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I would like say coming back here feels good.I'm all about producing results,so I intend this to be so.I left after the old forum was about to be lost,so I saw it as a time to depart.I will once again help others and answer there questions.I won't be on here a whole lot,but I will be on here from now on.That's all I really wanted to say and I intend not to be seen as this almightly person that just returned back from the dead.

"If life ain't treating you good,then force it too with intension,because there is no crime saying you can't"


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worrrrrrrrrrrrr , welcome back goddy. its been so long since the old secret forum. how have u been. why not give ur report of your testing !!! im ssure u got lot to say wat u have during the past oneyear!!!!

Yes,There been things that I have tested with my friends.Right now I'm only in touch with a few of them,because everyone is traveling and doing a lot of things.Somethngs I notice about intension is the cues in pattern.What I mean is that for intension to understand you,whether it be God,your mind,sub mind or even all does together,etc it needs a stable pattern.Now I already stated it kind of late in the past,but I need people to truely understand.

Let's say I focus on a intension.Let's say I do it like scott adams and focus like 3 mins a day no matter what.The intension will come in a form this depends on your level of skill....................Before I go on,I think I may have to explain to people from the start what I really teach.

Be right back....
Now I see life as a somewhat of a RPG Game that one needs to gain experence to level up,but before one can level up one needs to focus.

To me everything is connected and created by you.You are the RPG charactor in the video game,while everyone is a npc.What path the main charactor

takes gives him or her the dersired results.

You have control over everything in your life and in turn can creat you own reailty

Free will?

Now someone may say "So your telling me,if I see a girl I like and focus on that girl liking me,then she will"

You could,if you have enough for the action and the time it takes will depend on your current reaily

We all have free will,so we decide who we allow and who we don't.Let me ask you this,if we attract everything
in to our lifes,then that person attract the feeling of loving you.Don't people say things like "I wish i had someone i can love"

There you have it,so the free will subject is done and over.

Now my way of focusing is all about holding a intension for ether a select amount of hours or focusing a selected about of days.

I use ways like a guru would,but I found other ways that I feel are even better.

Now I have different ways to focus for every type of person and I also know a way to show results to people
who are not buying what I have to say.Like I said I seek only results.

if I felt like I wanted a car for example ,I would focus for say 10 days and do it for 20ms a for the 10 days and then forget about

Now you should keep the same amount at all times no more or less,because this makes a consistent pattern to you intension.

You are the programmer and your intension is your program.Now you can do more.it's all up to you.I would say 20 mins atleast,but you can do less
if u got a free car before or all of sudden ogt the money to buy a car,then it will be easier for you.

This is just a example of what I got to offer,but I like build peoples faith and show them I'm serious about helping them.

"I never wanna be perfect,because If I was perfect there would be no growth.HAVE NO LIMIT,BE FREE"

What about if a person wants to go way over 20 mins? For example, what if a person wants to go for 1 hour a day? Is 1 hour better in your view?
Sounds intriguing so far. Curious to read more.

I would like to say this to you.When you run more then you can run you may feel a pressure and then later on your sore.

Now once you let go,what happens?You recover maybe 2-3 days and you're not just healed your better then before.

That is a simple way of looking at it.That is how you build a skill and with this you will feel more secure then just letting go.Just letting go didn't work out ,so well and the results I got were a bit simular to when I reforced.When you reforce results will come and they will come powerful.As for when they come depends on you,but the more the better.

I can type here and promise results for whoever takes my advice.

"Creation is happening on the time...all you gotta do is open you eyes"

It's a good thing you added the, "...dy Davis and I have returned," after the "I am God...".

But God never left, so I guess it doesn't count.

Hi, Goddy. I don't know you, but it's nice to have you here.

Mary Jo
Wow, welcome back..they have been asking about you a looot here..i am sure they will be vey happy to see you here again, they really missed you..
Blessings to you and good to hear from you
We haven't been properly introduced either ....Hey Goddy!

Nice to meet ya!
How do you focus on an intention for, say, 20 minutes without letting doubt feelings coming in?
I will let Goddy reply in his words, but my advice is : if doubt pops up, keep pressing forward, it's part of the game. The doubt will eventually fizzle out. At first, it will be loud as heck, but eventually it silences and the faith focus kicks in. You need to be kind of intense in a way. I just don't give up when doubt does it's thing. I am the witness of doubt and beyond it.


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