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If you don't consider yourself perfect for yourself, how do you expect anyone else to love you on all levels? 


Accept your own flaws and faults, and love them. You know, how you love someone else's flaws, and think they are beautiful with it all. 


Be compassionate and understanding to yourself. When I hear myself whine or complain, I don't talk back :) I loving-ly listen and it helps.


When I love myself, I don't fear loneliness, and when I'm with me, I'm never alone.


Care for yourself, drink lots of water and stay healthy. My happiness is linked with my health too. When I care for my diet and exercise on regular basis, I shower myself with self-love.


If your heart is broken, reassure yourself that YOU are still here, and you don't need anyone else more than you need YOU. Get YOUrself back.



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That's it with all things!   ;-)     It is all a reflection of us... soulmates, money, trees, health, rush hour traffic.... 

I am My own Rush hour traffic!


Quote - unquote.

lol.... Yes!

I through that in as a great LoA example.... But remember, if you are free of rush hour, you are also manifesting that freedom.... You are your soulmate.


(Poke Steve)


YES that is perfect Rose and I am so happy it is part of my experience today.


Love you RR!!!

I love this! :)


I am my own soulmate :)

That's really profound! I will start repeating this is my mantra. I DO love myself so it's not too hard to believe! ;)
Red Rose - LOVE this post and agree!
Self-love is also known as 'honouring the presence within.' That is recognising that you are a creation of the Source energy, and you have been made to be perfect and whole. This is what the Universe sees when it sees you: a wonderful creation.

However, so many of us are taught less-than-perfect things about ourselves, which become our beliefs. We are taught how we are inadequate, bad, irritating, useless, a liability, and so on, and we pick these up as our beliefs which then create our realities. This is not loving ourselves fully, and when we do this, we see ourselves as imperfect and full of shortcomings. This then creates a fractured reality for us in which life too is imperfect and full of shortcomings. We need to change this.

There is a television advert at the moment for a dating website whose tag line is 'love your imperfections.' In the advert itself, the ones highlighted aren't all that serious (wearing socks in bed, being a bit OCD about your choice of bowling ball) but the basic idea is there, you need to love your imperfections. If you don't you will always see yourself as damaged goods, and that is the message which you will be sending out to the Universe, drawing in people who treat you the same way.

When you change this message, and begin to like then love yourself as you are now (imperfections and all) then you start to send out a different message. So start to accept and be at peace with being short, or being tall and skinny (that's me) or having a podgy belly, or terrible taste in music, or wearing socks in bed, or the supposedly bad thing you did in your past, because then you will be giving yourself a break. You will start to send out a new idea of you to the world. One which says

"Actually I'm fine with myself. What you see is what you get, but what you see is what makes me what I am. We are all supposed to be different. It would be boring if we were all the same. My so-called imperfections are part of my unique contribution to the human race. Part of the collective wonder which is life on Earth. "

You see, you are supposed to be what you are. The things you are embarrassed and ashamed of can actually be what other people like about you. And when you treat yourself with love and respect, that is what you draw in from life as well.
Cool reply

Wonderful post! Red Rose

My happiness is linked with my health too. It's also linked to learning more and more about the power of our minds. 

This is a great reminder that we should all be fully in love with ourselves! Otherwise how could we expect anyone else to love us?


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