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I am feeling so lost... really need some understanding, please...

It's been so long since I've posted on the forum I am not sure where to start... I know there are so many wonderful people here and so I am hoping I can get some understanding and positive energy from you. Maybe even some advice... that would be amazing!

So... I am 30 years old, happily married with two most wonderful boys! That part of my life is great. I couldn't possibly wish for anything more than that.
But it seems like everything else is going wrong. My husband and I have approximately £8000 debt on credit cards and even though we pay the bank every month we just keep paying the interest, without paying the actual debt, since we can't afford it. Recently, my husband was offered a pay rise, which he gladly accepted but that means we have to move to a different town. Which is alright with us. But it just seems like everything is going wrong, complications with every step we take. We finally found a house we would like to rent (we cannot afford our own house). We paid £600 deposit. The house will be ours as soon as the bank confirms we can afford to pay the rent. We finally rang the bank yesterday to check how it's all going and it turns out... they know nothing about it. No record of reference request even though we requested them almost 2 weeks ago. And the worst thing is that if we do not provide positive references the letting agent will decline our application but they will keep the deposit of £600 that we paid. We really cannot afford that! We're going to the bank today but I am just so worried at this point... 
About a week ago my grandma was taken to the hospital. Apparently her heart would have failed if it wasn't for the great doctors that helped her. She's still in the hospital, feeling better but as her doctor said, we can expect anything at this point. Another sad thing is that I can't even see her as I we don't live in the same country. My husband, our sons and I live in the UK but all the rest of our family lives abroad. So even though we have each other (which I honestly appreciate sooo much) we have noone else here to rely on.
It also found out that my dad has cancer. We are not close, hardly ever see each other but it still upsets me a lot :-(
If that wasn't enough, about a month ago my 2-year old refused to eat anything but baby porridge and baby milk. He won't eat anything else! No bread, meat, veg, fruit... nothing. He seems alright and grows well. He is a really happy and lively boy. But I am just worried about him as I know he needs various foods to remain healthy.
There is also something else. Something that I do and I know this is not the right thing to do... For one, I keep overeating and then I obsess myself about my weight. And I also keep buying buying things on credit. Clothes mostly to make myself look nice. It helps me feel better about myself for 5 minutes, then makes me feel really bad...
If any of you were patient enough to read all this, thank you so much. I know everyone has their own problems. And I know mine may seem like nothing much. Maybe the're not... but it just all seems too much to me. I've always been struggling with depression, ocd etc. I had a difficult childhood which I do not wish to anyone and I guess maybe that is why I sometime find it difficult to deal with things. I just cannot find my strength...
I'm sorry if I am boring you but I just feel so lost. Thank you to anyone who read my post. Bless you all :-)))

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Hi and welcome back to PI!

The fact that you found your way back here shows that you are on the right path, that you are CHOOSING A BETTER EXISTENCE for yourself!!! YAY for you!!!

I have some great books for you to read. I think you would love LOUISE HAY's book YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE. Louise says that when we are willing to release the need for things in our lives that are not in alignment with our true selves, that THAT is the first step in HEALING. It brings me such comfort to be able to LET GO and ALLOW the universe to worry about how and so on.

I hope you will check her out. STICK AROUND! Sending you love and strength though I know you have an abundance of both within you! Love, Cheryl


Wow... that is quite a story to focus on, and feel bad about....


Learn to drop the "but" in "everything is great BUT....", and you have an awesome story of abundance that many would die for.


Thank you both so much, that means a lot. Flowerpatch - I've never thought about it that way. Coming back here really has to mean something... it is hard to believe when things seem to be falling apart but I know you must be right!

Here is soemthing more you can do. Take every one of those details you listed after the BUT part of your story and write out the best possible scenario you can think of concerning that topic. I keep a journal for this sort of thing because I work on these kinds of things constantly.

Once you get a better feeling thought about all that stuff, the sooner you can let the Universe handle it, and you don't have to worry over it any more. Worrying never helps anything anyway except to bring us more of what we're worrying about.

What you want is more of the good stuff, so generate some of that.



Thank you very much for your reply to my post Donna. I have always enjoyed reading your comments on PI. You've always seemed to have some great insights, no matter what the problem was. Your comment means a lot... :-) 

I have been going through some similar issues like you and feeling very much in need of a miracle......I learned from some website that we have angels and guides who are always there to help us but they need to be asked. Once you ask them try to let it go, just like when you order lunch at a restaurant, you don't keep asking the waiter if the food is coming, you asked for it and you expect it to show up and it will.......another thing someone told me is to say this Mantra to your higher self, as when we stress and worry like this we are telling our higher self we don't feel we are being looked after......the mantra is I am Sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you........I was told to repeat this every time I have a negative thought about myself or my situation......it seems to really work for me....some may disagree with the apology part but I was ready to try anything and for me this helped a lot.

I love the Abraham quote " worry is just using your imagination to create something you don't want" ..........so whenever you find yourself worrying say OK I know what I don't want....what is it I DO want and turn your focus and imagination to that story.....just keep pivoting back to what you want every time you catch a negative thought.....the universe will bring you more things to appreciate when you practice focusing on happier things.

As for your baby not eating anything but milk and porridge, he will get bored of that and go back to more variety, make sure the other food is on offer but don't push or you will end up in a battle of wills and believe me they are very strong willed!! He won't suffer if you let him do this for a while and don't worry ...then he will eventually decide he is sick of that boring diet and ask for more variety. That's my two cents for what it's worth......wishing you peace, love, joy, health, happiness and abundance in all good things!

Thank you so much for that Abundance Queen. I honestly thought noone would even reply to my post... I have tried the Angel advice that you gave me. I may just be telling myself that but I honestly do feel calmer, a bit like a child knowing his parents will always take care of everything. Thank you for that.

Blessings to You :-)))

Awwwwwww.......... :-))) That is sooo sweet! Thank you so, so much.



sending u lots of love and positive vibes xxxxxxxxxxxxxx i am in the uk as well, such great advice already given in replies !!!!!!!!!! i would suggest louise hays work as the lovely flowerpatch did, its fantastic its helped me sooooooooo much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

HI first of all try not to dispare.. if you have debt you can go to the citizens advice and they will help you , I had debt once before when my children were little and I was so worried , the citizens advice took all the worry for me and delt with it, .. as for the bank keep on at them until you get a result , that is just not on  they should know about your request and don't move until you get it..


sorry to hear about your family illness but you cannot really change that just be there for the family and have faith and try to stay positive, id also take your little one to  the doctors just to check him out etc.. and remember no one starves in England , if we hit rock bottom there are places to go and people to help us .. good luck and keep your chin up ,. hope this helps.. oh by the way i'm in 14,000 pounds of debt and don't even think about it , and no husband to help, no house , live at my parents, it's just me and my expensive horse and all most of the girls at the stables are in the same boat , and at work it's the same story except they are hanging onto their houses , so it's the system and not your fault .x

Thank you Emma & Cremello<3 Both of you are amazing! I can feel your positive energy flowing my way :-))) and it makes me feel so much better...

Theres a lot on your plate, but do not despair! We've all been down the same road before. I feel like a broken record nowadays because I repeat the same advice over and over again for the people with the same problems.......thats why I wrote my very own LOA book. Send me a message and remind me to give you a free advance copy; its pretty much done. I hope it can help you out with all your issues!


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