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I am a free spirit, I can not work a 9-5 job
five days a week

I choose to do my own thing, helping, voulnteering
working a four hours a day, unless I love it

I choose to do more of my own thing, than work for the man for peanuts

I choose to have massages, sit in hot springs, relax, renew,

I choose to have reiki treatments

I choose to go on vacation, where ever I choose for the most part, when I choose


I choose to release extra pounds
I choose to hire personal trainers

I choose to have a more relaxed Easy Fun life

I am attracting millions, The universe knows how miserable I have been staying at job going in day in and day out, and that is not for me...

I want to be running my own show, creating my schedule
what I choose to do for each day

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ME TOO!!! :)
That's wonderful!! I like how you picked the words "I choose" - I'm going to start doing that on my lists. :)

About 10 years ago, I moved to Hawaii - alone. I'd had enough of living in a boring town, doing my 9-5 boring work, etc. I said I didn't care if I lived in a dump, I would be living where I wanted to and not working my butt off in a boring job. I put this on my list. Specifically, on the list, I wrote that I wanted to own my own business, doing something I loved in a happy environment, and not stuck to a clock - I would do my job and leave when it was done. I honestly just put it out there and forgot about it in a way - in the meantime, I focused on ways to make money and what kind of business to open. A lot of flops in my ideas that didn't get off the ground for various reasons.

Well I got a very simple job (I've told this story before here and will try to condense it a bit) making $50 a night at a luau, making pupu (appetizer) baskets for the guests tables - about 80 baskets per night - a job that somebody actually offered me. But I loved it! I also worked some crummy day jobs, but made sure they worked around my luau job. Well two years into this luau job, a new owner took over. Instead of paying me a flat fee, she insisted that she pay me per basket that I made for the luau, which immediately double +'d my income. Then she needed me to make and supply them each luau night with table runners. Another good chunk of cash per night. Then she needed flowers for the stages and dining room for decor. More money. Then I got offered the job as lighting engineer for the show. HUGE bundle of cash per night.

So I got exactly what I wanted on my list, and made a LOT of money under my own business license, in a wonderful and fun environment, and absolutely loved every minute of it!!

We've since moved (it was hard to leave, and hard to leave that job - I still miss it), and I'm in the process of manifesting a similar situation - unfortunately no luaus, lol, but hopefully something else that I love that offers freedom, happiness, and good money.

I just wanted to share that story because it might give you another tidbit of proof that you can have those thingst that you're choosing to have, and it can come easily. I've been in quite a funk lately, and maybe I needed to tell you that story in order to point out to myself once again that I can manifest the things I'm wanting to because my faith in it has wavered a bit lately, even though I have so many personal experiences to prove that it does in fact work.

Have fun and good luck!! The massages, hot springs, reiki treatments, vacations, and personal trainers sounds like nothing but wonderfulness!! :))

Empowering post. It shows that we always have a choice, and don't have to accept reality as it is, or just what the herd do.  We can do what we desire, we need to believe that and allow it to happen. We do that by believing it to be true and focusing on it.

Very right 

And 'choosing' is quite an empowering thing too. It sends out a very accurate intention to the Universe.


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