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Like gaining confidence, calming down, and stuff like that?

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I'm just starting to discover crystals. I started with using Amethyst, (in my Amethyst BioMat). I'm using hemitite right now to keep me grounded. I've purchased a book that has a couple of interpretations to help me understand the meanings of the different rocks.

I can definitely feel the energy of the rocks. I even have Moldavite- that's pretty powerful.

So what am I going to do with them?

pick one to have with me to meditate
use appropriate rocks when I'm setting intentions or making requests of the universe.
Try to create a more harmonious home
I bring my BioMat with me when I have treatments to get deeper benefits
I just think they are beautiful!

I plan to take a crystal course to help me understand their potential more. I met a neat lady at a gem show last week www.thecrystallotus.com

She's very gifted, knowledgeable and passionate about crystals.
Very interesting! Something I just may look into.
I am lucky to share my life with alot of crystals and stones. I have everything from quartz to moldavite to pryite to spirit quartz to infinite.
To best understand how to work with crystals and stones, you have to understand that they have inherent energy. For example, for protection, your best best is smokey quartz or black tourmaline or jet. For confidence, citrine is amazing. For grounding and calming down I personally use hematite and amethyst.
You can program a crystal or stone, by holding it in your dominant hand and focusing on your intention, both the words and vibration. For example, hold the crystal and say, this crystal assists me with grounding and staying focused, etc.
There are volumes written about crystals and one of the best is, Love is in the Earth by Melody.
Interesting, I'm using purple agate to gain self confidence. Then selenite for opening my 3rd eye (to talk to my dog).
Howlite to help me sleep. Blue tiger eye for calming me down when I get angry, and dalmation jasper for calming down my pet dog.
I'd like to learn more about selenite. I'd be interested in learning more about that. I swear my cat talks to me. Sometimes she actually says hello. It would be neat to understand what she's really trying to tell me.
Selenite is amazing. The stone has facilitated shamanic visions and amazing dreams for me. I keep a chunk on my bedside table. I've also seen it splinter when I have been angry. Google selenite and you'll learn quite a bit.
Cool. I've worked with all of those. Those seem like good applications of each stone/crystal.
yeah, but yesterday at night I decided to put 4 of them out in the rain (dalmation jasper, selenite, purple agate, and blue tiger eye) and all of them seemed to have been affected (except for selenite). Do you think this is a good thing or a bad thing?
I love crystals, gems, and rocks. I arrange them into shapes on the floor or my nightstand, all my little one inch or so tumbled ones all the way up to foot wide stones. I usually have a heart shaped pattern on my nightstand, which I will re-arrange and charge every so often with a candle ceremony. Larger stones go in a spiral formation on the ground and line the window sills of my house. Look into cleansing and charging your crystals, there are a lot of different ways. If they are from a vendor they will definitely need cleansing. I will usually do a energy trade with Earth for found stones. I pick up litter around the area I found them or simply give thanks to the Earth if it's a more remote location. Found ones don't really need cleansing if they haven't had human contact.

My very favorite thing I have done with them is get ones that have the colors of all my chakras. Red jasper, red Tiger eye and fire opal for root chakra, Carnelian and orange selenite for sex chakra(I never remember the Indian names), Yellow jasper and citrine for solar plexus, bloodstone, serephinite and turquoise for heart, lace agate, blue turquoise for throat chakra, amethyst and sodalite for third eye, amethyst and quartz for crown chakra. I have all of these lined up in the right order on the window sill above my bed just above my head. They each symbolize and enhance my chakras and I will seek out a different larger or stronger type of stone depending on which area of my personality or life needs work. I now have a vast collection and at least two strong stones for each chakra. What grand energy! I have recently read about the eighth and nineth chakras and hopefully I can get some good gold, silver, or other pieces to represent them

A crazy cool thing happened with my heart shaped shrine on my nightstand. I got a heart shaped snowflake obsidian, black with all these white spots on it. I got it charged up with the ceremony at the center of my heart shrine. Well the next day, it looked like the white spots had grown tremendously! They now touch each other in many spots and make it look much more white. I wish I had taken a picture before and after because.. just... wow!
awesome sharing!
That's awesome! I love your displays and how you give thanks to the earth.
I totally agree about cleansing your stones. Some like water, some like salt, some like sun. It's a good idea to read up on that as some stones do better with one element than another.
Thank you for sharing this piece! I knew I had to cleanse my stones, but I didn't realize that different methods worked for different stones.

I definitely have to take a crystals course. I have discovered that the lady I mentioned above taught a friend of mine.


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